Note from Rositsa Avela:

On 6 June 2020, the Father One told Me that He is giving a new Great Mercy to all Beings of Light in incarnation who have preserved their Souls Alive, Bright and Pure. It consists in the provision of additional Help from Above by one of the Higher Beings of Light through a Thought that would be published on the website on days when the website lacks a publication of an Icon, a Guidance accompanying an Icon, a Question & Answer in chapter Teaching or something else.


given by the Higher Octaves of Light
to help us TODAY


10 July 2020, from Orpheus

It would be good for a person to sing the Divine songs. Because then his Soul can reach the highest layers of the Heavenly octaves of Light!


09 July 2020, from St. Elijah

One who resides longer in inner peace and quiet, alone with himself, calms down, pacifies and unites with God. Then he/she is filled with His Wisdom, Light and Divine Love, which brings him quiet Joy, Kindness and Happiness!


08 July 2020, from St. George the Victorious

It would be good in these accelerated times a person to work as much as possible and at the highest speed. Everyone can do much more than what they are doing now and even more than they ever expect they can.


07 July 2020, from Babaji

When you feel bad – with a negative attitude, apathetic, depressed, melancholic, etc., start working faster – faster and faster, whatever you are working! Then rest a little and start work again the same way!

When a person works faster at a high-revs, the representatives of the networks of the illusion, who have stuck to him and drink from his precious energy, unstuck and bounce far away to the side. This works like a high-speed centrifuge – once it is switched on and pick up speed, who could possibly stay attached to it?


04 July 2020, from Moses

Be particularly careful to your close ones. When you are in Joy, you are much more effective in everything you do and you can achieve much more in the direction of Good.


03 July 2020, from Lord Rama

It is a great Grace when a person carries out the spiritual practice "Repentance, Forgiveness and Gratitude in 7 steps", because:

1) when he repents with all his heart and soul, everything that he sins and which was giving an opportunity to the representatives of the networks of the illusion to harm him turns into Light;

2) and the energy taken away from the representatives of the networks of the illusion is returned to him, even with divine multiplication when he forgives them;

3) and when he thanks the Lord with all his heart and soul and with all his Divine Love, for everything that happens, because it is the best for him, every time, the more a person thanks the Lord, the more Great good comes from what he thanks for!


02 July 2020, from The Great Divine Director

Positive attunement in Joy, Peace and Harmony / Harmony, Peace and Joy, Divine Love and lack of condemnation are the highest priority in the life of every person in these times, in case he/she wants his life to proceed successfully.


01 July 2020, from Confucius

It would be good to live without being in the spotlight of projectors of the illusion, so that you preserve yourself for a long time, by being non-interesting and without standing out among other people, but to be successful in fulfilling the Mission of your life, for which you came to this incarnation of yours!


30 June 2020, from Constantine Cyril the Philosopher

When you pour your food, invite your Higher Part to do it through your hands, then do the last part of the food preparation yourself, seasoning it with spices just before eating. This is how you put your energy into it. Your energy act on the food and turns into Light everything in it that is harmful for the health of your 4 lower bodies.

Do the same when you speak and put your energy into your speech, by inviting your Higher Part to speak through your mouth; when you write do the same thing. Then your Word becomes Divine and helps both you and those who listen and read it.


27 June 2020, from Beloved Helios

I came today to remind you that what I told you on 27 July 2019, is valid and acting in full force, and even more during this year! Be much more careful, and in the future much-much more, many times more, be careful and protect yourself!


26 June 2020, from Lanello

Work hard for six days, rest on the seventh day and give Respect to the Lord, as well as Gratitude and Divine Love!

Remember this Rule, which is given to you from Above, and be precise in observing the proportion between work and rest so that you are Healthy, Happy and Successful in life.


25 June 2020, from Elena Roerich

Thank the Father One for everything – that your Souls are Alive, Pure and in the Light and that your Health is little by little being restored on all levels, of all bodies, including all the psychological traumas from your earliest childhood until now, by the Angels-Healers during the night! Invite them every time before you go to sleep and thank them when you wake up, from all your heart and soul, with all your Divine Love.

A whole team of Angels-Healers is attached to every one of you and they work on you every night. It is good to keep this in mind and thank them so that they can work even better and help you completely recover even faster from all the damage you have suffered so far from all your closest representatives of the networks of the illusion!


24 June 2020, from Lady Theosophy

When you feel that you are being hindered from doing your job and/or obstructed, do something beyond standard thinking. It will be good to make a move which is unexpected by anyone, including the time when you do it, that also should be non-standard!


23 June 2020, from the Goddess of Divine Wisdom

Work at high speed, without distracting yourself with anything. If you have some work to do – do it! Then everyone else around you will start doing the work that is given to them.

You are like a train. The higher the speed at which the locomotive starts to accelerate and move, the same will be the speed of all the wagons attached to it – from the first to the last one.

This is exactly your work – to become successful, and all your close ones will be successful!


22 June 2020, from the Goddess of Divine Freedom

Get rid of everything that prevents you from moving forward to the Light of God within you and that prevents you from manifesting it every day, in fulfilment of the Providence of the Father One.

Divinely multiply this Light by doing Good in the Light Network.

And be good and fruitful from the Father’s point of view in all your thoughts, feelings, words and deeds.


21 June 2020, from Beloved Guan Yin

Take care of each other and others simultaneously, be Merciful and Compassionate to each other and take care of your close ones much more than you would like someone to take care of you!


20 June 2020, from Master Nada

Live so that you will be able to pass through the Portal of the Great Transition into the World of the 6th human race on this planet with your material bodies, settle there and the Souls, who have long been ready and waiting for you to start incarnating through you as your children!


19 June 2020, from Saint Germain

Be calm regardless of what happens!

This is the most important!

Because it is directly related to your protection – your own, which is realised through your own energy shell – your aura, and also the protection, which is given to you from Above by the Higher octaves of Light, by the Angels of protection and other Beings of Light – whether such protection can be given at all and to what extent!


18 June 2020, from Serapis Bay

It would be good to skilfully approach other people so that in very few words and in a very short time you can kindly explain them what needs to be done. And bless them, before that, while you are alone:

1) to immediately understand, from the first time, what and how to work

2) to do with pleasure and in the best way from the Lord's point of view and

3) to put in their work the best they are capable of!

And when they finish, thank them wholeheartedly!


17 June 2020, from Elohim Cyclopea

It will be good for each person with a Living, Bright and Pure Soul to live so that he/she:

1) is more and more healthy of Spirit, Soul and body on all levels of all bodies and

2) preserves the energy of his/her material body and all 4 lower bodies, because he/she will need it very much in the future, and

3) is able to start a new life plan immediately after the first one is over and put into action all his accumulated experience straight away.


16 June 2020, from Prophet Muhammad

Train your memory by initially trying to memorise small pieces of text and then larger and larger ones. This is very good for your health, and you will need this skill in the future – to remember more and longer.


13 June 2020, from Buddha Amitabha

Stop expecting someone else to improve your quality of life, but take action and work powerfully, mainly on yourself.

Before you condemn other people, look at yourself first, because there may be the same thing there that irritates you in others, and correct yourself first.

And be wiser and more sinless.


12 June 2020, from Buddha of the Universe

Whatever is given to you as a Teaching by the Father One of this Universe and by the Higher Beings of Light on the pages of the UNIFICATION website, fulfil it with exceptional precision in each detail! This is a very important condition for the success of the Help given to you from Above when you read and accept our Teaching!


09 June 2020, from St. Archangel Raphael

When a person carries out the spiritual practice "Repentance, Forgiveness and Gratitude in 7 Steps" with all his heart and soul on every first day of the waning moon and on every 23rd day, and if necessary every day, he becomes healthier in all his four lower bodies, on all levels!

(For more information see Guidance from Archangel Raphael from 9 June 2020.)