Note from Rositsa Avela:

On 6 June 2020, the Father One told Me that He is giving a new Great Mercy to all Beings of Light in incarnation who have preserved their Souls Alive, Bright and Pure. It consists in the provision of additional Help from Above by one of the Higher Beings of Light through a Thought that would be published on the website on days when the website lacks a publication of an Icon, a Guidance accompanying an Icon, a Question & Answer in chapter Teaching or something else.


from the Higher Octaves of Light
to help us today and in the future



05 August 2021, by Lord Shiva

Be prepared for anything that happens.

Be flexible.

Be constantly with Gratitude and Divine Love to the Father One and leave yourself in His hands – yourself and your close people.



04 August 2021, by Lady Nada

Support each other and be united so that you can continue your evolution successfully.

The motto 'Even a lonely warrior is a warrior' is still valid, but this is far from enough now to survive in what lies ahead.



03 August 2021, by Master Koot Hoomi

Find some work to do – something that brings peace to your Soul and makes you feel light and happy as you work. This is a sure sign that this is the best work from the Lord’s point of view for you at this time, and it is without burdening you karmically.



02 August 2021, by Guan Yin – Goddess of Divine Mercy and Compassion

Be with the greatest Mercy and Compassion to yourself – to your Soul! And constantly protect it from all kinds of negativity, from excessive negative emotions and outbursts so that you are Healthy and can support your close people.

Only then can you be merciful and compassionate to other people, to anyone! Because otherwise, you are hypocritical towards God and before the Lord! And if you are unwell, there is no way to help and support others, but you will only harm them even more in your attempts to ‘help’ them, and this is anything but Mercy and Compassion for them!



31 July 2021, by Padma Sambhava

Always think carefully about how long you will set before you say you will do something. Be without giving deadlines so that you are less bothered while doing it. The best answer is that you will do it as soon as possible and that you will let people know when it is ready.



20 July 2021, by the Most Holy Mother of God

My dear children with Living, Bright and Pure Souls!

Always when you wake up, give your gratitude and Divine Love to the Father One, and invite Him, sincerely wish and ask Him to Bless you as He has ordained.

This gives you the strongest protection and is your most important work in Spirituality to do both in your here and now, and in the future, and even more so!



19 July 2021, by Guan Yin – Goddess of Divine Mercy and Compassion

Make a list of everything you have to do both during the day and in the next few days. Perform the activities one after the other, learning to interrupt one in case you are prevented from performing it, and suddenly start performing another one, even if it was originally planned to be done at another time of the day or even in another day!

This is your most merciful and compassionate behaviour, both to yourself and to your close people, as you will always easily do what is least expected and without planning it in advance. Because the implementation of pre-planned activities is often accompanied by special surprises, also prepared in advance by the illusion, aimed at failing you or making you a little successful, irritate you and take away as much energy as possible while trying to fix the mess!



18 July 2021, by Master Morya

Folk wisdom states that ‘work adorns a person’.

However, only a part of this Wisdom has reached you. It says:

‘Work adorns a person, and work done with quality and on time rejuvenates and enriches him.’

Because then man accumulates good karma, which is used for him to be healed and his cells to be regenerated, to be financially prosperous and to be Spiritually connected with higher and higher levels of the Higher octaves of Light. Each time his good karma is used according to the needs of the moment – be it to strengthen the person’s Health in Spirit, Soul and body, to strengthen him financially or to support, alleviate or accelerate his Spiritual movement.

And the more and wholeheartedly the man works, the more alive he becomes and the more beautiful and spiritualised, as his Soul is also beautified by the energy of Life, which also multiplies for him, while he works with desire!



17 July 2021, by Babaji

Your work is easy when you do it willingly, and brings you joy when you do it with high speed and quality.

Because when you work at high speeds, the representatives of the networks of illusion disconnect from you, if there were any who are specialised in hindering you and making it difficult and painful for you to work, and making you work reluctantly, because then the energy that you put in is coloured by this negativity and becomes available for them to consume.

And by working well, you set a Divine example for everybody. This multiplies your creative energy and good karma.

Then, your Soul begins to rejoice and enjoy, and your desire to work intensifies, and from this, it becomes easy for you as you work!



04 July 2021, by Lord Shiva

Expect even the most unexpected, be ready to accept it and to remain equal, i.e. to preserve your energy potential and level, and to be with gratitude and your whole Divine Love for the Father One.



03 July 2021, by Lord Maitreya

When you have to be awake and working, and someone on the fine plane makes you feel very drowsy, and this interferes with your work, and you feel exhausted and powerless because the moment you fall asleep, even for a while, a significant amount of energy is taken from you; then even if it is for 10-15 minutes, read something interesting and funny –, the important thing is to laugh! And your drowsiness will disappear immediately, and you will be refreshed for a long time after that.



02 July 2021, by Lordess Palas Athena

Preserve your Joy, no matter what happens, so that you survive! And use all the ways and means available to you to make this happen: draw, write poetry, sing.

Every day, at the end of the day, write short texts – what brought you joy during the day, what most important things happened, what you achieved. And when you feel unhappy, sit down and read them until you are at peace.



01 July 2021, by Guan Yin

Dear people with Living, Bright and Pure souls, rejoice and thank, and give Divine Love to the Father One when it is most difficult and hard for you. When you turn with Divine Love to the Lord and accept what is happening, and continue to aspire to God, and you are with Faith, gratitude and Divine Love to the Father One, you receive Gifts from Above.

And these Gifts completely remove the effect of the harm inflicted on you, and you become many times better than you were before!



30 June 2021, by Master Hilarion

Rejoice when you work, whatever it is, the whole time while you are working, because then work creates good karma, which is used when you need to be healed – all your 4 lower bodies, on all levels!

And when you are healthy, then your good karma is used to increase and enhance your creative energy, which makes you more successful financially when you have more of it because your work becomes of better quality, of a higher order, and is better paid. As new doors open for you, the financial flow to you increases, and you can start earning more.



29 June 2021, by Lady Nada

Look for and find the right person to walk the Path Home in the Real World of God.

He who seeks finds!

He who asks is given!

He who goes reaches!


Note from Rositsa Avela:

He who seeks finds – the one who is the best from the Lord’s point of view in order to reach the goal.

He who asks is given – when he demands, sincerely wishes and asks that support and help from Above be given to him.

He who goes reaches – when he has a faithful companion by his side who:
will keep him on the Path if he slips aside,
and help him to rise and continue if he stumbles and falls, and comfort him,
and give him new strength if he gets tired,
and if he faints, will cheer him up,
and enjoy with him when he moves well!



28 June 2021, by Padma Sambhava

Make a mental circle around yourself from fiery white Light, and then start your Service/work in Spirituality, whatever Spiritual practices you do as long as they are good from the Lord’s point of view and have a good effect on the Living Life and the planet, and are in agreement with and in fulfilment of the Providence of the Father One.

Then, your protection is strengthened, and the work of the Guardian Angels is made easier, and they can guard you afterwards to a much greater extent! And you will feel it!



25 June 2021, by Buddha Vairochana

You are rich, long-lived and successful when you are well in energy because then
blue-dotyou are able to work, and the financial flow to you is increasing,
blue-dotand your health is improving,
blue-dotand your Divine Love is intensified, and this gives you the strongest protection, as the representatives of the networks of illusion are almost without the possibility to harm you, especially if you live virtuously and in fulfilment of the Lord’s Commandments and Laws.



24 June 2021, by Lord Surya

Make your life flow so that when you go to bed in the evening, you are happy with yourself and with the work completed during the day!

And thank the Lord that He supported your work from Above.

Also, thank Saint Archangel Michael and the Guardian Angels for guarding you day and night.

And address your Divine Love to all of them!



20 June 2021, by the Most Holy Mother of God

Do today’s work today, and tomorrow’s – tomorrow and at no other time because you are given help from Above and security when you do it at the right time!

And in case you postpone it willfully, then there is a danger of encountering all kinds of obstacles and complications because you will do it on your own, and the representatives of the networks of illusion will have easier access to you.

If you are late, you do it at another energy time, destined to do something else then which is Divinely assisted and guarded from Above at that very moment.

You determine how to live and work and how successful you are yourself:
blue-dotwhether you are on the crest of the wave and everything succeeds with ease and happens in the best way – as determined, destined and assisted by God and the Lord, and your Creative energy, strength and power grows,
blue-dotor you fall into different vortices one after the other, spend too much effort and do your work at the cost of great energy losses, deteriorating quality and minimum amount or no good karma because with so many difficulties, obstacles and exhaustion, you are without the possibility to work in Joy and let your work be Karma-yoga!



18 June 2021, by Lordess Palas Athena

It would be good for each of you to acquire at least one skill – a skill that brings Joy to you, and that you do by yourself, with your own hands, without using machines!



16 June 2021, by the Great Divine Director

Remember that Good always results from evil when as soon as something bad happens, you thank the Father One and send Him Your Divine Love!



15 June 2021, by Master Morya

Abide in Purity and Abstinence from harmful things so that you may be able to attend the Higher Octaves of Light and receive on the subtle plane Guidance from your Higher Self, from your Master, and from all of Us – the Beings of Light, when you demand, sincerely wish and ask Us to support you along the Path to God and to the Father!



14 June 2021, by Lord Maitreya

Make sure you are punctual in fulfilling your commitments, and always repay well and with Kindness to the one who supported you and helped you in a difficult time!



12 June 2021, by Master Hilarion

Think about your Health before you need to do it by living Virtuously, Piously and in Unification with the Living Life!



05 June 2021, by the Father One

The year 2021 has been given to you to adjust to the higher energy and vibration of the World of the 6th human race, where each of you, who has a Living, Bright and Pure Soul and is elevated to the required level, will pass.

Do your best to succeed!

You can do it, as long as you realise that this is the most important thing in your life at this time.



01 June 2021, by the Great Mother of the World

Happy Children's Day, my dear children with Living, Bright and Pure Souls!

Today, it would be good for each of you to give yourself and all the other children Joy, by enjoying nature, the Living Life and Mother RAIMA. And to give your Gratitude and Divine Love to them, as well as to your Higher Self, to Lord Alpha, to the Father One and to all other Beings of Light from the Higher octaves of Light.

Rejoice, exult and Honour all of them!



31 May 2021, by the Most Holy Mother of God

Sometimes, it is more important for a person to show strong Faith in the Lord God Originator and Creator of the Heavens than any other Divine quality, because that is how he can be saved at the last moment! And the impossible may become a reality!



26 May 2021, by Elohim Peace

Stop being afraid and anxious about anything, and leave yourself completely in the Lord’s hands! Give your Welfare to the Father One, and you will receive much more than all your desires and expectations combined! Then your Soul will be calmed and pacified, and you will rise in the Spirit!



24 May 2021, by the Great Mother of the World

Dear children of Light, be more often in nature and walk. Especially those of you who work sitting for hours.

One is healthy when he walks, not when he stays in one place for a long time and moves in any other way!



18 May 2021, by Archangel Gabriel (published on 21 May 2021)

When the Father One himself has communicated something to you through a particle of His Presence, treat Him with the greatest respect and reverence and with all your Divine Love! And do exactly what you are told so that you survive and are well! Because everything that is given to you from Above is given to you for this very reason.