Regarding your work on the 23rd day of the month

Lord Surya

23 March 2014
Updated by Lord Surya on 23 November 2020

I AM Surya.

I have come to congratulate all of you who managed to preserve your Souls Living, Bright and Pure and who, on every 23rd day of the month, say the Invocation for transmuting the negative karma for the whole next month of the planet and all Living beings, your people, your Homeland and your own 100% into Light and for the transmutation of the harmful programmes, encodings and blockages, as well as the consequences of them, 100% into Light.

I am glad that this Divine Mercy is still active, and you can progress significantly by acting in accord with it, by applying it fully and precisely at the specified time.

In this Message of mine, I will give you some clarification on what and how it is best to do from the Divine perspective on the 23rd day of each month to get the best results of your work on this day both for you and for all Living Beings.

The first and very important thing that you could do is, at least on the 23rd day of the month, to give yourself the opportunity to be in nature, further from the populated areas. To be in silence, calm and solitude, without any person on the material plane seeing you. And being in harmony, balance and peace to send your Divine Love to all Higher Beings of Light from the Higher octaves of Light. Use this day to be in touch with the Light dwellers of the subtle worlds.

Make sure you are in silence and calm. It is essential for you to be in harmony and Joy. Then your thoughts, feelings, words and deeds could be kind and give good fruit. And while being in this state and attunement, if you start performing the spiritual practice through which your heart opens up the most, then you will be able to create good karma with maximum strength, volume and purity.

The more time you dedicate to the God in your heart, giving your Gratitude and your purest Love to Him, and giving your Divine Love to all the Beings of Light from the Higher Heavenly octaves on that day while being peaceful and harmonious, the more good karma of that kind you will be able to accumulate during the day. And the more good karma you accumulate on this day, the 23rd day of the month, the more negative karma will be transformed, as well as harmful programmes, encoding and blockages that otherwise you would have to work off during the whole next month.

The moment has come to explain to you how this Divine Mercy works in the times in which you are living now and how it will work a little further in the future – ahead in the time that is to come.

Each of you who tries to be in service to God and the Father, while performing the spiritual practices that are closest to your heart, at the same time elevating your consciousness to the highest level accessible to you at that moment, creates good karma under the existing Mercy of the Father. And at the end of the day, the good karma that you have accumulated will be multiplied in God’s and the Lord’s way.

This multiplication of your good karma is based on the number of all other participants and their good karma accumulated throughout the whole 23rd day. This multiplication is also dependent on the quantity and quality of accumulated good karma by each participant throughout the day.

After this God’s and Lord’s multiplication, the good karma is distributed and used in a strictly defined order, according to the decision taken by the Supreme Cosmic Council on the Great Central Sun, and adopted by the Karmic Board of the planet Earth now, in the days of the vernal equinox.

This order is as follows – the good karma is used for the transmutation of the negative karma for the whole next month:

firstly – of each participant in this joint, but independently performed by each participant Service;

secondly – of one more person to whom each participant chooses to help, and this person wants to be helped and strives to stop sinning.

thirdly – of a second person to whom each participant chooses to help if he performs his Service in nature during this 23-rd day of the month and as in the previous case if this second person wants to be helped and strives to stop sinning;*

then, consecutively of the family members and the kin of each participant;

then, of the residents of the place where he/she lives, as well as all those with whom he/she works;

then, of the people and the country in which he lives and works at that moment, on the corresponding 23rd day, if he is outside his Homeland;

then, good karma is allocated to his Homeland and the people in it, and also to all representatives of his people, regardless of where they live and work on the planet and in which country they are located;

and after that, of the humankind as a whole.

Exactly in this order. However, this order applies only to the Living, Bright and Pure Souls, i.e. only to those who are part of the Living Life on this planet.

The good karma is also used to transform the harmful programmes, encodings and blockages and their harmful fruits and consequences, which are supposed to be worked off through the whole next month, but only in relation to the participants in the respective 23rd day and with regard to those one or two people which they have decided to support along the Path of Evolution.

As it has become clear, my beloved, each of you is so much valuable. Your number, the amount and quality of the work done by you on that one day of the month determine the amount and the quality of good karma that every one of you will accumulate, and this determines how much good karma will be gathered and accumulated after its God’s and Lord’s multiplication at the end of the respective 23rd day.

It is great Good to give your maximum effort during each 23rd day of the month! This is the highest form of Service to the Living Life which you can do in this timeline while the Lord’s Mercy is still active for you – in this incarnation of yours to be able to help for the negative karma of as many Living human souls as possible to be transmuted into Light so that they are saved.

The more good karma you create, the greater your share in the Divine multiplication will be. And then, the more good karma is distributed among Living souls to transmute their negative karma, the more new good karma comes to you, which you can request to help you when you need it in your most difficult moments.

Therefore, rejoice beloved, because there is something you can rejoice in!

And start to work hard on every 23rd day of the month!

If you wish, you can invoke me to support and help your work in spirituality on that day.

Another important thing to tell you is that anything that you start to do on this day could be work in spirituality if you do it with joy, willingness, and you give your best to achieve the highest quality result. You may say prayers, read a Message and watch the Messages-Pictures on the UNIFICATION website. You may read poems-guidelines, etc. – anything that has been and is given to you on the website to do as work in spirituality.

And when your consciousness is elevated to the highest level accessible to you at that moment, you can start singing Divine songs, being completely in Joy. Then, start blessing – for the salvation of the whole Earth and all Living beings on it, the humankind as a whole, according to the Holy Will of the Father One, also of all people with Living, Bright and Pure Souls. Bless yourselves as well to succeed in keeping your Souls Living, Bright and Pure! Bless the Higher Beings of Light who help you from the Higher Heavenly octaves of Light.

Do Bless joyfully!

And be in Divine Love towards anyone and everyone who you are blessing at this instant!

And then, you can begin to create. After you have invoked your Higher I AM Presence and Elohim Apollo to help you, try to bring down Divine patterns into your world.

I have just repeated the exact order of how you should do your work in spirituality, which was communicated to you by Lord Eliseya a year ago, as this is the best for your Service from the Divine point of view, but only after you have taken the necessary measures to be on your own while doing it so that you remain with a Pure Soul in the future! And by repeating this sequence, I AM re-inforcing it now.

You can draw, sing, write poetry, start writing what you are grateful for in this life. You can manually rewrite part of the Teaching by hand as beautifully as you can, peacefully, with ease, in Joy, without any haste, being aware that you have the entire day available to be in Joy and do what your heart dictates to you.

It would be good to start your work in spirituality at an energetically clean place where the most important thing is to be without any visual contact with other people, and while you are searching for one, be without condemnation to those who leave their rubbish in nature. Instead, forgive them with all your heart and soul for polluting the temple of Mother Earth and ask the Lord to forgive them as well, and thank the Lord with all your heart and soul and send Him your Divine Love! **

Another very important Service that you can do is when you are in silence (without talking) and inside yourself, thank God and the Father and send Them your Divine Love. Remain in this state as long as possible, conducting the Divine Light into your world and saturating the surrounding space with it.

Thank the Father One, Lord Alpha and the God in you – your Higher Self, all Angels of the Heavenly Angelic Hierarchy of Light, the planet and the elementals, praise them and send them your Divine Love. Send your Divine Love to the Beings of Light from the Higher Heavenly Octaves of Light. ***

Thank the Father One for the Grace that is given to you, your loved ones, your kin, your people and to the whole humanity on the planet Earth and send Him your Divine Love.

Thank Lord Alpha – your Heavenly Father, and give your Divine Love to Him and to all Beings of Light from all levels of the Heavenly Hierarchy of Light, including your Master on the subtle plane from the Hierarchy of Light.

Thank your Higher Self and shower it with your Divine Love.

Thank the representatives of the Heavenly Angelic Hierarchy of Light and send them your Divine Love.

Thank the elementals and send them your Divine Love as well.

Thank the dear Mother Earth and shower it with your Divine Love – the more, the better!

Is there any better Service than the one that you do in Joy, with desire, humility and inner peace.

Each of you will feel what to do on this day and how long it should continue. Follow your heart. It will be your best guide.

I AM came to support you. And to announce to you that I will support you in the future as well on every 23rd day of the month when you invoke Me, sincerely wish and ask Me to do that again and again each time. And this is the next important thing with which I would like to conclude my Message to you.

All of you who on the 23rd day every month wish to free yourself from the trap of the illusion and decide to devote yourselves to the Service to the Living Life in silence, tranquillity and purity in nature, to help for the salvation of as many Living, Bright and Pure Souls as possible, in whom the Divine Fire flickers or already burns!

All of you can be even more successful in your work during that day, and all your thoughts, feelings, words and deeds can give good fruit in and for the Light network of the planet RAIMA (Earth) when you invoke us, sincerely wish and ask us to help you from the Higher octaves of Light!

I have a joyful feeling with the thought that more and more of you could benefit from the Lord’s Mercy of the 23rd day of the month. Good luck!

I AM Surya


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* This paragraph was added on 18 January 2015 under the Guidance of Lord Surya and with regards to the new Lord’s Mercy disclosed in the Message of Beloved Portia given on 25 July 2014, which recommended the following:

'If you lack such people among your loved ones and kin or there is only one, if you wish, you could say the following during your invocation at the beginning of each 23rd day:

Lord, I invite, sincerely wish and ask
that the negative karma for the whole next month
of one/two more Bright souls according to Your choice, dear Father One,
be transformed into Light 100%.'

** This paragraph is a new text given by Lord Surya on 22 March 2017.

The previous text has become irrelevant after the announcement of Lordess Pallas Athena in a note at the end of her Message on 22 July 2010.

The previous text of the paragraph and its explanation below line were: 'It would be good before you begin to work to collect all the rubbish around, asking the Father for forgiveness that humanity pollutes the temple of the Mother Earth. *It is recommended that the rubbish is collected by using gloves or a pick-up tool to avoid contact with it and that you are without any condemnation.'

*** See which Beings of Light it is good and possible to thank under the Guidance given by the Father One.