Now is the moment for anyone who would succeed to catch the lifeline
that would get him out of the swamp of the illusion!

Lord Jesus

30 March 2014

Everything that is given from Above on the UNIFICATION website –
every Message, every Recommendation, every Blessing,
every invocation, prayer, meditation,
every picture, song, verse,
as well as the answers to questions,
are bits of knowledge of the Divine Teaching.
Which may help you
to live better,
purer and liberated,
and to move on easily
on the Path to Home,
as long as you want and you succeed
to use them in full!

I AM Jesus, and what I have just told you in the form of a verse-recommendation, is actually the main content of my Message to you.

I have come to invite you to take advantage fully of all that you receive from us through this our Messenger now, in these times. Because all this has been selected as information and energy, intertwined into Word, colour, shape and sound so that it can reach you and helped you on all possible levels of your consciousness. To help you so that you may raise it to the maximum and at this level of elevated consciousness to be able to make the right from the Divine point of view choices and decisions about how to proceed in your life.

Everything that we give you forms one unified whole Divine Teaching, which is given for you exactly this way at this time, to help you in the best possible way when you are using it in full. It gives you the opportunity to succeed in the fastest way and easy to free yourself from as much as possible negative karmic records. And thus, better prepared, to successfully pass/move to the following times that are coming.

Be aspired; be consistent in as full as a possible application of the received knowledge and Teaching in any of its forms. Because each of these forms has its own value and is given in such way that would be useful for you.

It would be good everyone to do everything in his power with regards to his spiritual development, to be well in the future. You have to work on it yourself, beloved. I have already given you an invocation to say during the trial, which would help you to preserve your momentum and continue forward.*

Help is given to you in total completeness through this our Messenger. Songs received through Rositsa are very powerful tool for the transformation of negativity. The same is for looking at the Messages-Paintings, reading of the poems-guidelines for every day and all the other Word that she receives from us

You will decide yourself how to combine all that is given to you. You will feel what affects most the elevation of your consciousness and when do you feel in your soul lightness and joy.

Make the best use of all the tools that is given to you in these times for intensive work in spirituality. Because what would be the future times depends on a lot of what you will do and achieve now.

Therefore, my appeal to you is to try to apply the Teaching given to you fully and also to do everything you can so that it may reach as many hearts as possible, which are ready to accept it and wish to be given to them.

These are two very important tasks that I just described. And I bless you to be very successful; those of you who decide to address their implementation seriously. Because through their implementation you will help in the salvation of your soul and you will assist in the salvation of many more souls. And this will further ease your Path forward and will further increase your opportunity to help more and more other souls.

I AM Jesus, with the greatest Love to all!


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* See the invocation at a difficult moment, of the Lord Jesus, which was later modified by Presence of the One