Expresses the Wisdom and Love
in Divine Words, behaviour and emanation towards all Living Beings

Lord Gautama Buddha in the presence and with the help of Lordess Pallas Athena

25 March 2014

I AM Gautama Buddha

Today I have come to you to give you the guidance on what you have to strive to work off in the future. To feel best in the process of change on the planet with the continuous increase of its energy and vibration; and also to manage the fastest to tune with the planet and all Life on it.

Begin to try and act increasingly successful guided by Divine Wisdom and Divine Love, merging these into the words that you speak so that they become creative Divine Word. For this purpose, it is necessary that you learn to practice constant control over your thoughts, your feelings and your words.

When your thoughts are illusory, ask for help from Above to be given to you Divine Wisdom to dwell in you. The easier way for you to achieve this will be to direct your thoughts to nature around after you have asked for help. Ask the elementals of all the elements to help you in cleaning your lower bodies and especially the body of the thoughts, your mental body. But that will be done only when you are in nature. When you are in the city, the only thing you can do is to direct immediately your thoughts and feelings on the thing you have seen recently that has pleased you while you have been out of the city. Remind the sights of nature that were around you.

When you are haunted by illusory feelings, you can again do the same thing, reminding the last time when you have been among nature and rejoiced Living beings and the beauty that you have received being there. Ask for help from Above to be given to you Divine Love to dwell in/inhabit you and to dissolve and transmute all illusory feelings that have taken hold of you at that moment. When you are among nature, ask the elementals of all the elements to help you in cleaning your astral body, the body of feelings. I thank them with all your heart!

Finally, regarding your words, my recommendation to you is to speak only when you are calm and harmonious when you reside in Love and Wisdom. That you speak only the most important and most necessary words. Then you will preserve your tune, and you will remain in constant union with the entire planet and Living Life on it!

When you are harmonious and pacified, learn to merge Buddha-consciousness with the Christ-consciousness, to weave these into one and express them in the words you speak. Try, beloved, to work this off.

Speak without hurrying. You better delay your response rather than saying a lot of words with a tone and vibration far from the appropriate. Speak quietly, gently and melodiously. Speak so that your words are like a balm for those who listen to you at the moment!

That is one more way to help your fellow man, to help every person with whom you come in contact during the day. Be loving, peaceful and harmonious, respond wisely with few but the most important and accurate words, pronounced with a gentle and loving tone towards the person in front of you.

You can work off this state and behaviour. You can decide to stop paying attention to people who are completely immersed in the illusion and who are possessed by various illusory states. You can stop going out of balance because of the people who are under constant stress and tension, and who speak being under the influence of negative thoughts and feelings, who are very often under the control of all kinds of astral entities located next to them at the time, and sometimes even in their temple. And whose astral entities have taken control of what these people think, feel and speak, trying in this way to get up to the energy of their interlocutors and to draw from it!

Be above it all, beloved! You can do it! And this behaviour is the only salvation for you and for your loved ones, to whom you will give an example of how they should behave as well as for every person you meet on your Path.

Allow your Higher I AM Presence to guide you in life.

Merge Spirit, Soul and Body into one unified whole.

Be with all the Force and Divine Power of the Light that you carry in your temples, preserving it and multiplying it by your right behaviour throughout the day.

When you feel that you are successful in that, thank to all Ascended Beings of Light who help you at this time to keep your consciousness elevated as high as possible, who help you to keep your thoughts kind, and to preserve the Peace and Love in your heart, as well as your harmony! The more you thank, the more and for a longer time you will succeed to keep this behaviour of yours.

Thank constantly for the help that is given to you from Above. The more you thank, the more help can be given to you. Because this way you will maintain a steady reverse/return flow. When you give/send your gratitude to the Forces of Light, the more you do it, the more they will be able to give you their assistance in a Divinely multiplied way.

The development of this condition and behaviour, of which I spoke to you so far, is something very important for you at this time. That will help you to survive in the coming days. And I have come to tell you in this Message of mine that you are given time to work this off. Take this task seriously to help yourself to survive. Also because the time allotted to you is a quantity that has its beginning and its end.

When you help yourself, at this point you become able to help many other souls, thousands of souls with whom you are connected on the subtle plane through any karmic threads of all your incarnations so far.

I am extremely serious in what I have told you. And I hope that you will start working as seriously on the development of what I have told you.

I Bless you, those of you who decide to do this, that you succeed to the fullest! I Bless you easily and as quickly as possible to develop a harmony and to expresses the Wisdom and Love in Divine Words, behaviour and emanation towards all Living Beings!

I AM Lord Gautama Buddha gave this Message in the presence and with the help of Lordess Pallas Athena