New Divine Grace

Master Morya

31 March 2014

I AM Master Morya, and I have come on this day to give the ending Message from this cycle of Messages.

And I came to announce to you a decision taken by the Karmic Board of the planet Earth during its meetings in the days of the spring equinox. Namely, you are given the opportunity for the strength of your Blessings to be multiplied in a Divine way of a much a higher order when you say them being in the most elevated state of your consciousness and being outside of any human settlements in silence and calm among nature!

So, beloved, from now on you will be able to feel the power of the spoken Word and its Creative power! We will carefully monitor your work in spirituality, those of you who will seriously begin to apply the recommendations that were given to you in this cycle with Messages.

I urge you to be extremely careful about what you say, to get the positive result from your efforts. When you bless be careful what your attunement is; what thoughts and feelings take over you. Be in the most elevated state of your consciousness, to the highest level in Joy without any feelings and thoughts to your world, as it is at the moment with all its illusion.

Try all that you see around you to multiply your Divine Love towards the Living Life and ensure that you are riding on the wave of Joy when you begin to pronounce the words of your blessing. Be careful what you speak exactly, so that what you have spoken is wise! Then the power of the spoken blessing would be maximal. As waves of the see sculpt the shore, so your wise words would create new, more joyful and happy future for you, your loved ones, your family, nation, homeland and for the whole humankind. For all in which the flame of the Living Live burns, as well as for all Living beings and the planet Earth.

You are given a chance to create your future. That is a great opportunity that opens up to you now due to the specifics of these times in which you live and according to the rate of increase of energy and vibration of the entire planet.

It depends on you, what your future would be. How joyful and happy you would be able to create it depends on the efforts you apply during your work in spirituality. Even though your efforts may seem to you too small, as I already told you, they will be multiplied in a Divine way by entirely different order of multiplication.

Invoke all Ascended Beings of Light of the Higher Heavenly octaves so that we can help during your blessing. Before you begin your blessing you also need to invoke your Higher I AM Presence and your Master on the subtle plan from the Hierarchy of Light.

Be entirely focused on that what you pronounce being alone and without the possibility of being noticed by any other person. That may become your most important work in the spirituality for the future along with your work every 23rd day of each month for the transmutation of the negative karma for the whole next month.

The blessing that you will start doing is so important that I would advise you to exceptionally carefully select every word that you say during your blessings! Every word should have a positive sounding, and you should speak in a way that has already been explained to you in the previous Messages.

My recommendation to all of you is when you finish your personal spiritual practice, being in joy and in an elevated state of your consciousness, to invoke your Higher I AM Presence, as well as your Master on the subtle plane from the Hierarchy of Light, and ask them to help you write your Blessing. Once it has been written, read it carefully and remove all that is unnecessary, negative and illusory in it, if there is something that crept into the text under the influence of your illusory part.

Try to bless with very few words, but pronounced in their right place, intertwining in them your Gratitude, purest Love for God and your Joy for that this great Divine Grace is given to you now!

Be sure to always finish your Blessing with the Word-formula for giving your free will in God's hands:
'And may all be according to Your Holy Will, Lord!'

The more you bless completely selflessly and unconditionally for the wellbeing of all Living beings, the more possibility will be given to you in the future so that you can do it again and again. You will be getting it better and better, with even greater strength and power, as you would become increasingly purer without even understanding how is that happening because for the transmutation of your negative karmic records will be used the good karma of this your work in the spirituality for the good of the Living Life.

Good luck to you, beloved!

I bless you to be the most successful in the work, in which you would be maximally assisted now in these times and which is supported from Above with greatest Strength and Power!


Whether the action of this Divine Grace would be stopped or continued depends on what would you manage to do! It depends on you – from now on your future depends on the quality of your work in the spirituality done now.

It is your turn to act now. We are ready to join your work, to work together as a team. That will fully strengthen the result of your work in the spirituality, as well as your achievements.

I am ready to work with you and beside you for building an increasingly happier future for your world so that one day it would again become our common world! World in which we would be next to each other in the incarnation, advancing faster and faster on the steps of the evolutionary development.

I AM Master Morya