'Work on the speech for its transformation into Word'
An article

23 October 2011

Part 1

Training, growth and development are constant processes along the Path of each soul heading up to the Father, on all levels of the Heavenly Hierarchy of Light. When one reaches a certain level, new information becomes accessible, and respectively the Divine Truth is revealed in a new way according to the level of awareness corresponding to the achieved new stage in the endless spiral of evolution.

I want to share with you some information that I think is important and could be beneficial for many Bright souls who progress on the Path to God. This is information regarding God's Word and our human speech – all that we utter while speaking either internally to ourselves or to other people. I have always felt the importance of word – all that we say, how we express it, the thoughts that initiate it, and the feelings that accompany it.

A few years ago, I was told that the word 'обичам' that is used currently so often, was introduced in the Bulgarian language by the forces supporting the illusion. (Translator's note*: in Bulgarian, there are two words to say 'love' – 'обичам = illusory love' and 'любя = love'). By pronouncing it, we give a part of our Divine energy to the illusion. This word breaks the Divine vibration and the Divine code of the other words. Later, I was told:

'This is the most powerful destructive word. It destroys the code basis in the Bulgarian language and turns it into a set of words, instead of being Word, as it was originally designed. The use of this word directs your energy flow towards the illusion. Because of all this, this word needs to be replaced back with the word 'любя = love' that connects you with the Higher octaves of Light and Divine Love.'

By pronouncing the word 'любя = love', we gain the opportunity to strengthen and multiply Divine Love much more easily and keep our heart chakra open.

Whereas the word 'обичам = illusory love' means 'о-бич = scourge'. The one who uses it brings out the man-animal on a subtle level in the foreground within himself, strengthening the sexual animal origin, which in turn leads to easier violation of the Divine Moral Law and putting the energy of the Divine Mother in the illusion. That, in turn, leads to an accumulation of negative karma and reduction or even loss of the creative abilities of the individual.

That way, many people who were painting, playing an instrument, singing, dancing, writing and reciting poems..., who were creating with joy and ease like children, due to the committed distortions with the energy of the Divine Mother, have closed for themselves the Divine opportunity, given to them originally, to be artists.

That distortion and the introduction of words-parasites in the Bulgarian language happened about a hundred or more years ago. In both Bulgarian folk songs and our Renaissance literature, the word 'love = любя' was used. (Translator's note: in the original version there is an annex with examples in Bulgarian, which wasn’t translated.)

I managed to eradicate almost entirely from my vocabulary the word 'обичам = illusory love' and replace it with the words 'любя = love' and 'like'; a lot of people who are close to me also succeeded in that.


Part 2

On the days of the summer solstice in 2011, I was told the next word introduced in the Bulgarian language by the illusion – 'няма – there is/are no'. The explanation was the following:

'The use of this word locks the energy "MA" – the energy of the Divine Mother, the energy of creating new life, and that stops the possibility for it to come to you and flow fully and in the right way through your bodies; thus, you dissipate it in the illusion.' (Translator’s note: the English language is without a corresponding word for the Bulgarian 'няма').

So, I naturally asked which were the other words like these in our language. I was told that when we managed to stop using the word 'няма', as we had done with the previous word, then we would be told about the next destructive word.

You can guess that I and the people around me worked hard on that. It turned out that this wasn’t as easy to achieve in very short terms as we wanted. Initially, we used this word without even noticing it. But we were on the alert, and if one of us used it, someone else would correct him with a smile and Divine Love. For some, it was additionally challenging to be without any condemnation to the one who was wrong. Another difficulty was the fact that this word is without a direct replacement, as it was in the case with the word 'love', so every time it was necessary to use a different rephrasing depending on the context. I will give some examples that may be useful to anyone who decides to try it:

1. If one touches or hits someone else accidentally, for instance on the crowded bus, and says 'I’m sorry', quite often the answer is 'there is nothing to be sorry for' (in the original 'няма нищо'). This expression contains a negative word and the word-breaker, as I call these words. The right answer would be a positive expression, such as 'everything is fine'.

2. If one does a favour to someone else, for which he is thanked, the answer again usually is 'there is nothing to thank for' (in the original 'няма нищо'). Here again, the answer could be 'everything is fine' or 'you are welcome', 'the pleasure is mine', 'it is so nice/really wonderful that I could help', 'I'm glad you are better now', 'I’m happy things are going well for you now', 'I enjoyed helping you, be in joy, too', etc. Many more expressions could be used that are wonderful, positive, multiplying Joy and Divine Love towards the fellow man! A person just needs to be aspired towards the creation of right patterns in this area of life – to wish the words that he utters to be Word.

3. The word 'няма = there is no' could be replaced with the words 'be without', 'lack'...


Part 3

Then, in October 2011, we were told from Above the next word that was introduced in the Bulgarian language by the illusion – 'нека' (meaning 'let', 'may'), in which the particle 'не = no' denies and prevents the impact of the Divine energy 'KA' – the Energy of the Creation of the Cosmos and the Universe. (Translator’s note: the English language is without a corresponding word for the Bulgarian 'нека'.)

I wrote the text of this article on the 23rd day so that the effect of this day could assist anyone who wished to stop using these words. And who wanted to be helped to transform the karma that he had accumulated because of their usage due to the lack of knowledge, and asked the Father to forgive him. Furthermore, this article was written on a waning Moon, which would favour anyone who wanted to easily reduce and eventually completely stop and become entirely free from the use of these words introduced in our language by the forces supporting the illusion. The publication of the article, on the other hand, was on a Waxing Moon so that when people started reading it, the momentum and success of those who decided to implement the given recommendations in their lives to increase, and whenever they asked for help, to be able to receive it to the greatest extent from the Forces of Light.


Part 4

It would also be good to stop using all the words and phrases which have a negative direction and replace them with their positive equivalents, for example:

blue-dot 'insane' – to be replaced with the word 'delightful.'
Because who would like his mind to be deranged and under the authority of the illusion and the darkness. By pronouncing this word, a person launches exactly this kind of programme for himself.

blue-dot 'terrific' – to be replaced with the word 'magnificent.'
For who would like to allow his fears to grow and deepen, but this is exactly what happens by the constant use of this word.

blue-dot 'no problem' – 'everything is fine', 'everything is okay.'
This expression actually creates a particularly big problem as it is a combination of the two words: 'no' and 'problem'.

blue-dot 'I have no words' – 'I’m delighted' in a positive situation or 'I refrain from commenting', 'I prefer to stay away from all that and remain in joy' when it comes to something negative.
If this negative expression is used often, the person remains without words indeed – his vocabulary simplifies, and in the future, the moment comes when he starts feeling the difficulty to express himself well.

blue-dot 'nothing is impossible' – 'everything is possible.'

blue-dot 'nothing is wrong' – 'everything is fine.'
And this is true because everything happens according to the Divine Providence even though a person’s external consciousness may think that something isn’t right.

blue-dot 'I like it damn much' – 'I like it so much.'

blue-dot 'I like it terribly' – 'I like it very much.'
Because who wants the thing that he likes to bring something terrible for him in the future.

blue-dot 'darn good' – 'Divinely wonderful.'
The pronunciation of this negative expression allows the forces of the illusion to connect, and then something that originally was really good may be distorted so that its fruit becomes rotten and illusory instead of being Divine. Thus, the person who uses this expression creates for himself negative karma.

blue-dot 'I love you like hell' – 'My Divine Love for you is enormous', 'I am overflowing with Divine Love for You' ...


Part 5

Words that begin with the negative particle 'no', 'non-' are also to be replaced with different words. Almost every word beginning with 'no' or 'non-' turns the entire sentence into a negative one and starts a destructive action programme. Such a word may be replaced with a positive word or phrase, for example:
blue-dot'inevitably' – certainly, in all cases;
blue-dot'immensely' – vastly, enormously;
blue-dot'irresistibly' – powerfully;
blue-dot'unskilful' – lacking skill and experience.

(Translator's note: the original shows some examples for the words: inevitably, immensely, irresistibly, independently and unskilful which may not be relevant. In English, these words also express the negative form of a word but instead of beginning with the negative prefix 'non-' they typically begin with the prefixes 'in-', 'im-', 'un-' and 'ir-' like the words above. That recommendation applies to the words that begin with the particle 'non-', for example
blue-dot'non-stop' – continuously).
For example, if someone says to his child 'Look how unskilful you are.’, he will cut off the child’s skills and the desire for work and creativity, so instead, he may say 'Look what happened. Do you like it? I’m sure that you can be much more skilful. Do you want to try again? If you try harder, you'll see how good it will be.'
Anyone could encourage his wife/her husband in life if something was less than fully successful or it completely failed. That would only multiply their success in the future, as well as the Joy, Happiness and Divine Love in the family.


Part 6

The newly received information created a need for new actions, as always when we are given new information from the Higher octaves of Light and some energy is given for that, it is our responsibility to put it into practice in our life after receiving it. Moreover, when we manage to work off what we have been instructed from Above, good karma is created, which allows for the next new element to be given – the next part from the Teaching. The Lord gives us when we are ready to receive – when we have demonstrated in practice that we have learnt the previous parts, and also when the number of people who have done it is enough, and enough good karma has been accumulated.
We had to make some changes in the texts on the UNIFICATION website. For example, in the Word-formula for helping the planet Earth and the Living Life on it, the phrase 'May the world prosper forever and ever!' was replaced by 'May the Living Life prosper forever and ever!' As in the original:
The word 'нека' is a parasitic one, a deceitfully introduced subtle trap of the illusion, and in the new version, the phrase fully retains its meaning without the use of this word. Moreover, released from the distorting effect of this word, the phrase has gained even more strength and power.
The word 'world' was replaced because the world, as it is now, has a significant interference from the representatives of the forces of the illusion. Hardly any Bright soul would wish the world the way it is now to prosper and to continue its existence in the times to come without changing for the better, at the expense of the Divine energy that is taken away in thousands of different ways from those in whom the Fire of the Living Life is burning. (This paragraph was added on 24 Dec 2014 in accordance with the newly acquired knowledge about the processes running on the planet.)


Part 7

Finally, I would like to remind of some of the recommendations given by John the Beloved in his Message 'Teaching on the right use of Word' from 4 August 2010:

'Beloved, the state of the consciousness of many of you is such that I wouldn't set out to give recommendations on how to speak, but I would say that remaining silent is salvation for you now, in these times, and the only value in your speaking is to thank. Thank God** and the Lord, thank all Living beings and Mother Earth! Then, again joyfully remain silent, knowing that this is the best for you.

And when you decide to say something else, it is good if your consciousness is awake, and you carefully choose the words that you intend to say, as well as the way in which you say them – gently, quietly and calmly. And before that, notice the state which you are in when you start speaking. If you find out that your balance is disturbed, and you lack consonance with the Higher spheres, then abstain from speaking. Ask for help from Above**, elevate your consciousness, and then speak. Speak when your thoughts and feelings are calm and uplifted.

Then, you will notice that you speak a few words, but say many things. You will start to feel the strength of Word and its creative power. You will notice that whatever you say, it launches a programme for action, and space obediently executes this programme that you have set through your Words.

To be capable of serving God, you should learn to preserve the Divine energy that you receive from our world. Apart from preserving it, you should start multiplying it constantly by blessing**, thanking and being silent. You need to understand that in each of your words spoken aimlessly and meaninglessly you put a part of your energy and give it to the world of the illusion, strengthening it and creating karma that you need to work off later. I really don’t want to talk about what happens, what you and your descendants get if your words are judgemental and negative in any way, for any reason, against anyone or anything.'

We need to be extremely careful with the words we pronounce. We should speak in the way recommended from Above. We should speak more slowly and smoothly, with a kind tone, quietly and gently, using fewer and only necessary words, spoken at the right time and the right place after invoking our Higher I AM Presence to guide us in what we say so that we succeed gradually to clean our speech and turn it into Word – that creates Divine patterns and supports our Heavenly Father.

Anyone who wishes may request assistance from Above to have a vigilant consciousness and succeed in this endeavour.


Part 8

given on 23 February 2014, during a meeting in the vicinity of Veliko Tarnovo

In the days around the winter solstice of 2013, we were given from Above the following words from the Bulgarian language whose use should be stopped if we want our speech to have strength, power and to be creative Word. That led to a change in the wording in some of the texts without changing their meaning.

In Bulgarian, these words are the question word 'защо = why' and the word-answer 'защото = because'. They can be replaced with 'what is the cause', 'what for' and the answers 'since', 'as', 'for the reason that' and 'for' depending on the context.

Similar to the other words that destroy the code basis in the Bulgarian language, these two words used for asking a question and giving an answer are used very often. In fact, in most cases, their use is entirely unnecessary. In their essence, they are traps that have been set by the illusion.

As when one asks the question: 'Why have you done ...' or a question that begins with the word 'защо = why', whatever the topic is, very often that brings to the forefront the ego of the person in front of him. That automatically triggers an illusory pattern of behaviour that is connected to a powerful egregore on the subtle plane, which has been powered for millennia by both sides – those who overwhelmed by negative feelings asked the question 'защо = why', and those who felt threatened and started to explain, defend or justify themselves in some way, namely 'why' this or that happened and 'why' they acted in this or that way.

Then the answer is very likely to come from the illusory part of the person. He answers questions beginning with 'защо = why' through his illusory part, and often the answer includes the word 'защото = because.' All words said after that are far from God. Both the question asked in that way and the answer direct the energy into the illusion.

The question that connects to the network of Light and to which the person in front of us answers through his Divine essence is 'What is the cause' or 'What is the cause and the root cause'. These are the questions that may and should be asked. Then, the person in front of us goes into Divine tune, and the answer comes from his Higher I AM Presence. The answer through his Higher I AM Presence may also be given by one of the Ascended Masters.

While answering, the person may realise by himself what the cause to behave in a certain way or to do something was, and to understand his mistake. That allows him to correct himself if he wants to. To ask for forgiveness and to ask to be given help from Above to stop sinning in that way, to Thank God for the help and Thank the person in front of him who helped him to awaken his consciousness and correct himself through his question.


Part 9

given on 7 August 2019

On 20 May 2019, the following letter was received on the UNIFICATION website:
Hello, I am writing to you concerning the work on the speech for its transformation into Word.
I feel that it is good to discontinue the use of a word [in the Bulgarian language], and this is the word 'заповядай = please' ***. The energy it carries is to give orders to the one who uses it. Its literal meaning 'order me' creates in me a feeling of yoke...
In my opinion, it can be replaced with the expression 'This is for you.'

Answer given by Presence of the One: Yes, this person felt it very accurately. I congratulate him.

It would be good to take this word out of use in the Bulgarian language. It was introduced into it by the representatives of the illusion, and it is harmful. It may be replaced in many different ways, depending on the situation, and whatever one replaces it with, that will always be many times better than using this harmful word. For example, when someone hands over something to another person, he may say, 'I’m bringing you ...', 'I brought your order, enjoy your meal!' (when serving food) or 'Lunch is ready, enjoy it.' (when a family member serves the dishes to the family). 'Take this one...' (for items brought), 'I have brought this ... especially for you.', 'It's for you.', and so on.

And when in public transport one offers his seat to an elderly person, a pregnant woman or a mother with children, he may say: 'Sit down, if you wish, I’m giving you my seat.' And then the person will accept this gift, sit willingly and say with all his heart 'Thank you'. Thus, he will give as a Gift some energy in return to the person who has given up his seat. The person will give him his Grace, that is, some of the good karma of his achievements, and that is very good for both of them.

However, what happens quite often when someone is willing to give up his seat, but when he says 'Sit down, please', the person opposite becomes uncomfortable and refuses to sit, even though he needs that, and it is safer for him and the people around him if he really sits down! But he refuses, as he feels threatened on the subtle plane. Because the command encoded in the word „заповядай“ carries with it the energy of intimidation, violence, domination over the free will of a person, and of managing him in some way, which influences the further course of his life, as that is an interference with the parameters of his fate!

I Bless you, My dear children, who are in the Light Network to successfully eliminate this word from your vocabulary, your thoughts and your speech. The more of you succeed, the faster this word will go out of use in the Bulgarian language, and you will free yourselves from its harmful influence over your souls, as it will run out of your energy supply that you give to it when you use it!


Note from Rositsa Avela: I thank with all my heart to this Light Soul who sent this letter to the website! I was really happy when I read it. For a long time, we have not added a new word that has been introduced in the Bulgarian language by the representatives of the forces of the illusion and which would be good to take out of use and even forget about it!

I received the answer from Presence of the One and we are publishing it on the same day – on 7 August 2019. The sum of the numbers of the date makes nine, which means 'end', and this creates a positive encoding – that the end of the use of this word will happen with great ease and speed, and this process starts during the waxing moon to increase the purity of the Bulgarian language as a final result!

I am grateful to anyone who finds out and sends to the website another word that all of us can get rid of and free ourselves from the harmful influence of such words, and cleanse the Bulgarian language more and more with removing each word of this type, as that is a trap for the Light Souls.

blue line

* Translator's note: This document contains recommendations on language expressions which are specific to the Bulgarian language. Most of these recommendations might apply to some of the Slavic languages, like Russian and Polish. Very few of these recommendations apply to English and other Latin languages. Therefore, the article has additional translator’s notes explaining some possible language differences with regards to their applicability in English.

** Note from Rositsa Avela from 25 April 2016, taken from the Message of John the Beloved:

When a person thanks the Ascended Beings of Light and seeks help from Above, also when he blesses, that is work in spirituality, and he automatically opens himself to God. Therefore, in these cases it is salvation to take the necessary safety measures – to be alone indoors or to cover himself while uttering these words – see the Five Rules-Guidelines on the protection of Purity, the salvation of the human Soul and the successful continuation of the evolution in the transitional times.

*** Translator's note: the Bulgarian word 'заповядай' means 'please' but it also literally meaning 'I’m at your service' or 'give me your orders'. It may be translated in different ways dependant on the situation, for instance:
1. please / here you are – when you give something to someone;
2. help yourself, have some – when you encourage someone to take something;
3. sit down, please – when you offer somebody to take a sit;
4. come in, please – when you invite someone to enter the room;
The discussion about this word is less relevant for the English-speaking people, as its specific meaning is found in Bulgarian and some other slavic languages.