Note from Rositsa Avela:

On 6 June 2020, the Father One told Me that He is giving a new Great Mercy to all Beings of Light in incarnation who have preserved their Souls Alive, Bright and Pure. It consists in the provision of additional Help from Above by one of the Higher Beings of Light through a Thought that would be published on the website on days when the website lacks a publication of an Icon, a Guidance accompanying an Icon, a Question & Answer in chapter Teaching or something else.


from the Higher Octaves of Light
to help us today and in the future



15 September 2021, by the Father One

My Dear Children of Light with Living, Bright and Pure Souls, it is good that you constantly increase your creative energy, and this happens when you create and co-create more and more what your heart tells you to and what brings Joy to your Soul. Fill your life and your world with wonderful Divine examples. The more, the better.



16 August 2021, by Beloved Portia

Stop thinking about who is right and who is wrong because you are without a clear idea about what things are like from the Lord’s point of view and because if you do, you are judging. And as you judge – you prevent the Lord from doing it, and He does it much better and fairer than you. When you judge, it is an interference in the works of the Lord and in the Providence of the Lord. Thus, you are burdened with negative karma directly to the Lord, and this shortens the time of your stay in this incarnation.



13 August 2021, by the Father One

Elevate yourself to the Higher Octaves of Light and stay there at least once a day for as long as you can. This gives you higher-level protection for the rest of the day when you are immersed in the illusion of the material world.