Beware of the Sun!

Beloved Helios

27 July 2019

I AM Helios.

Today, I AM have come to give My energy Icon. Rositsa Avela received it successfully, and I can calmly say that this Icon of Mine is better and a lot more efficient than all my other icons that humanity is currently using.

And I have come to inform you that the times of continuously increasing harmfulness from the sun's rays are coming. This harmfulness will start becoming more and more obvious to people. They will start noticing that the more the agricultural plants are exposed to direct sunlight, the more they become sick and are likely to die. And that the same thing that happens to plants happens to animals and people, but much slower and less noticeable, because they can move and can stand in the shade or stay in their homes without going outdoors during the warmest hours of the day when the sunshine is most intense.

That is why it becomes imperative for you to make some changes in your way of life, right here and now, at this point in time, if you wish to remain alive and healthy in the future, in times of increasing changes everywhere:

1. Stop watching the sun from now on, at any time. It is harmful to you.

2. Stop using solar water, e.g. water that has been outside under direct sunlight. Keep your drinking water in a dark and cool place.

3. Stop drying your clothes directly under the open sky, in the sunshine. If you lack a tumble dryer, make a sunshade and hang out [your washing] underneath it, even if the sunshade is makeshift, mobile, and made from a screen fence mesh stretched on stakes by using the mesh that makes the thickest shade.

4. Those who are going to the seaside should know that whole-body exposure to the sun will become more and more harmful. When people are on the beach, the best thing for them is to be in the shade and dressed in thin, delicate fabric with long legs and sleeves and long dresses. And when they go to bathe in the water, they must have a cotton hat on the head. When they go out on the shore, they must immediately dry themselves and dress again without being in the sun to dry up, as they have done so far. It is also good to limit their time in the water. Staying in the water under the sun for more than 15 minutes will also become more and more dangerous!

In the condition of dense clouds, that is different. Then, it is safe to bathe in the water and stay on the beach longer only in swimsuits without dressing and without having to stay in the shade because the sun is harmless.

5. Apart from stopping to watch the sun directly, the best thing people can do is to stop looking at pictures of the sun, regardless of how beautiful the sunrises and sunsets you have captured are! And delete them from the memory of your devices, such as mobile phones, tablets, computers or different types of removable storage, etc. Thus, the sun will be less harmful to you than to those people who are in violation of the Second Lord's Commandment and make images of the sun by photographing, video recording and/or watching them, through which they get karmically burdened in that respect.

I AM Helios