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Explanations to the Invocations and Word-formulas

Explanation to 'Invocation to Archangel Michael for protection at any time'

Regarding the usage of this invocation, see the recommendation from Archangel Gabriel in the explanation to his invocation from 19 November 2010.

Why does one need to invoke Archangel Michael inside himself as well? – To be protected from the manifestations of our illusory part, from eventual negative states provoked by various situations or people.

Explanation to the invocation 'Help to reside in Joy, Peace and Harmony' Archangel Gabriel, 19 November 2010

Archangel Gabriel recommends before we go out of our home, wherever we are going, to pronounce the following three invocations one after the other:

blue-dotfirst comes 'Invocation to Archangel Michael for protection at any time';
blue-dotnext comes the word-formula to Archangel Michael for transformation of any fear into Light;
blue-dotand the last one is 'Invocation to Archangel Gabriel for help to reside in Joy, Peace and Harmony'.

Their repronouncing during the day may only be beneficial. However, when one is out of his/her home, so that their repetition is beneficial and not dangerous or harmful, one should observe the 5 Rules-Guidelines on the protection of Purity.


See the three invocations

Explanation to 'Invocation for directing the energy from the Ministry towards the Higher octaves of Light'

The whole Creation of our Father is immense, and the planet Earth is only a speck in it. When we give the energy of our prayer for the Well-being of the Creation of the Father, as the Divine Law dictates, then we allow for even more help to be given to our planet Earth and all evolutions on her, including the humankind.

Explanation to 'Word-formula for strengthening the inner Light'
Beloved Koot Hoomi, 1962

In 1962 the Word-formula for strengthening the inner Light was given by Beloved Koot Hoomi through the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood Elizabeth Clare Prophet with the following text:



by Koot Hoomi


I AM Light, glowing Light,

Radiating Light, intensified Light.

God consumes my darkness,

Transmuting it into Light.


This day I AM a focus of the Central Sun.

Flowing through me is a crystal river,

A living fountain of Light

That can never be qualified

By human thought and feeling.

I am an outpost of the divine.

Such darkness as has used me is swallowed up

By the mighty river of Light which I AM.


I AM, I AM, I AM Light;

I live, I live, I live in Light.

I AM Light’s fullest dimension;

I AM Light’s purest intention.

I AM Light, Light, Light

Flooding the world everywhere I move,

Blessing, strengthening, and conveying

The purpose of the kingdom of heaven.


Note from Rositsa Avela:

In 2011, Beloved Koot Hoomi instructed me to make a new translation from the original in English into Bulgarian and also gave some additions to the Word-formula for strengthening the inner Light.

Explanation to 'Invocation to Beloved Helios'

It is best to say the invocation early in the morning during the sunrise under the rays of the Sun. However, we may ask for help from Beloved Helios and receive it at any time, regardless of whether the Sun is shining in the sky, or it is cloudy and raining. His rays reach us constantly. When we turn to Beloved Helios, it is important to do this with all our Gratitude and Divine Love that we can give him at this time.


When we do our Service at home, and the weather is cloudy, after we say the invocation, it is good to look for a while at an image of the rising Sun, showing exactly the sunrise, and to thank Beloved Helios at the same time.

Explanation to 'Invocation to Elohim Apollo', 3 July 2012

I AM Elohim Apollo.

I have come to give an explanation to the invocation.

When one’s labour is Divinely supported, then a lot of work can be done in a short time. The work is done with ease and good quality. The work gets done at once – what was started is successfully completed from the first time, and it is quickly finished in the best way from the Divine viewpoint. One acquires the feeling how to optimise things he is doing in the best way, he/she meets the right people at the right place, at the right time when necessary. All this happens somehow 'accidentally' and everything is done as by itself.


When the work is fulfilled with Divine Inspiration, i.e. when a person prays to God for his work to be inspired from Above, then he gets an insight. Ideas from Higher spheres descend to him accompanied by a sense of joy, lightness and happiness that he experiences while working. In this way, the humankind on Earth is given Divine patterns. Then, what a person does – the product of his work, is saturated with his Joy, Light and Divine Love. They reach all the people who subsequently touch the product of his work. They also reach his closest people when he works at home, and all the other people when he works out of his home.

This invocation had better be given by anyone with Faith, Gratitude and Divine Love right before starting any work that needs to be done, before any kind of labour. Thus, everyone may get support from the Higher etheric octaves of Light, and I have the opportunity to help, and other Ascended Beings of Light have the opportunity to help so that Divine patterns are created in all areas of life. It is also good to use this invocation for the protection of the space, wherever you are, including where you work, from the manifestations of illusion.

I AM Elohim Apollo, and I am glad that I was able to give this explanation so that you may distinguish between Divinely supported labour and Divinely Inspired labour, and understand their value so that you start giving this invocation always before any work you do in your material world.

Explanation to the invocations:
'Invocation for saying before carrying out the accepted commitment
to an Ascended Being of Light whom we have asked for help',
Master Morya, 29 June 2012
'Invocation for saying before carrying out the commitment
stated in a letter to the Karmic Board of the planet Earth',
Master Morya, 29 June 2012

A note from Rositsa Avela: In the morning of the 29 June 2012, I asked Master Morya to provide help for the transmutation of the negative karmic deposits and the successful solution to a problematic situation. I assumed the following commitment: every day, until the most satisfactory development of the situation from the Divine point of view, I had to give Master Morya my Gratitude and Divine Love by dedicating to him the reading of one of his Messages or an invocation, or a prayer, or the singing of one of the songs uploaded on the UNIFICATION website, ... – whatever my heart dictated to me at that moment – something that would help me rejoice while doing my commitment to him.

Then, a question arose in me, and I asked Beloved Master Morya to reply to it. My question was the following: 'Before I start doing the assumed commitment, what is the best way from the Divine point of view to say that what I am starting to do, for example, to sing the song ODE OF JOY, I dedicate to him – Beloved Master Morya, for the help that I am asking him to give?'


Master Morya’s answer was given to all Bright Souls:


I AM Master Morya.

I have come to answer this question. The 'Invocation before starting to read any Message' could also be used for any other kind of work in spirituality. It is a universal invocation before doing work in spirituality when you want to give the energy to an Ascended Being of Light, asking him/her to help you in something, and when you have assumed a commitment every day to give him/her your Gratitude and Divine Love by dedicating the reading of a prayer, an invocation, a Message, or the singing of a song, or any other work in spirituality or work on the physical plane.

You should always, before starting this work, invoke the respective Ascended Being of Light in your temple by saying the invocation, and only after that start doing the commitment.

This invocation could be said even before starting to do an assumed commitment stated in a letter to the Karmic Board of the planet Earth.

I AM Master Morya, and I am using the opportunity through our Messenger to congratulate and give my support to all Bright souls who are working in Service of the Living Life, each of you where you are, and to Thank you!