Extraordinary Message

Beloved Portia in the presence and with the help of Lordess Pallas Athena

25 July 2014

I AM Portia.

I am coming to inform you about the course of events that are taking place on planet Earth now and to announce one of the decisions taken during the session of the Karmic Board in the days of the summer solstice.

Giving this Message of mine has become necessary as someone else, using my name, in his message on 27 June 2014, decided to intimidate you and force you to perform 24-hour prayer vigils. Under the double threat that there is no possibility to save the balance of the physical platform of the Earth, and that if you fail to follow what is recommended, I AM Portia will refuse to come in the future and give Messages and guidance! I hope you understand, beloved, how absurd and absolutely illusory that statement is! Also, it is necessary to take urgent measures to transform this distortion!

We all have such Love for you, in whom the Fire of the Living Life is burning, and we have taken care of you for so many thousands of years, and continue to do so, even though only a few people listen to our words. We know that sometimes even if one person turns to God, that may tip the scales in favour of Light! So we continue to come and give our Teachings!

I have come to tell you that regarding the planet Earth and its physical platform, the forces of the illusion are those who wish to continue its existence as it is because it is the only place where they can exist! And that is why they are trumpeting that there is a danger that the planet Earth will cease to exist, and the whole humanity and all the Life on it will be gone!

Yes, that is so, and it is true, as the whole planet due to its transition to a higher level of energy and vibration, together with its physical platform and the Living Life on it, are moving to a subtler level of the Existence.

For the forces of the illusion, as well as for all the dead souls, that is equivalent to death. The more that process is developing, the more they feel the danger to their existence. They trumpet the alarm and entrap the Bright souls to give their Divine energy in the network of the illusion to strengthen it so that the physical platform of the Earth remains longer on the lower material level and at the same time to prevent the more rapid rise of the common energy and vibration field of the planet.

The Divine energy could be given to the network of the illusion not only in all the cases which we have already described to you in our previous Messages. But also when people perform these massive 24-hour prayer vigils, to which you were urged in the message on 27 June, and also during any other spiritual practice performed collectively and at the same time when people are located mainly under the domes of the cities and other settlements. Because at the same time, at least one and most often several representatives of the forces of the illusion always join this vigil or ministry and direct the entire energy that has been put in this service by all the Bright souls who sincerely wish to save the physical platform, to the network of the illusion. That happens when that person (or these people, but one is enough to cause the effect described above) directs his thoughts to the illusion during the service. And he can do it completely without realising in his outer consciousness what the result of that would be.

But whatever negative events occur, the forces of the illusion are the ones who are concerned the most about saving the physical platform of the planet in its present form and the lives of all of you on it. Because, as I told you, from now on they can exist only on the physical platform, and to continue their existence they can get the Divine Light only from the Bright souls who are conducting it into this world!

But you are the ones who choose whether and what you want to expose yourself to. Whether to grieve and cry, regret, sympathise, condemn and hate because of every negative event happening on the planet Earth, or you will choose to stay calm and thank our Father for that event! You also choose yourselves where are you going to put your energy respectively. In the network of the illusion by letting negative feelings and thoughts overwhelm you, and negative words come out of your mouth or exactly the opposite. You would put your energy into the Light network of the planet by preserving your harmony and positive tune and by protecting yourself from the intake of any negative information or from being engaged in discussing it. Because when taking part in debating some negative situation with other people, one may be involved into condemning the situation, in various fears and all sorts of other illusory manifestations.

It was said in ancient times that the time of sorrows would end. And that will happen much faster if you refuse to grieve over all the good things that are happening in the whole world now!

Yes, it is true – now a process of cleansing the Earth is going on! A process of cleansing every Living human soul from all the negative karmic sediment is going on, too, so that the soul can continue to move forward to the New World with higher energy and vibrations!

Is it sad that a cleansing process is going on? When you clean your house, do you grieve? And if you haven’t had the opportunity to take a bath for a long time, when this possibility finally comes, and you begin to remove the impurities which have accumulated, are you sad that they are being removed from your body? And what are you feeling after the long bath – you are feeling light and joyful, although a little tired, aren’t you?

Beloved, look at all the disasters and social unrest from that perspective! Look at all that is happening in your life and the lives of your close ones from the same perspective. When the forces of the illusion provoke all these failures to happen, they actually help us because that way even more karma returns rapidly and all cleansing processes are accelerated.

It is happening as it was said – the time will come when the evil will serve the good. I would put it that way – from now on whatever the evil does it serves the good!

Based on the personal choices of every Living soul in incarnation at the moment, according to the way of life it chooses to lead and whether it lives in compliance with or violation of God's Commandments and Laws, it depends on how much, which way and what the soul would cleanse in the future.

From each one of you and all of you together it depends on how long will last that agony of the forces of the illusion into which they are drawing so many Bright souls. We have given you all the tools to end all that as soon as possible. We told you that:
blue-dotIt is best always to be calm and harmonious, whatever happens, to repent and ask our Father for forgiveness for the sins of all, and to thank for the purification processes. To thank for all that is happening is so light and extremely merciful! To invoke Elohim Peace, Archangel Michael and the angels of Protection, and to demand, sincerely wish and ask for the best solution to the situation from the Divine perspective, whatever the situation is! To send your Gratitude and Divine Love to Mother Earth and all Living beings and bless them to prosper. The more often you remember to do this, the better.
blue-dotThe performance of any spiritual practices under the domes of the big cities is least desirable now – they can only be carried out when almost everyone is asleep in the early morning hours. Because then space is quiet and the field is cleaner from negative thoughts, feelings and illusory words. Then your thoughts are cleaner after waking up, too, and it is easier for you to concentrate. It is up to you to go to sleep earlier in the evening so that you can wake up early in the morning.
blue-dotIt is best to manage to go beyond the borders of human settlements and to perform your spiritual practices in nature. Even if you do it only once a week, let it be with very good quality. Then you will achieve a much better result than with any of the 24-hour prayer vigils and group ministries performed at the same time under the domes of villages and towns. Where, as I told you, even if one of the participants gets distracted and his thoughts head to the daily, illusory problems and doings, the whole Divine energy of all those who are also taking part in the joint ministry at that moment goes to the network of the illusion. How well though, isn’t it?
blue-dotIn the rest of the time, the best for you is always to work – work hard with the highest quality of labour. Work willingly, joyfully and bless all Living beings who will benefit from the subject of your work later on.
blue-dotIt is a salvation for you to strive as much as possible to lead a righteous way of life by keeping God's Commandments and Laws.

Having said all that, my advice and recommendation to you are to continually read and reread the Teachings that we are giving you now through our Messenger Rositsa Avela and to follow the guidance as accurately as possible, as far as you can do that. As that is the best for your successful transition through these times!

Now, after I have explained to you what the situation on the planet Earth is from our point of view, it is time to tell you about a decision taken at the meeting of the Karmic Board in the days of the summer solstice.

I have the joy, as the Goddess of Divine Possibilities, to inform you that we have decided to allocate part of the energy, assigned for the successful completion of the transition times, to help even more souls to karmically cleanse themselves more and faster, and give them the opportunity to continue their evolutionary development. But that will be a teamwork, as that Divine possibility may be realised only and solely with your active participation, beloved!

I am referring to your work in spirituality on the 23rd day of each month, which Lord Surya described in detail in his Message on 23rd March this year. It used to be so far that when you perform a high-quality ministry in nature on the 23rd day of each month, and only when you are out of any human settlements, you may demand, sincerely wish and ask, through the invocation that you say at the beginning of each 23rd day, that your personal negative karma for the whole next month is transformed, as well as the negative karma of one more person of your choice. From now on you will be able to do it for one more person, a second one, to whom you choose to help.

The energy that we have decided to allocate will also be used for a greater Divine multiplication of the result of your labour, your work in spirituality on every 23rd day from now on, for the karmic cleansing of all those for whom you demand, sincerely wish and ask with all your heart – of all Living human beings, your family and nation, yourself and two other people of your choice who want to be helped and consciously strive to stop sinning! That is an important condition for you to help them to be karmically cleansed that way. And if there are no such people among your relatives and friends, or there is only one such person, if you wish, you could add the following when saying your invocation at the beginning of each 23rd day:

Lord, I demand, sincerely wish and ask
for the transformation of the negative karma for the whole next month
of one/two more Bright souls, according to Your choice, dear Heavenly Father.


All of us, the members of the Karmic Board, have Faith in you and we sincerely Hope that as many of you as possible will use that Divine opportunity as much as possible, so that it may continue to operate throughout the whole period of the transitional times.

I AM Portia gave this Message in the presence and with the help of Lordess Pallas Athena