Teaching on Joy

Lord Sanat Kumara

22 March 2014

I AM Sanat Kumara

On this day, I have come to you, dear children of Light. I'm very glad that I have this opportunity again. I thank our Messenger Rositsa Avela for the work that she does and for communicating to the maximum completeness and purity of what you should be told.

Today I want to talk to you about Joy, also about the Gratitude, about Love, Respect and positivity. These are the key states and qualities that will help you to feel good in the times to come. When you remain in these states and use these Divine qualities, all of your bodies – your physical body and the subtle bodies – will feel good during each next hop of the planet to a higher level of energy and vibration. These are five keys to your Health. The complete health of the Spirit, Soul and body, which you can have in these times.

Rejoice the birds singing. Rejoice the breeze. Rejoice everything that happens in your life, as this is the best for you.

Rejoice, give thanks and direct your Love towards the Higher Heavenly Octaves all the time. And if at the moment you are without Love or you find it difficult to feel it, be with all your reverence and respect for all the Beings of Light who work and do as much as possible to allow everything with you happening most successfully. Show them your reverence and respect and thank them.

When you stay positive in spite of everything that happens to you or around you, you continue giving thanks and reside in joy, realising that everything that happens is exactly as it should be and it is best for you and all others, then will come the moment for you to be able to feel Love and share it. I'm talking about the pure, Divine Love, access to which will open to you when you preserve your reverence and respect for all the Forces of Light and to all Living Souls on Earth, and when you joyfully thank for the help that is given to you at every moment.

That's what I wanted to tell you today. And I am delivering it with all my Love to you and with the confidence that you can be in Joy, in Gratitude, in Love, with Reverence and Respect in your hearts and be always positive and accepting everything exactly as it comes to you and the way it is.

Write on a piece of paper my recommendation to you and always carry it with you. And when something is trying to take you out of balance and out of positive attitude/attunement, and out of Joy – quickly take out the piece of paper, read my recommendation and invoke me to help. And I will help you to keep your Joy and preserve your positivity, wisely accepting your life situation as it is. I will also try to do what is necessary so that you can understand after some time, that what has happened has been the most necessary and good for you and your growth in God at that moment in time, as well as for all other participants in the given situation.

Begin to learn whatever you are doing, that you do it with Joy. And may it start happening that you accept everything that comes to you being in Joy and staying in it!

In the greater completeness that you may succeed, to be in Joy in every moment of your life, the easier it will be for you to go on the Path forward. All karmic records, which will be opened to work off at any time, will be worked out easily, and the more you are in Joy, the easier that would happen!

Whatever happens to you, rejoice that it happens to you, because the fact that it happens to you now is very comforting for you and just means that it will be easier to you in the times ahead. And in every next moment, it will be same again.

Everything else is not as important as it is to preserve the integrity of your bodies and your relationship with God! To do so, most will help you Joy! Joyfully thank and joyfully (pour out)/bathe with your Love the whole Creation!

I Bless you now, dear children of Light, to remain in Joy that is between you and to remain in Joy to God in the depths of your heart, and to remain in Joy to all Living beings on all planes of the Existence.

I AM Sanat Kumara