The Spiritual Practice 'Work on the speech for its transformation into Word'

26 February 2014

The essence of this spiritual practice consists in repentance and asking for forgiveness and help from God to correct the speech and open the Divine Opportunity for working with the Word.

We need to do the 'Spiritual Practice of the 12 Bows' every day. During it we should humbly repent and ask the Father for forgiveness for everything sinned at all times, whenever, wherever and against whoever, and at each bow we should say the following:

'I repent, Lord, forgive all sins from all times!' – while bowing to the ground,
'Thank You, Lord, for Your infinite Mercy to me ...... (the first name), to the whole planet Earth and the Living Life on it!' – while raising, and
'I love You, dear Heavenly Father!' – while raising the arms upwards,

and immediately after doing the 12 bows, one should additionally say:

'Lord, I repent with all my heart and soul!
Forgive all my sins,
and forgive all my wrong words
uttered by me due to lack of knowledge, due to vanity,
consciously or without even realising,
in all my incarnations so far.
And help me to learn to remain silent with ease
and to speak rightfully from now on –
in the way that is saving for my soul
and for the souls of all whom my words are reaching!
And may all be according to Your Holy Will, Lord!
Thank You, Lord, for Your infinite Mercy!
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! '