I suggest that you continuously provide support to the planet Earth and all Living beings on it in these transitional times

Beloved Guan Yin

26 July 2014

I AM Guan Yin.

As a Goddess of Mercy and Compassion, I am coming to give you my Message now. And I am full of compassion for the souls of all those who have read the message of 28 June, given by someone who used my name in his attempt to reach out to you, your energy and achievements, dear Bright souls. And I feel compassion for those who have fulfilled his request to write letters to the Karmic Board to offer part of your causal body as a gift. And to commit intensive ministry in the form of prayer vigils to support some 'Masters', who wished to remain unknown, as well as for ministry for the 'deprived' and 'needy' ones.

My beloved children of Light, I am overflowing with much Love for you! In the current difficult situation, at the very beginning of my Message to you, I am in a hurry to Bless you to strengthen your Gift of differentiation now so that you can understand well what am I going to tell you.

If at the beginning of the cycle of Messages received by our previous Messenger in June you felt with your hearts the lack of Divine Love in the messages while reading them, and as something confused your soul, the best thing to do was to stop reading them. Whenever something makes you feel uneasy or negative feelings and thoughts start to appear, whatever you are doing, it would be better to stop all that is drawing you into such negativity immediately.

So far, we, the Beings of Light from the Higher Octaves, have always announced in our Messages exactly which Being of Light has given part of his achievements, part of his causal body, to help the evolution of the humankind on Earth. That is a crucial point – to provide such information so that you know exactly to whom to extend your Gratitude and Divine Love! When the names remain unknown, where do you think all your energy is directed? To the one who gave the message and told you in the end that he would expect your letters. And who said that he would read each letter of yours personally and take a decision on it, without saying, however, what kind of decision; and the point is exactly how much of the causal body is to be taken away from the one who gave it himself, thus expressing his free will. And one more thing: we, the members of the Karmic Board, make decisions collectively. And each letter is considered conjointly at our meetings. The good news, in that case, is that you addressed and sent your letters to the Karmic Board.

One more important thing – you were already told in our previous Messages that in these times the Ascended Beings of Light no longer sacrifice their causal bodies for the salvation of humanity, as otherwise, that would be contrary to the Providence of our Father for the main purpose of these times. Namely – to separate the weeds from the grain, so that only those who are good, without further delay, pollution or going back, can continue in the New World.

And another equally important thing. Due to the smaller degree of perfection and the quite high degree of karmic burden of the majority of people who are currently incarnated, at any time before, now or in the near future, the Ascended Beings of Light absolutely lack the practice to request from any man to give his causal body or part of it, without even mentioning how much exactly! As you can see, the thing you were asked for by someone who gave the message of 28 June is coming entirely from the forces of the illusion, and at the same time, it is very dangerous. Because you were asked to give the most valuable thing you possess – the achievements that you have acquired through thousands and thousands of incarnations over millions of years.

That way, the forces of the illusion have been trying to entice many Bright souls in all times. By having one of their representatives appear in their sleep or during a prayer, or during meditation, and now even in a message, and offer them to give their causal body or part of it in exchange for goods of all kind!

That's why we have told you that after performing any spiritual practice, you should always finish it by saying the formula: 'And may all be according to Your Holy Will, Lord!' Thus, if there is anything wrong or distorted in that spiritual practice, it will be automatically corrected, so that the performance of that practice is without any harm to you. Because you can see for yourself how difficult it is to have perfection and purity in your world now.

That also applies to the letters you write to the Karmic Board. The best would be to write at the end of the letter that you allow your Higher I AM Presence to decide which of your requests are good so that only those are met which from the Divine perspective it is best to meet at the moment. And then finish the letter with the formula 'And may all be according to Your Holy Will, Lord! AMEN   TAKKA DA BUDDEH   OM   '. Thus leaving the final decision in the hands of our Father and in our hands, as far as we, the members of the Karmic Board, are authorised by our Father to make decisions at our general meetings about what is best for the preservation and the successful development of your souls.

I want to reassure those who have written a letter to the Karmic Board after reading the message on 28 June 2014 that if someone asks for something that is harmful to him, for his soul, for the existence of his lifestream, his Higher I AM Presence must stand before the Karmic Board and must confirm whether it would agree with what is written in the letter. Therefore, there are no lost parts of the causal bodies of those who wrote letters to us after the message of 28 June.

But what is extremely disturbing is the fact that you have been asked to do so by a message that is read by many Bright souls. And even if there is no harm done now, the trap set by the forces of the illusion is that by reading that people get used to the idea that they could be asked to give away part of their causal bodies. Their external consciousness could perceive that as something normal and it could be implanted on the subtle plane, at the field level, in the collective unconsciousness of the humankind. And if at some point in the future the forces of the illusion appear and ask the same in a dream or reality and people agree, then many could be affected.

That is why Lord Shiva told you in his Recommendation on 9th July that the time to wait has gone and that you need to be urgently warned to ensure your further safety.

For all these reasons our Messenger had to receive that cycle of Messages ahead of time, and you should read them with deep gratitude. After you have extended your invocation to the Master, who gave the Message, to help you to fully transform into Light all the negative energies and harmful programs that you have received in your bodies while reading the respective message, supposedly given by the same Master and received by our previous Messenger in June 2014.

You have been told already, but I will repeat, that you should protect your Divine energy as the greatest treasure that is impossible to buy even for all the money in the world. As it will be extremely necessary for you in the future, and many will try to take it away from you by any means, including by asking you to sacrifice it for the good of the whole humanity. But God refuses to accept sacrifices, and you know it.

Now, in these new times, which have already come, we have repeatedly told you that apart for the planet, assistance should be provided only to the Living Life on this planet, as well as for the evolution of the humankind, i.e. for its advance in its development!

With regards to the additional ministry undertaken for the 'the good of the whole humankind', I would like to remind you that the humanity at the moment consists of Living souls, but also of a lot of dead souls, whose sole purpose is to supply themselves with and constantly consume the Divine energy of those who have it. Because their chakras are closed and they do not have access to the Divine energy that flows everywhere around you. Their physical body is like an empty shell as it lacks a connection with the other three lower bodies. Besides, such people need more and more Divine energy for they serve as channels through which the received energy is used to feed an increasing number of disembodied astral beings from various levels which inhabit their temples.

These are actually those deprived and needy ones to whom you were called to serve, and who are always in need of your help. But in reality, they are like black holes which only absorb your Divine energy without giving anything in return. And they do not have any intention at all to change their way of life towards compliance with God's Commandments and Laws. And that completely contradicts the Supreme Law of this Universe!

So, my beloved, the Divine Mercy and Compassion in these times are taking different dimensions and are aimed to help those in whom the Divine fire is burning. They must be saved from the attacks of the forces of the illusion. They are the biggest victims and the deprived, the ones needing help now! Because they are pure souls and as such they are trustful. And when someone is speaking to them about saving the world, some of them can hardly distinguish that it is about saving the world as it is now, with all its illusoriness. When someone tells them to pray for the good of the whole humanity continually, they are far from thinking that then they are giving their energy to nourish the forces of the illusion as well. All that is due to the specificity of the times in which you live now. And the way you cope in these times determines the times to come.

I would advise you always to be with vigilant and elevated consciousness, be careful what you read and what exactly you are told, and even more careful about what you say, especially when you say where the energy from your work in spirituality is to be directed!

Now it is time to tell you what could be done by those who have already fallen into the trap set by the forces of the illusion.

Firstly, I would advise you from now on to read and follow the Teachings which we are already giving to you only through our Messenger Rositsa Avela. We will continue to help you through her in the coming times, as long as she can withstand the load and preserve the purity of her bodies from the negativity. For what she does for you, you can thank her every day, within your heart.

If you choose, by showing unnecessary curiosity, to receive any other information, for which we have told you many times in our Messages that it contains only 10% of the truth, or even less, after that, you will be the ones who will reap everything you have sown in your lower bodies.

The next thing you could do to help yourselves, those of you who have written a letter after reading the message from 28 June, is to immediately write a new letter to the Karmic Board that you repent for you have been misled and have been putting your Divine energy in the network of the illusion so far. To declare that you cancel your previous letter and the obligations assumed in it, and you demand, sincerely wish and ask that it is erased and replaced by the letter you write at the moment. And for all that to undertake an obligation that every day until the end of this year you perform some short ministry. Whatever you decide, and you devote its energy to support the implementation of the Providence of our Father for the successful raising of the energy and vibration of the planet Earth and its transition, together with all Living beings on it, to a higher evolutionary stage.

All of us, me and all the other members of the Karmic Board, would be happy if even upon expiry of this commitment, undertaken by you, at the end of this year, you continue to do the same ministry every day without assuming any commitment. In order to make your contribution to the successful progress of the transition times!

I AM Guan Yin, with all my Love to all of you, beloved children of Light.