Talk about family relations

Lady Master Nada

24 July 2014

I AM Nada.

I have come to speak to you about family matters. Because the family is an important part of the life for a big part of the humanity.

There are people who, having lived in a less harmonious environment and taking into account their parents’ weaknesses when they were children, dreamed of building a happy family when they grow up. But sometimes it happens so that when the time comes, and these young people create their own family, they find out with astonishment that, despite their desire for Peace, Love and Harmony, their beloved person begins to change very quickly in a direction least desired by them. And that direction is painful for them in one way or another. And after that change, their relationship becomes different and, to their great regret, their children are the next to be affected!

There were times when the situation was different. And I have come to tell you that now it can change again for the better. Everything depends on you – whether and when that will happen.

What is the cause for the current state of family relations, the way they are now – with a lot of problems and separations?

Beloved, the reason is again karmic. It is the karmic ties that lead to the creation of almost all the families now.

If you think about it, you will notice that when two young people gather and live on a family basis, but without being married according to the civil law and without performing a marriage ritual in any of the religions, then it usually happens so, that they live much better. More peacefully and happily than if they were in a family with a common family aura. This effect has its explanation.

If the family is created in accordance with the human and the Divine Laws and the common family aura is created as well, after the first sexual intimacy between the spouses a package of negative karma opens for gradual working out. That karma is both personal – between the two of them and karma belonging to their families.

In the conditions of karmic purity in the previous epochs families originally lived in Peace, Love and Harmony because they were in God.

But now the situation has changed completely, and the reason is the karma that humanity has created in recent times by living in a violation of God's Commandments and Laws. So, the karma of the whole humanity is going to be purified more and more now, even at the level of the family and the kin.

When you approach the gathering clouds in family life consciously, and according to the Teachings that we are giving you, you can take all the measures that are already known to you whenever another storm is brewing. First, ask your husband or wife for forgiveness for being annoyed with him or her, and explain how you are feeling at that moment. Ask him or her to help you by forgiving you. When you ask each other for forgiveness and give each other forgiveness with the purest Divine Love, you will see that the clouds begin to dissipate and the sun starts shining in your home again.

That is possible because when the requested forgiveness is given from all the heart, it can transform the karma, however huge amount it may be. And if the first attempt does not work, you can continue to ask for and give forgiveness each other until the tension drops, and the irritation disappears.

If your kids are old enough to be able to speak, you can teach them as well that all of you can ask for and give forgiveness each other. As the troubles in the family sometimes begin with the arrival of the children, because due to a special Divine Grace many parents are given souls (as children) with whom they have to clean up as much karma as possible by loving them tenderly and almost infinitely! However, when these souls come with their karma, that could worsen the relations in the family by the degree of their karmic burden, which parents take as well as they and their kids are in one common energy field and all of them have common karma.

When your house is dirty you clean it, the more and better you clean your house, the more pleasant it is for you to live in it because the energy flows freely at the house. The same way, the more you cleanse the common family karma that you have created in previous times, the happier you will feel, and you will live better and better!

I have described to you now some of the prerequisites for the deterioration of the relations within the family. As you understand, that evil is actually a great good, and your souls have agreed to pass through it in order to purify. That way the family helps for a more rapid transformation of more karma and becomes a guarantor of a better future for all its members!

In the case when people live in cohabitation without being a family with a common family aura, have children, live in peace and well – it only seems so on the physical plane. But on the subtle plane are running processes of karmic pollution. A negative karma is being accumulated, which cannot be manifested immediately because, as at this point, these people are donors of the network of the illusion, because they are putting their sexual energy into it as a result of living contrary to God's Moral Law!

If someone connects to the network of the illusion and starts putting his energy in it, the processes of transmuting his negative karma slow down for him. Because of his further descent into materiality.

These people who live as a family without being one may be living well at the moment, but there are no preconditions for a bright future for them when the moment comes to work off the negative karma which was created in both their previous and present incarnations.

The situation is very similar to families that have been created without the right motive, families in which the children are conceived without the right motivation and in all the families in which the spouses violate God's Commandments and Laws for life in a family. And because of all that the common family aura is broken or non-existent.

When both spouses have established their family with the motive to go together on the Path to God and to support each other while trying to lead a highly moral life, when they create their children to give them the best they have learned themselves and help them in every possible way to be successful in the realisation of the tasks of their life plan and to progress on the Path to God, then those who come in incarnation in this family would be wonderful Bright souls who will be karmically more pure than their parents and will be full of Divine Love.

Then the children are the ones who give more Divine Love to their parents, when they are born they take karma from their parents, and the parents become healthier, happier and more harmonious if they continue to apply the Divine Teachings in their lives and live in strict compliance with God's Commandments and Laws.

It is important what both parents do. It is equally important, and it is very important!

The woman is the guardian of the hearth, peace and tranquillity at home, but if the husband violates God's Moral Law, it is impossible for the family to live in happiness at all, regardless of how much she tries to instil high moral standards in her children. What influences the children is the personal example and the energetics of the field in which they live and which they receive from both their parents. The same thing happens when the father is caring and highly ethical, but the mother has violated the Divine Moral Law. In both cases, the common family aura becomes ripped, which results in loss of the additional protection for the children and the whole family, which an intact aura would provide.

The more the vibrations of the planet Earth are rising, the more karma will be coming out on the surface to be worked off. Therefore, it is just natural to observe a general worsening in all areas of human life, including the area of family life if the people are burdened with karma.

However, it is also true that the more people are aware and know what is happening and what the reason for that is, the more they can accept the appearing problems calmly. They are also able to repent before Lord, before God, between each other, ask each other for forgiveness and give each other forgiveness with all their hearts. Then more and more karma will be cleansed with increasing speed and ease, as such is the feature as well as the opportunity that are presented by these accelerated times.

That way, the brighter times that are ahead will come much sooner.

Now, in these times, it is important that you explain to your spouse what is actually happening if it is only you who is familiar with our Teaching and who is following it. It is just as important, and even more important, to explain to your children what is happening, and why is there sometimes a tension and strained relations at home. The most important for the children is your personal example – that although it is hard for both of you, their parents, you feel Divine Love and Respect for each other, as well as for your children and your parents – their grandparents. That is the most important thing that your children need to learn and feel, as well as how they can help, too.

In the past, in times of various dangers and trials, the children also helped. Now, in these times of constantly increasing karmic cleansing, they are also involved in the ongoing processes and can help. Thus, from victims, they may become saviours of the family in which they were born and are growing up if you ask them for help and explain to them how hard it is for you.

Tell them also that you are grateful to God for everything that is happening.

Explain to them that everything negative can be transformed much faster and go away from your family forever if they join and help.

The first thing that all of you should do is always to ask for forgiveness and give forgiveness each other.*

Then, when all of you are together, the whole family, you could demand, sincerely wish and ask that help from Above is given to you to resolve any problematic situation by saying the following invocation:

Lord, all of us, I ....., I ....., I .....
(each present member of the family says his first name)
demand, sincerely wish and ask
for Your help, if this is Your Will, for the full transformation into Light
of the following negative situation ......
(briefly describe the most important).

We all repent with all our hearts and souls
and ask for Your forgiveness
of all our sins at all times
which led to this situation in our family (in our kin).
And we all demand, sincerely wish and ask
for Your help so that we stop committing sins from now on.
And for this forgiveness and help we thank with all our hearts!

And may all be according to Your Holy Will, Lord!
Thank You, Lord, for the Forgiveness and the help
to our family (kin) ...... (say the family name)!
Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

Finally, tell your children that they would help greatly if they bless the settling of the relationship between their two parents. Or one parent and their grandmother and/or grandfather, or between you and their brother or sister, according to where the problem is and among which members of the family and the kin the relations are strained at the moment. Teach them to bless you as follows:

Lord, I ...... (the first name of the child or any other member of the family or the kin who is giving the blessing)
Bless the complete transformation into Light
of every past sin of ...... (first names of the relatives)
that comes out for working off now, for which I thank!
Thank You, Lord, for the Grace to my family (kin)!
Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

Ask them to do the three practices explained above every day while the problematic situation is being transformed – asking and giving each other forgiveness, the invocation for help from Above, which is best to say when the whole family is together, and finally their blessing. When you finish this common work, which produces good fruit, thank each other from all your heart. Then it would be lovely to spare some time for your children and all together, the whole family, to sit down, talk and share how your day was, what interesting and good things happened to each of you and what problems arose. And if there are any problems out of your home, bless each other for the problems to be solved in the best way according to our Father's Holy Will.

That way, your children will feel useful and involved, as well as responsible for the peace, love and harmony in the family, rather than feeling unhappy and hiding from the family problems, for example in the fictional world of the computer games.

Once the problem is solved successfully, all together heartily thank Lord and God, and the parents heartily thank their children. Tell them how happy you are that you have them and that they have come in incarnation exactly in your family! Tell them how much joy they bring to you!

Do so whenever a new storm arises. By successfully coping each time with emerging challenges appearing for karmic working off, at some point, you will notice that you are coping more easily and quickly! That will create the right example for your children to follow when they grow up and create their own family. Your family and all your kin will become more and more united and happy!

Then, beloved, you will witness completely new family relationships – the ones that precede the coming of the New Order of the Golden Age, which lies ahead!

I AM Nada, with Love to all of you who are in God and with great Joy that I have given you a new understanding of what family relationships need to be and what they could be like according to the specific features of the time in which you are living now.




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* See chapter Spiritual work, Spiritual practice 'Repentance and Forgiveness'.