Note from Rositsa Avela:

On 6 June 2020, the Father One told Me that He is giving a new Great Mercy to all Beings of Light in incarnation who have preserved their Souls Alive, Bright and Pure. It consists in the provision of additional Help from Above by one of the Higher Beings of Light through a Thought that would be published on the website on days when the website lacks a publication of an Icon, a Guidance accompanying an Icon, a Question & Answer in chapter Teaching or something else.


from the Higher Octaves of Light
to help us today and in the future



19 May 2021, by Moses

Remember that the Lord allows you to pass the greatest trials through your loved ones. And be ready to accept it with gratitude and with Divine Love for the Lord and for them and without any condemnation and any other negative thoughts, feelings, words and deeds!

Then you will free yourself sooner and more easily from the karmic and any other shackles that bind you to them.



17 May 2021, by Master Koot Hoomi

Cleanse the space around you of everything harmful, of stagnant things and of your own energy of your negative thoughts, feelings, words and deeds, by filling it (the space) with Light, Purity and positive thoughts, feelings, words and deeds, residing in the Higher energies of Joy, Kindness and Divine Love!



15 May 2021, by Master Morya

Be filled with respect, equanimity and kindness, and show them in your attitude towards anyone who treats you badly, irritates you, harms you, hinders you in any way, etc. so that you can stay healthy in the times to come and increase and multiply your Divine Strength and Power instead of decreasing them!



12 May 2021, by Saint Constantine Cyril the Philosopher

Cleanse your speech of any illusory presence in it.

Cleanse your Word of all that is superfluous.

And you will be wiser!



01 May 2021, by Master Hilarion

See yourself in the eyes of others, and you will know if you need treatment or you are fine.

In case people see you and greet you happily and joyfully, this is a sure sign that you are healthy in Spirit, Soul and body.

In case people see you, and they frown or avoid looking you in the eyes, or even turn away, then it is imperative to ask yourself what is wrong with you and what you need to fix urgently to restore your health while you can still do it without anyone's help and support in the easiest way!



26 April 2021, by Archangel Michael

Be vigilant of the traps of the illusion, and see to it that you are in strict observance of human laws and the Lord’s Laws so that you are without giving grounds to the representatives of the networks of illusion to attack you and drain your energy, making you feel unhappy, in danger and negative in any way. And to need to call me to help because if you yourself with your behaviour have given a reason to the representatives of the networks of the illusion to attack you, it is harder to help you after that!



05 April 2021, by Elohim Peace

Think before you get annoyed, angry and start shouting whether it is worth torturing yourself and making your Soul suffer!

Sit and calm down.

And invite Me to come and help pacify your Soul.



03 April 2021, by the Most Holy Mother of God

My beloved with Living, Bright and Pure Souls!

Saturday is a day dedicated to paying homage, gratitude and Divine Love to your close relatives from and in the Light Network who have made the transition.

And the next day, Sunday, after you have already honoured your ancestors and other deceased loved ones, is the day to honour God in you – your Higher Self, your Heavenly Father – Lord Alpha, and the Father One. And to devote this day to the Lord so that after that, every day of the following week is blessed from Above and more efficient for you!



01 April 2021, by the Father One

My dear children with Living, Bright and Pure Souls!

Get all the components of Tranquility and Peacefulness by changing your inner tune so that
blue-dotyou are deeply Grateful to Me for everything,
blue-dotyou are with the strongest Divine Love to Me
blue-dotand with the greatest Faith in Me
in order to be Healthy, Goodfruitful and Prosperous!



10 Match 2021, by Orpheus

It would be good when a person listens to songs or sings, to be especially careful what their words are – they should lead to the Light Network. And the melody should also bring Joy to the Soul instead of sorrow and grief or tension and stress.

Because if the words are illusory while singing or listening to this song, the Divine energy of the listeners and/or performers goes into those networks of illusion whose representatives perform it and/or have written the lyrics and/or the melody.

And when the melody brings sorrow, the Soul of the listener and the performer falls into depression, and when the melody brings tension, at that moment, the Representatives of the networks of illusion very easily instil all kinds of fears in the Soul of the person who listens or sings it!



01 March 2021, by Confucius

I came to repeat in other words what I have already said; it is so important!*

Live so that you are without making more impression on the representatives of the network of the illusion than normally when you are without doing anything at all. Work off your cover and be without standing out among everyone around you in the time you are living here and now, and even more so in the future, during what is to come until your passing through the Portal of the Great Transition to the World of the 6th human race on this planet.


*See Thought 17 from 01.07.2020 by Confucius.


01 July 2020, by Confucius

It would be good to live without being in the spotlight of the projectors of the illusion so that you preserve yourself for a long time by being uninteresting and without standing out among other people, but being successful in fulfilling the Mission of your life, for which you came in this incarnation of yours!



24 February 2021, by Moses (published on 25 February 2021)

Stop implementing the old Eye for Eye and Tooth for Tooth Law.

Be Virtuous so that you may Prosper.

Keep your Purity to the end so that you can be a part of the Living Life on this planet.

Be All-forgiving, Long-patient and Humble so that you may pass into the World of the 6th human race and inhabit it.

Repent before the Father One and be Loving – be overflowing with Esteem, Respect and Divine Love so that you may abide in Light and reach higher and higher levels on the subtle plane!



23 February 2021, by Lord Eliseya (published on 24 February 2021)

Stop paying attention to the illusion that makes you feel damaged, lonely, sad, unjust, unhappy or anything else that depresses and urges you to stop working! These are foreign, external thoughts and feelings and they are very harmful to you, as they deprive you of good karma and the joy of work and take away your positive attitude and provoke you to judge!

And condemnation is an even greater evil, because whatever you condemn comes to your head and begins to manifest itself in your life, creates for you negative karma, destroys your immunity, blocks your heart chakra, and harms you in many others ways!

In such moments, start working even harder, faster and with better quality, without thinking about your ‘troubles’. And while you keep working, they will disappear, as if they never existed!



22 February 2021, by Lord Surya

Beloved children of Light with Living, Bright and Pure Souls!

During every 23rd day, be in a strict fast * both in terms of food and in terms of thoughts, feelings, words and deeds, and even more so than fasting with food so that you are able to accumulate as much Good karma as possible on that day.

This Good karma will then be used for your Survival, Healing, Salvation, Well-Being and Ascension in the World of the 6th human race on this planet RAIMA, in these four lower bodies of yours and in this incarnation!


* Strict fast:
1) with regard to food, it is meant to eat only plant food without adding any extra vegetable oil other than the contained in the fruits, vegetables and plant pulses themselves;
2) with regard to thoughts, feelings, words and deeds – it means strict self-observation and control over them so that they are entirely from and in the Light Network. It is recommended to be almost completely silent on that day and reduce the communication with outsiders to the absolute minimum and avoid accessing the internet space.



18 February 2021, by Lordess Palas Athena

Watch carefully when you feel bad and pay attention to what exactly you are doing at that moment, what your thoughts, feelings, words and deeds are, as well as those of the people around you, and who they are. Pay attention to what you did before that as well. And write down all these cases – both what you did that day and what you did the day before. When you do this enough times, it will become clear to you who/what is harming you, and you will be able to do what is necessary to stop this harm!



17 February 2021, by the Father One

Whatever you do, do it with all your heart and Soul!

Put the best of yourself into the subject of your work!

Strive for this work to bring you Joy and satisfaction, and for your Soul to be at peace – that you are doing exactly what is needed, that you are doing it with the highest quality, and that it is bearing good fruit!



02 February 2021, by the Father One

Work in Joy, and in case you are without Joy, turn to Me for support and be ready to thank Me and send Your Divine Love to Me with regard to the least good that will happen to you because in this way your joy will return!

Only work done with Joy, desire and attention, so that it is good-fruitful in the Light Network, is Karma-yoga work which helps you acquire new Good karma! And it is the Good karma that you need to survive and to be able to pass through the Portal of the Great Transition in the World of the 6th human race. Because it is through your Good Karma that you can receive more help and support from Above in case of urgent need, healing and salvation!



30 January 2021, by Maha Chohan

Take more time to make sure you are Healthy in Spirit, Soul and body before it is too late, and a disease of the body or Soul occurs because if this happens, you will waste much more time, and you will need much more effort until you fully recover!

The lack of hard work – physical or intellectual, leads to diseases of the body, and the lack of work in spirituality – of perfection in God, i.e. of rapprochement with the Spirit in you – with your Higher Self, leads to diseases of the Soul. And this lack can be from a series of incarnations, including the current one, so far, and is corrected with very hard work in all these areas. The time has come to do so.



27 January 2021, by Lord Eliseya

Prepare well in advance and live so that you are without any worries about anything when hard times come.



26 January 2021, by the Father One

Be equal – without any strong outbursts of joy and sadness, of positivity or negativity regarding anything! Abide in quiet joy, peace and unity with My whole Creation. Because you lack even the slightest idea representatives of how many energy networks of the illusion there are on your planet at the moment, and what they are capable of!

I will tell you only one thing – there are those who easily take and consume the energy of the person next to them, whatever it is – positive or negative, as soon as the person manifests it externally!



21 January 2021, by The Most Holy Mother of God

Be in Joy!

Be Cheerful and Awake!

And rest assured that when someone close to you, a man or a woman, has left you because his/her incarnation is over, it is the best for both that person and you. Because it is very likely that you will meet again, and very soon, in his/her next incarnation, again closest to you! And the Divine Love flowing between you is the surest reference point that this is your close one – he or she!



20 January 2021, by Lord Sanat Kumara

When you need support or help from Аbove, take a look at one of the Messages-Pictures, published on the UNIFICATION website or printed from there. And while you watch it, say:

'I repent, Lord, with all my heart and Soul, for everything I have sinned by involving myself into this and now I feel bad because… (eg. I got sick /I am without money/ I am unemployed, etc.).
Forgive me, Lord, support me, and help me, to stop making mistakes like that, dear Father One, and the issue to be completely fixed 100% in the best from Your point of view way!
Thank You, Lord, for the Forgiveness, support and the help!
Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!
I love You with all my heart and Soul, with all my Divine Love, dear Father One, and I send it to you here and now!'



19 January 2021, by Lanello

When you run into financial difficulties, the most important thing is to be without worries about how to survive and to leave everything in the Lord's hands! And your concern is to stop all side expenses and consume and pay only what is related to your survival and the payment of debts if you have any, little by little, every month. This is the thing to do at such a time, and it is of the highest priority.



16 January 2021, by Lord Eliseya

Beware of your own negativity in the first place, as well as of any illusory thoughts, feelings, words and deeds, because they poison all 4 of your lower bodies and thus shorten your allotted time of life in this incarnation.



13 January 2021, by Lord Surya

Beware of people who have lost their purity and are possessed by the new network of the illusion, and avoid any communication with them. And you will know who they are by being more watchful and finding out precisely after meeting which people you feel bad the next day! This is your guide.



12 January 2021, by the Father One

Watch yourself constantly and in case you find something you dislike within you, invite Me, sincerely wish and ask Me to be transformed into Light. Then, thank Me and keep sending Me Your Divine Love every day, until all illusory manifestation of this thing ends.



11 January 2021, by Buddha of the Universe

Be filled with Humility, Patience and Faith in the Lord and in the Perfection of His Providence! And accept everything in a positive mood because it is the best from the Lord's point of view in relation to that moment of eternity in which you live in your here and now, and in relation to every moment of all times, time, half-time and afterwards.



07 January 2021, by John the Beloved

Love one another with the purest and holiest Divine Love when you feel that you are given such! As this is the best sign that a Being of Light like you is in front of you!



06 January 2021 г., by Lord Eliseya

More often repeat to the Father One how much You love Him and send Him your Divine Love. And thank Him for everything – unconditionally and unselfishly, without having anything specific in mind. And just thank him for everything, out loud, with the Word-Formula of Gratitude to the Father One:


Thank You, Lord, for yesterday, today and tomorrow!

Thank You, Lord, for everything that is happening!

Thank You, Lord, for everything now and always, and in all times, time, half-time and afterwards!

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

I love You with all my heart and Soul, with all my Divine Love, Dear Father One!




05 January 2021, by the Goddess of Divine Diligence and Perseverance

Strengthen your Diligence and Perseverance to complete every work you do, which is good in God’s point of view, to a successful end. And the more you do that, the more ready you become to join the people in the World of the 6th human race!