Note from Rositsa Avela:

On 6 June 2020, the Father One told Me that He is giving a new Great Mercy to all Beings of Light in incarnation who have preserved their Souls Alive, Bright and Pure. It consists in the provision of additional Help from Above by one of the Higher Beings of Light through a Thought that would be published on the website on days when the website lacks a publication of an Icon, a Guidance accompanying an Icon, a Question & Answer in chapter Teaching or something else.


from the Higher Octaves of Light
to help us today and in the future



08 January 2022, by Lord Shiva

This planet lacks people who were born evil!

And when you turn to someone, whoever and whatever they are, in a kind way, you block the evil which could otherwise manifest through them, and you save yourselves from present and future troubles/harms/evil/hardship/diseases/misfortunes…



07 January 2022, by Beloved Jesus

Save yourselves and your Souls and the Souls of your closest people by forgiving and asking for forgiveness the ones whom you have condemned, reproached and argued with, and your relationships, once warm, turned into cool or even none, whoever was right or wrong.

Forgive each other so that you survive as well as your close people, your whole families and peoples, and the humanity on this planet!



06 January 2022, by Lady Nada

Save yourselves and your Souls and the Souls of your closest people by being without condemnation, reproach or arguing with anyone, every day and day after day, more and more ahead in the time that is running now.



05 January 2022, by Master Morya

You lack time to linger!

Pull yourselves together and work hard on your own behaviour and urgently correct it in the direction to full implementation of the Word of the Father One from His Blessing (given on 01.01.2022) to all of you who are with Living, Bright and Pure Souls in the whole 2022.

And thank Him every day for His Blessing and send Him your Divine Love so that you get as a Gift all these states of Peace and Quiet in the Soul, enhancement of your Kindness and Divine Love, and cessation of condemnation in all its forms, including making an evaluation, taking someone’s position, or interfering in others’ affairs without their explicit desire for that!



04 January 2022, by Elohim Peace

Strive for Peace within yourself first, and then for Peace between nations, states and within states between people of different races, nationalities, religions, strata, etc.

And demand, sincerely wish and ask from the Father One and Me – Elohim Peace, to have a peaceful existence – both in your four lower bodies and everywhere in the world of this planet.

Thank us for that and send us your Divine Love every day, a few times a day is even better as there is a great need for you to do that constantly so that all of you survive – the people with Living,

Bright and Pure Souls, and the Living Life on this planet!



03 January 2022, by the Father One

Make your life easier and more efficient

by avoiding its complication when you perform

secondary and tertiary activities,

and only do what is most important at the moment.


Thus, you will be much more successful,

your Soul will be at peace,

and you will feel inner self-satisfaction

and joy from your achievements.


You will have more time to relax in nature

that you can spend alone with yourself, with your Higher Self

or with your closest people.



24 December 2021, by the Father One

My dear children with Living, Bright and Pure Souls!

Every day be in Joy because there is always a reason to be joyful. Capture every moment like that, and relax and let the quiet Joy that comes from your Soul pour over you.

This is a very good way to boost your immunity.



20 December 2021, by Beloved Portia

Pay all your debts on time, both to the state and to anyone. And live so that you can pay them so that you are without being brought to trial.

Thus, your Soul will be at peace, and you will be able to be in contact with your Higher Self all the time.

And in case there is a chance for you to be unable to pay your debts, the best is to live without them!



15 December 2021, by Master Nada

When under the influence of the activity of representatives of the illusion or because of the presence of negative karma whose time to be worked off has come the relations between some family members have deteriorated, they had best immediately perform the Spiritual Practice Forgiveness with a fellow man.

But before they start it, they should demand, sincerely wish and ask the Father One to be present at their Forgiveness practice and to help them improve their relationship, and the negative karma between them or any other negativity to turn 100% into Light!

And after the end of the Forgiveness, they should thank Him and give Him their Divine Love. And afterwards, all the other family members should do it when the relations have improved.

Such a Forgiveness Practice can also be done in the same way in case of deteriorated relations between friends, close people, colleagues, …, but virtually, by one of them only, when the person is alone, and the other one is in the illusion.



14 December 2021, by Master Koot Hoomi

Stop all the anguish as it is a 100% illusory manifestation implanted in you by the representatives of the networks of the illusion. Discard all painful thoughts and feelings as something strange to you that someone is trying to force you to bear for free, and during this time, being in all these negative emotions and hardships, you are deprived of some of your energy as they make you tired.

Ask your Soul what it wants. And you will feel that Joy, Peace and Divine Love overwhelm you as well as Harmony and the feeling of unification with the Living Life and the whole Creation of the Father.

Well, what do you choose here and now, in this moment and in any moment that follows, every day?

Always when you have negative thoughts and feelings, ask yourself that question. And remember this Thought-Guidance that I am giving to help you and support you in future times.



13 December 2021, by the Father One

When the wind of change starts blowing, all of you who are with Living, Bright and Pure Souls, turn around and go in the direction of the wind, instead of facing it, so that you can survive!

Because only then will the time come for you to fulfil the main Mission of your life. And only those of you will succeed who have survived before that and remained with Living, Bright and Pure Souls!



11 December 2021, by the Most Holy Mother of God

Bathe more often. It is best to do it in the evening before going to bed so that you take off from yourself all the dirt built up during the day both on your physical body and on your subtle bodies in energy, whatever has lain on them on the subtle plane.

This is achieved most easily while bathing. When you wash your body, imagine that in the way the water is pouring over your physical body and cleansing it, so is the energy pouring over and purifying the three lower bodies of your Soul – astral, mental and etheric.

And when you finish bathing, thank your Higher Self for the help given to you to cleanse your four lower bodies, and give it your Divine Love!



10 December 2021, by Master Morya

Make an effort to work also what is very hard, unpleasant and repulsive to you, and thank the Father One for the support that is given to you from Above after you have asked for it before starting that work.

Thus, you will burn out the blockage that is most probably put on you by a representative/representatives of a network/networks of the illusion in this or even in previous incarnations, and you will be free!



09 December 2021, by the Father One

Tune in to the wave of Divine Love and watch 10 of the Messages-Pictures uploaded on the UNIFICATION website every day. Alternate them day after day until you have seen all of them, and then start over. And do so in all future times.

And as you watch them, send Me Gratitude and Divine Love. This is of great importance for the survival of the people with Living, Bright and Pure Souls!



08 December 2021, by the Most Holy Mother of God, given during the hour of Mercy of the Most Holy Mother of God

My Dear children with Living, Bright and Pure Souls, I Love you so much!

And I pray to the Lord to guide you along the Path towards Him and to protect you so that you remain with Living, Bright and Pure Souls!

Every one of you should take more time to be on your own – with your Higher Self, in peace and quiet. Every one of you needs such time for relaxation and complete peace every day. Then you have the chance to be healthier, with better immunity and your life decisions to be right from the Lord’s point of view.



01 December 2021, by the Father One

Make way for those who are in a hurry, and you move more smoothly and calmly but steadily and most importantly – without any shocks and accidents. In this way, you will go much further than those who riskily pass by you and, after a while, stop to rest and deviate from the Way.



29 November 2021, by the Most Holy Mother of God

Be without worrying about your survival because whatever has happened on this planet so far, people have survived. And the Lord takes care that the humankind survives when there are people with Living, Bright and Pure Souls who Believe in Him and thank Him, and send Him their Divine Love!



28 November 2021, by Master Koot Hoomi

Live where your Souls feels light, and work hard whatever you can do and feel like doing that brings Joy to you, as this work will bring abundant results, especially when you do it where you live happily!



25 November 2021, by the Father One

Prepare to be constantly in a positive tune so that you survive.

Whatever happens, your first thought should be:

'If this is happening and the Lord allows that, it is Good, and it will be even Better when I thank the Father One and give Him my Divine Love.' And do it.

And your second thought should be:

'And it will turn into the greatest Good when I thank the Father One every day and give Him my Divine Love in relation to what is happening.' And do it!



01 November 2021, by the Father One

Be Kind, Gentle and Warm-Hearted to anyone, in equanimity and without interfering willfully in his affairs, whatever they are, if you wish to be Living and Healthy!

And this should be your Rule №1 in the time that has come and is running now.



12 October 2021, by the Great Mother of the World

Focus your attention on building and good preservation instead of destroying, wasting and depleting your own resources and the resources of the planet so that you survive in the coming times.



11 October 2021, by Guan Yin – Goddess of Divine Mercy and Compassion

Start taking more time for work in Spirituality and give your Divine Love to the Father One and all Beings of Light from the Higher octaves of Light!

This is so necessary for you in your here and now, and it will be even more necessary in the nearest future that is coming.



10 October 2021, by Lord Shiva

Get Free from everything unnecessary that you have stopped using or change its purpose and start using it in a different way.

Get Free from the garbage and dirt, chaos and disorder, inertia and reconciliation.

Thus, you will get Free from the energy of stagnation and destruction, and you will change the vector to fulfilment of the space on the material plane that you live in also to fulfilment of your Souls with the energy of Renewal, which brings Joy and Light to the Souls, Harmony and Balance to all your 4 lower bodies, and good Health in Spirit, Soul and body, as well as an uplift to the Creative energy and enhancement of the vitality.



04 October 2021, by Lord Surya

Breathing in a specific way could relieve your life and make it easier.

Take a deep breath, as deep as possible, hold it as long as possible, and exhale very slowly. And immediately after that, quickly inhale and exhale three times.

Repeat this exercise 10 times, and focus only on the way you breathe while doing it, without thinking about anything else.

This breathing exercise is beneficial and could help you when you are sick, tired, nervous, stressed, irritable, angry, and also when you are distracted, apathetic, depressed, without a desire to work anything, etc., i.e. in a negative mood in any way.

Do it as many times a day as you wish according to your needs, but not more often than once every hour! And only when this hour is over, you can do it again.



03 October 2021, by the Father One

Live so that when you go to bed in the evening, you are satisfied with what you did during the day. Your Souls feel light, and you are full of the feeling of a job well done that is a Divine example you have put into this world.



02 October 2021, by the Most Holy Mother of God

My dear children of Light with Living, Bright and Pure Souls, give your Divine Love to your mothers and pour it over them every day – both the mothers who are in incarnation and the ones who have already left it!

In this way, every one of you strengthens your mother when she is a Being of Light and gives her a chance to help you and support you in your life in return. And if your mother is in her essence a representative of any of the networks of the illusion, by giving her your Divine Love, you block her harmful influence and increase your own chance to be happy in your life.



20 September 2021, by Master Koot Hoomi

Every day, take time to shower with your Divine Love the Father One, Lord Alpha – your Heavenly Father, and your Higher Self, as well as the Living Life on this planet and itself. And make it a way of life for you!



15 September 2021, by the Father One

My Dear Children of Light with Living, Bright and Pure Souls, it is good that you constantly increase your creative energy, and this happens when you create and co-create more and more what your heart tells you to and what brings Joy to your Soul. Fill your life and your world with wonderful Divine examples. The more, the better.



16 August 2021, by Beloved Portia

Stop thinking about who is right and who is wrong because you are without a clear idea about what things are like from the Lord’s point of view and because if you do, you are judging. And as you judge – you prevent the Lord from doing it, and He does it much better and fairer than you. When you judge, it is an interference in the works of the Lord and in the Providence of the Lord. Thus, you are burdened with negative karma directly to the Lord, and this shortens the time of your stay in this incarnation.



13 August 2021, by the Father One

Elevate yourself to the Higher Octaves of Light and stay there at least once a day for as long as you can. This gives you higher-level protection for the rest of the day when you are immersed in the illusion of the material world.