Blessing of a parent to his daughter
Lordess Pallas Athena, 19 June 2012

Lord, I ...... (the first name)

bless my daughter …… (the first name),

with the following Blessing:


I bless her with my mother’s/ father's Blessing

blue-dotto progress on the Path towards the Father

blue-dotto be into the New Order of the Divine


Wisdom, Balance and Harmony,

Truth, Rightness and Good,

Faith, Hope and Love,

Joy, Peace and Freedom,

Grace, Gentleness and Kindness,

Acceptance, Honesty and Valour

blue-dotand to reside in a complete Purity of all her bodies at all levels!


I bless her the Lord's Holy Will to be for her today!

I bless her, to be the best for her

according to the Providence for her in her live from now on!

I bless her, her actions to be good-fruitful from Divine point of view

for and into the Light network of the planet Earth

I bless her to successfully complete the tasks of her life plan

with regards to her evolutionary development in the network of Light

and her Ministry for the benefit and Wellbeing of the Living Live!

I bless her with this blessing

and I give her now for this blessing

my mother’s/father's Love!


I also give to You, Lord, my Gratitude and Divine Love!

I …… (the first name) demand, sincerely wish and ask,

if such is Your Will,

to multiply this my mother’s/ father's Blessing!

May all be according to Your Holy Will, Lord!


Thank You, dear Father One for the help!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!