The Spiritual Practice 'Repentance and Forgiveness'

During the Spiritual practice 'Repentance and Forgiveness' Forgiveness is requested, received and given, and Gratitude and Divine Love are given. This Spiritual practice includes the consecutive performance of two individual spiritual practices, which may be performed separately as well.

The first practice to be performed is the 'Spiritual practice of the 12 bows', through which one seeks forgiveness from Above from the Father and gives Gratitude and Divine Love to the Higher spheres, to the Father.

Then, the Spiritual Practice 'Forgiveness with your Fellow Man'* is performed.

Lord Sanat Kumara gave the Spiritual practice of the 12 bows at the end of 2011. Its essence is that everyone who performs it should experience deeply within himself the feelings of Repentance, Gratitude and Divine Love and then give them to the Father.

The quality performance of this Spiritual practice helps in the faster and easier conversion of the negative karmic records. Everyone may perform the Spiritual practice of 12 bows on his own every day to help himself be Healthy in Spirit, Soul and body.

These 12 bows correspond to the seven major and five secret rays. During each bow, the person repents for what he sinned in all times along the respective ray and asks to be given forgiveness from Above to transform his negative karma that keeps the corresponding chakra closed. The area in which the person sinned and where a distortion of the Divine Energy and accumulation of negative karma are present is where its transformation into Light happens.

The most important thing is that the person feels the strength of his repentance and it radiates from his whole heart and soul. To repent for his past mistakes. To focus his mind and his feeling entirely on what he is doing at that moment.


Spiritual Practice of the Twelve Bows

Lord Sanat Kumara

The end of 2011

1. Stand facing the east.

2. Bow very slowly and deeply to the ground and while you are bowing, say in your mind or aloud:

'I repent, Lord, forgive all sins from all times!'

The most important point here is to feel the repentance with all your heart and soul while you are bowing down. And to realise that you are asking for forgiveness from Above for all your sins done whenever, in this and all your previous embodiments so far, and you are also asking for forgiveness for all sins that you have undertaken to work off in this embodiment – of your kin, your nation, of the whole humankind.

3. Then, slowly start to raise, saying during that time again in your mind or aloud:

'Thank You, Lord, for Your infinite Mercy to me ...... (the first name), to the whole planet Earth and the Living Life on it!'

While saying the above, the feeling of deep Gratitude should be streaming from the depth of your heart. And when you finally say the last words of the phrase, '... and the Living Life on it!', your backbone needs to be as straight as a string to allow the energy to flow freely throughout the axis.

4. Finally, standing with your back straight, start to raise your arms slowly on both sides of the body, straight in the elbows, saying:

'I Love You, dear Heavenly Father!'

Raise your arms until the tips of the fingers of your both arms join over your head while you emanate all your Divine Love to the Heavenly Father. You may stay longer in this position, as long as you want. You will feel how the Divine energy flows and goes down along the whole axis (spine). Then happens the transmutation of the negative deposits in you. You will feel how you become relaxed, pacified; you will start to yawn, you will feel lightness.

That is the description of one bow. Continue in the same way with the others until you do 12 bows.

Once again I want to emphasise that to perform this spiritual practice effectively and for the benefit of the person who does it, it is extremely important that all the time while you are doing it, you are with your entire mind focused on the Heavenly Father. And to emanate to Him consecutively the feelings of Repentance, Gratitude and Divine Love. Repent for both all that you remember you have done wrong and everything you have done whenever – in this or any previous embodiments of yours. Repent also for the sins of all the other people whose karma you have taken to work off and ask for forgiveness from Above – for you and them.


When two or more people gather together, it is best to carry out both spiritual practices – the twelve bows and Forgiveness with your Fellow Man. It is a great Grace of the Heavens that such a significant amount of negative karma is transmuted through a sincere forgiveness between us in a special, Divine order of magnitude. Therefore, the recommendation from Above is the Spiritual Practice 'Forgiveness with your Fellow Man' to be carried out always when people are together even if the 'Spiritual practice 12 bows' hasn't been done individually due to lack of time or the possibility to carry out both practices.

When the Spiritual Practice 'Forgiveness with your Fellow Man' is done wholeheartedly and comprehensively by the two who are carrying it out, then very high and powerful cleansing of karma at all levels happens. At all levels – between the two who are asking for forgiveness, personally; between the families in which they have incarnated now; between the families in which they were in their previous incarnations; between the settlements where they lived; between nations, religions, countries; between the evolutions whose representatives they are.

Because of the karmic cleansing at all possible levels, one says 'Forgive me everything I have done wrong', as it applies to much more than just errors towards the person in front of us. He is a carrier of the karma of all kin in which he was born, the karma of all nations in which he has been incarnated, and the karma of all religions which he has confessed – negative karma that has remained in his subtle bodies at the time and is subject to working off. He is a carrier of this karma and when asking and giving forgiveness – it is transmuted.

The two people who ask for and give forgiveness to each other may have been for example enemies in their previous incarnations on the battlefield between two warring nations or two kin, or from different religions; they may have been relatives of those enemies pronouncing condemnation and therefore accumulating karma. Or maybe one of them fought against the people of the other, though he was not involved in hostilities and they may not personally have known and met each other... Or this one might even have been the wife of a warrior who was killed or maimed, etc. Regardless of the life circumstances, they could have karma with each other on the level of kin, nationality or religion, due to the lack of acceptance of who they were. When there was a lack of peace, there was a lack of acceptance as well – this created negative karma that might be at different levels. Now we are given a tool from Above to clean all this negative karma.

Everything said so far applies and works only if this new Spiritual practice is carried out with all your heart and soul, instead of reciting it mechanically. Only when it is done with all the sense of repentance we are capable of. Only if we emanate the whole Gratitude that we can feel to the person in front of us, who has decided to help us so that all our joint and mutual negative karma is transmuted, and if we emanate our entire Divine Love to him.

And before that we should emanate the whole Repentance, Gratitude and Divine Love which we are capable of to the Heavenly Father through the 12 bows.

When you perform repentance first to the Father, next to each other and forgive each other, that activates a powerful karmic cleansing. The transformation of the negative karma happens in an entirely different order of magnitude, the transmutation goes in a completely different way, as we were told by Presence of the One in His Guidance from 21 December 2012.**

I am very happy at the moment because of this new Divine Mercy that we were given and started to apply, and I'm glad that I can share it with you, dear friends! I wish you to successfully apply this Spiritual practice so that you are in Joy as well and free even more from the negative karma and everything illusory that burdens you and prevents you on your Path to Home. And may all be according to Your Holy Will, Lord! AMEN   TAKKA DA BUDDEH   OM


Spiritual Practice 'Forgiveness with your Fellow Man'

Lord Shiva

16 December 2012

'Forgive me, ..... (the first name), everything I have done wrong!'

Regardless of where, when, how and towards whom the sin was done.

The whole first name of the person whom we are asking for and giving forgiveness is to be said where the dots are.

'Thank you, ..... (the first name), for your help!'

We thank for the help in the transformation of the karma – when the forgiveness we ask for is given from the whole heart.

'I love you, ..... (the first name),
and my Divine Love,
Divine Indifference,
and the state of equanimity, joy and peace
are growing in me with every passing day!'



'I forgive you, ..... (the first name), from all my heart and soul!'

'Thank you, ..... (the first name)!'

The one who gives forgiveness thanks the person in front of him that he has asked for forgiveness, and thus he creates the possibility the forgiveness to be given so that both of them clear each other from the negative karma.

'I love you, ..... (the first name),
and my Divine Love,
Divine Indifference,
and the state of equanimity, joy and peace
are growing in me with every passing day!'


The 'Namaste' greeting follows or a slight bow done together with saying 'Thank You' from all your heart – do as you wish.***


Then follows the opposite – the one that gave forgiveness, asks and receives forgiveness from the person in front of him and only then proceeds to the next person.


Note from Rositsa Avela
31 December 2016

After giving the change in the third part of the Spiritual practice 'Forgiveness', the Father Presence of the One explained the following:

'The declaration-affirmation that each of the two who are asking and giving forgiveness pronounces aloud in front of the other one about his condition and the Divine qualities, is important. It helps in working out these qualities and using them – the Divine qualities: Divine Love, Divine Indifference and the state of being equal****, in joy and peace, which protect the person from the creation of new negative karma in the future.'

When a person has worked out the Divine quality 'Divine Indifference', for him it is without a difference (indifferent) whether something in the external human consciousness is defined as good or bad, happy or sorrowful (news, story, action, etc.). And he can accept everything that happens to him, his fellow man and around him without allowing any change of his internal state of equanimity, in quiet inner joy and peace.

When a person is equal****, he is without condemnation, without approval, without taking a side and without going out of equilibrium, harmony and balance. For additional information, see in Spiritual work - verse 35.


blue line

* See below in the Annex 'Note from Rositsa Avela'.

** See below in the Annex 'Guidance by Presence of the One on 21 December 2012'.

*** Namaste (from Sanskrit) is a commonly used greeting in India and Nepal. When spoken to another person, it is commonly accompanied by a slight bow made with the hands pressed together, palms touching and fingers pointed upwards, in front of the chest. This gesture, called Anjali Mudra or Pranamasana, can also be performed wordlessly and carries the same meaning.

This greeting is used in the beginning of a meeting and at its end, and it expresses deep respect.

In a broad sense, Namaste means 'the Divine in me welcomes and connects to the Divine in you.' The greeting is an expression of deep respect.
Other interpretations of the meaning of the greeting are: 'I honour the Spirit in you which is also in me.' 'Your soul and my soul are one.' 'When you and I are at this place, we are one.'

**** Translator's note: in the state of equanimity.



Note from Rositsa Avela
23 December 2012

On 16 December 2012 Lord Shiva gave us his guidance in response to my question on how to best prepare ourselves for the days of the winter solstice, and in particular for 21 December 2012. He also instructed that all of us who were together in these days needed to do something more, something entirely new – a Spiritual practice that he called 'Forgiveness with your Fellow Man'. In the evening before bedtime, each of us had to ask and receive forgiveness from everyone individually and immediately after that to be asked and to give forgiveness to the same person. We had to do this immediately after each of us had individually done the 'Twelve bows'* and had repented and asked for forgiveness first from the Heavenly Father for all sins – his own and the sins of all Living human beings committed at all times until now.

We tried to implement it, but something was preventing us from succeeding with all attendees – everyone with everyone; finally, on the evening of the 20th, the eve of 21 December, we succeeded – all of us were completely in Joy, filled with Gratitude and Divine Love. The implementation of this practice made us feel happy, and we realised that something very important was happening.

In the morning of 21 December 2012, Presence of the One gave the following Guidance regarding our implementation of the Spiritual practice 'Forgiveness with your Fellow Man':



Presence of the One

21 December 2012

I AM Presence of the One.

I AM have come to give the following Guidance. All of you did very well with the Repentance, receiving and giving of Forgiveness, giving of Gratitude and Divine Love. You have sown something very good. That is a new stage in the relations between people on the level of humanity, and all of you are given a chance – the whole humankind, to continue it!

The Spiritual practice 'Forgiveness with your Fellow Man' is one whole with the 'Spiritual practice of the 12 bows', during which you send your repentance to God, to your Heavenly Father Lord Alpha and Me – Presence of the Father One. Together they are the most powerful practice in spirituality that has been given to your civilisation so far.

The Spiritual practice 'Repentance and Forgiveness' can transmute the negative karma of the person to God, the negative karma between two people, the negative karma between kin, between religions, between nations, between countries in which they have come and the countries in which they have been in incarnation so far, and the karma they carry.

That is why this spiritual practice should be translated as quickly as possible into all languages in its entirety and in the form in which it has been given to you up to this moment, and I AM Bless you to continue doing it and to spread it!

What you have achieved, do together every evening. This Spiritual practice is useful to practice in all kinds of spiritual groups in which people gather, regardless of the spiritual practice they apply, their religion and nationality. This Spiritual practice needs to be also performed by members of families and kin, between people who live under the same roof, between people who work together. Whatever they did during the day, at the end of the day they should repent and ask for forgiveness, forgive each other and thank each other that they asked each other for forgiveness, and they gave it with the help of the Divine Love between each other.

When you can sincerely ask for forgiveness and forgive, then your Heavenly Father will forgive you to a much greater extent, and you shall be measured with a different measure!

Therefore, I AM blessing you now, exactly at the moment of the Winter Solstice,
blue-dotin the times to come to remain in Peace and Divine Love between each other and towards the Father,
blue-dotto ask for forgiveness from the Father,
blue-dotand to forgive each other everything that is known and unknown!

I AM Presence of the One