Move out to live in freedom, purity and silence!

The Most Holy Mother of God

29 March 2014

I AM the Most Holy Mother of God

I come back to you today, my dear, beloved children of Light! And I hasten to convey to you, my great Love. Love to all of you!

I am grateful for the Divine Grace which was granted me. I am glad I have the chance again to get through my Message to your hearts. And to help you cleanse them from all illusory accumulated there that hinders you to feel the Divine Love radiating from the Higher octaves to all of you, to all Living Beings.

Close your eyes, beloved, relax and feel my Love that I send/pour now into your hearts.


When you are well prepared before you begin to read my Message, you will immediately feel Love. Because at this moment around each of you is present some of my angels, which I send to assist in multiplying my Love in a Divine way so that it came to you with even greater force!

Now the time has come to expose the essence of my Messages and tell you what I have to tell you.

Many of you call me for help in a difficult time and a difficult hour. I have come today to tell you once again that when you send me your love and gratitude constantly, every day, and when you dedicate to me your service or part of it, and when you send me an invocation to manage the energy from your ministry the way I decide how best to use it, when every day absolutely unconditionally and selflessly you send me your gratitude and love, devoting to me what your heart tells you, then this difficult time and difficult hour move away from you. And you go through that, what you have to work off and what comes out at the moment exceptionally easily, beloved. And it happens that at a certain point you realise that you no longer need to invoke me in a difficult time because it will not be on your Path of selfless and dedicated service for the benefit of the Common Good!

So I have come back to remind you of your work in the spirituality that would be good to do every day in silence, calmness and inner peace.

I also came to tell you that I am ready to provide additional assistance to anyone who invokes me for help to manage to move out and live outside the city. Then such person will be able to do its spiritual work truly in silence, in purity and freedom, outside the domes of the populated areas!

I have come to intercede for you in that hour, and in the future. I have come to intercede for those who are aspired and strive to live among nature and to follow the recommendations given from Above. Thus you could take some additional commitment for work in the spirituality and dedicate it to me for exactly this purpose. To help you change your life circumstances and sooner come to the moment when you go out to live among nature in freedom, purity and silence, in union with all Living beings, and in joyful service and assistance in the implementation of the Father's Providence for this world.

Everything is possible, beloved! First, you need to accept it in your consciousness, and then have enough Faith, giving this seemingly difficult situation for you at this moment in my hands. And then the only thing you have to do is to have consistency in the fulfilment of the accepted by you obligation/commitment. And to send your gratitude to me every day. As I said, I am committed to help and to do everything possible to get you move out to live outside the domes of large populated areas.

In the Great Mercy of the Father, I can stay very close to you, to the physical plane of the planet Earth. Under my leadership, there are sufficient enough angels who assist me so that this help can reach you at the right time.

My beloved, I wish well to all of you, to make the right decision and act by this my recommendation, which will give me the opportunity to step in and help. My help at this point – for you to move out and live among nature or closest to it, it really means something very important and determines the future course of events in your life!

I AM the Most Holy Mother of God, with all my Love to and care for your souls!