Dear friends, I am happy to announce
the creation of the BLOG of the UNIFICATION website
at web address


This blog, as well as the UNIFICATION website, were created by the direct instruction of Presence of the One, who gave the following recommendations:

1. It is best to create a blog as a duplicate and a backup version of the website, where you will be able to post all the new in the future, where information will be announced in extreme situations, which blog will be officially announced on the website to be used in emergencies when the website is unavailable or if something extraordinary happens.

2. It would be good, everyone who visits the website always to check the blog first – whether there is something new announced there.

3. As another protection measure – anyone who wishes, may send to the e-mail address: his/her name, e-mail, telephone for direct contact, and/or any information he would like to provide for himself, to be notified of the important information given from Above if something extraordinary happens and if it is impossible for this information to be published on the UNIFICATION website and its blog, for example, if the internet is blocked or anything else happens.


© Rositsa Avela

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