Explanations to the Blessings and Words of Gratitude

Explanation to the 'Blessing of a parent to his children
(Blessing of the forefather to his children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, ...)'
Lordess Pallas Athena, 19 June 2012

The text of the 'Blessing of a parent to his children (Blessing of the forefather to his children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, ...)' was given by Lordess Pallas Athena in response to the question sent to the website whether it is possible to give a Divine pattern of the motherly Blessing.



19 June 2012

I AM Pallas Athena.

I AM have come to give a Blessing that you may use to bless your children, the children of your children and their children, and also to give some brief explanations to it:


DIVINE FREEDOM – this is the Freedom, the liberation:
blue-dotfrom the negative karmic records of the current and the previous incarnations;
blue-dotfrom the persistent negative states of consciousness, such as all kinds of fear, envy, malice, jealousy, anger, irritability, irascibility, haste, …;
blue-dotfrom bad habits and desires.


GRACE is a Divine quality in which a person is filled with Divine Mercy and Compassion towards the whole Creation and all its inhabitants living in the Law of the Father. When one has these two Divine qualities – the Divine Mercy and Compassion, then he/she is gracious and compassionate, and the Grace and Compassion are emanated from him/her.


MEEKNESS is a Divine quality that is acquired when a person has developed Humility, Long-Patience and Blissful Peace. When these three Divine qualities are developed, the person is meek and the Meekness fills him/her.


KINDNESS is another Divine quality of man, which also implies the presence and development of other Divine qualities.

Kindness is acquired when a person is filled with and allows within himself mainly kind thoughts, feelings, words, deeds, actions and inactions.

Actions are stated intention, taken decision, an act of man’s free will to do something in a certain way, through an action or inaction. Inactions include the abstinence and direct refusal of an action. For example, the decision of a person to stop smoking is an action, and the refusal to light a cigarette is an inaction. One’s performance consists of his/her deeds, actions and inactions.

Kindness is achieved when a person, while residing in Joy, is Radiant to everyone and Grateful to the Lord for everything. Gratitude should be given to the Father with a joyous feeling. Also, when a person resides in Joy, he spreads most strongly the rays of the Divine Light. Joy is the key point for both:
blue-dotthe energy of Gratitude to reach most strongly the Higher Octaves of Light – to the Father Presence of the One, to Lord Alpha and to the own Higher I AM Presence, and
blue-dotthe person to be radiant, to give the Divine Light to all Living beings around.

Then such person emanates Kindness, and everyone can feel it.


ACCEPTANCE – this is a Divine quality in which a person can consciously and without condemnation accept and give forgiveness to others for their thoughts, feelings, words, deeds and actions, remaining equal* and in Divine Love towards them. Acceptance also means that the person should be able to accept and forgive without condemnation his own thoughts, feelings, words, deeds and actions.


HONESTY – this is the lack of lies in the form of spoken words and expressed feelings both to others and to yourself, for example, when a person allows his ego to prevail and deceives himself, later on he says this deception in front of others as well.


VALOUR is achieved when a person is able to keep a tight rein on his ego, and when he makes a mistake, he can calmly admit that to himself and others, ask them for forgiveness while radiating his Divine Love to them. With his purest Divine Love he should ask for forgiveness the Ascended Beings of Light, his Master on the subtle plane from the Hierarchy of Light, and his Higher I AM Presence for the fault committed and ask for help to stop repeating that fault in the future. For which person embodied now in your material world is sinless and perfect?


I AM Pallas Athena and although for a short time, I was with you with all my Love to you, dear children of Light!


*   *   *


Note from Rositsa Avela:


When this Blessing is uttered by parents to their young children, the beginning of the Blessing would be the following:

'I Bless my son ... /my daughter … /my son ... and my daughter ... /my daughters … /my sons ... / ...

I Bless him / I Bless her / I Bless them with my motherly/fatherly blessing to progress on the Path to the Father ... ', etc.

When one of our children has created a family, then his family partner has to be blessed as well, because in front of God they are one. If we want our child and all our grandchildren, when they appear, to be well, we have to bless also the family partner with Divine Love to his Higher I AM Presence and with respect for our child’s choice. Regardless of our feelings towards our child’s family partner, whether we approve and like him/her or not, because all this is illusory and they are all children of God.


Bless all the children, starting with the first-born child – son or daughter, and then bless the other children in the sequence of their birth from the oldest to the youngest at the end. The same applies to your grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

It would be good if everyone writes by hand in the printed text of the Blessing the names of his children/grandchildren/great-grandchildren.



* Translator's note: in the state of equanimity.