Explanations to the prayers

Explanation to the Lord's prayer

17 March 2011

I AM Jesus

Today I helped in writing this explanation Hoping that once you familiarise yourselves with it, you would utter the Lord’s prayer quite differently, understanding it and knowing that every word in it is a strong and active Word!

In order for this prayer to have the power and work for you, before you direct it to the Higher octaves of Light, you need to be harmonious and balanced.

To balance yourself, you could do the following simple thing – close your eyes and imagine that you are lying on a big meadow with emerald green, dense, very soft grass, watching the clear blue sky with white fluffy clouds on it, you are surrounded by century old trees and protected by their power, you inhale with full breast the gentle fragrance of the air, impregnated with the scent of thousands of flowers, and listen to the cheerful birdsong coming from the trees around in a beautiful polyphonic concert and the quiet murmur of a small stream meandering close to you. Stay there for a while until you start feeling relaxed and stop thinking about anything, then start feeling just the Joy that is filling you completely. Then open your eyes, thank God, and start your Ministry.

I AM Jesus, with Love to all Light Souls, aspired towards the Father.

*   *   *

Explanation by Rositsa Avela:

During one of my morning Ministries, as I was directing the prayer the Lord’s Prayer to God, something magnificent happened. This prayer somehow opened up in front of me, and I was shown each word and each line of the Divine Word in its essence and deep meaning. This happened thanks to Lord Jesus, who helped me later in writing the explanation to the Lord’s prayer, for which I thank Him with all my heart and soul, with the purest Divine Love.


'Our Father in heaven'
This prayer is addressed at Lord Alpha, our Father in the Heavens, who is the Father of our star system, our galaxy, which includes the planet Earth. So, by uttering that prayer we turn directly to him.

'hallowed be Your name'
It is a Lit, Holy Name, filled with Light, with the energy of our Father One, Lord God Originator and Creator of the Heavens. We should therefore always pronounce it with the utmost Respect and Divine Love, and then this energy will Enlighten us as well.

'Your Kingdom come'
This line of the prayer is inherently a very powerful invocation. We had better say it with all the strength and purity of our Divine Love towards our Father because by that we directly request and invite from the Higher octaves of Light the Kingdom of our Father to come on the Earth. And the Kingdom of our Father is the real world of God. By uttering these words, we invoke the real world of God to manifest itself and to transform our illusory material world that surrounds us.

'Your Will be done, on Earth as in heaven'
Our Father’s Will, that is following the Law of the One Lord God Originator and Creator of Heavens, a Law according to which the entire universe, including us, was created. By saying this part of the prayer, we express our free will that:
blue-dotwe accept this Law to guide us here and now, in this incarnation,
blue-dotwe take our responsibility for observing it and
blue-dotwe express our Humility and acceptance of the consequences on us by the action of this law when we have violated it.
We accept that our will is the God’s Will and the Lord’s Will, and observance of the Law of our Heavenly Father.

'Give us today our daily bread'
The Divine energy of the Primary Source, that is our daily bread which sustains Life in all its manifestations throughout the universe. We invite, sincerely wish and ask for the permission that energy to come within us through our chakras and to be able to receive it. It is said 'Ask and you shall be given.' * We should also have something to give in return – our Joy, Gratitude, Divine Love, Aspiration... This line of the prayer is also an invocation, and we should better utter it with all our Gratitude, and when we do this, the Divine Light fills us up.

'Forgive us our sins,
as we forgive those who sin against us.'

We need to learn Humility and Forgiveness. By uttering these two lines, we are given help from Above to stop condemning and to practice Forgiveness. So that we can forgive and work off the Divine quality of Humility.
We are helped to reside in a state of the consciousness in which to understand how sick and distorted the world in which we live now is, that people have their imperfections, that the former repeaters of the Divinity School have come into incarnation here as they are given a chance to advance due to the special Mercy of the Father.
We are helped to understand that the imperfection in this world is present due to the Lord’s permission and our job is to forgive instead of condemn. To forgive realizing that everyone has come to work off his own imperfections, and it is natural to show them while being here. Only the energy of our Forgiveness can help others to work off these. The energy of condemnation can only harm, even too much – both the close one and the one who condemns him.

In the universe exists and functions the Law of Equivalence. In order to be forgiven, we should learn and be able to forgive. Our previous wrong choices will be forgiven and our negative karma will be transformed as much as we forgive – this is how this Law will be obeyed. Which means that we may want to receive forgiveness, but we will get it only if we forgive. Moreover, people behave towards each of us in ways that affects us only because there is something we need to work off in that direction, and instead of condemning, we should accept what happens, thank the Lord and God, and forgive.
When people behave badly in our presence, even if that is directed to someone else, if we notice that and it irritates us, that is because the same negative energy is present in us as well. We need to stop condemning and make assessments, but to forgive and bless instead. To forgive both others and ourselves! Once we forgive, to ask with all our humility and repentance for forgiveness from Above to be given to ourselves. Then our negative karma is transformed.
When we sincerely forgive with all our heart, repent and ask to receive forgiveness from Above, the more we do that and send our energy of repentance and forgiveness, the more we are given the energy of forgiveness from Above. We are given the Divine energy from the Higher octaves of Light necessary for the transformation of our negative karmic records, and our debts are partially or completely absolved.
In any karmic situation for which the time has come to be worked off, this transformation can happen in the gentlest way precisely through repentance, asking for forgiveness and giving forgiveness.

These two lines of the prayer 'Forgive us our sins as we forgive those who sin against us.', these Words, are a formula the uttering of which activates and additionally expands the action of the Law of Equivalence in another direction – to protect us from making the wrong choice to want to receive more then we actually give. Thus, we are helped to live according to the Divine Law and to observe it, so that we are well and our development is steady, in accordance with the Plan of God for us. Otherwise, if we received what we wanted, it would be difficult to pay its price later on.
Uttering this formula prevents us from receiving something extra if we ask for it hastily, i.e. the uttering of this prayer is a protection for us in our ignorance. Because all the practices for spiritual development and seminars that are held on the application of various methods and systems for management of the destiny, for the implementation and realisation of any kind of desires in all directions lead to exhausting of the Divine energy that comes in our beings through the crystal strings from the Divine world and which is intended for the fulfilment of the mission, the task of this incarnation of ours.

If a person starts asking constantly for something, he/she swirls the energy towards the realisation of his request. If he keeps asking, the swirl intensifies more and more each time. However, the person wants that with his external consciousness, and the thing he wants may be out of the scope for his life plan, it and actually may be less fortunate for him from the Divine point of view.
If that person persists and insists, expresses his free will in this direction, finally comes to the point when it is realised. The Divine energy that he has, albeit slowly, accumulates where this person constantly directs it, and it becomes manifested on the physical plane. However, that demonstrates a lack of Humility and a lack of acceptance of the Divine Providence, in this incarnation of his and also for the whole lifestream, for his evolutionary development seen as the whole series of his incarnations!
When a person imposes his will at the level of his external consciousness, things happen in the physical world, and he gets what he wanted. But then, if he needs the Divine energy for something really useful for his development in spirituality and his successful progress forward on the Path to the Father, it will be exhausted, and he will lack a sufficient reserve of it. His treasure in Heavens – in the Higher octaves of Light, his Divine energy will have gone into something illusory.
Furthermore, that will have led to accumulation of negative karma, which later has to be worked off only because he has expressed his own free will, and he got what he wanted while something else was destined for him from Above, and it was the best and saving for him. Such new negative karma accumulates when the person lacks enough Humility to accept with Divine Love what happens to him in this life, to accept what he already has and to thank for it, including when the will of his Divine part is opposite to the wishes of his external consciousness.

This happens when someone asks or agrees explicitly or implicitly, consciously or unconsciously, his chakras to be mechanically forced to open by another person. Yes, that can happen, of course, and he will pay for it – once with the money that he gives for that, which are part of his Divine energy, and again by the fact more Divine energy will start to come into his temple. However, since he needed his chakras to be mechanically opened by another person, he is without the readiness for that and without the appropriate achievements in order to use rightly from the Divine perspective the energy that he receives.
If he had the relevant achievements, these chakras would be open or would automatically open by reaching the appropriate level of achievements when, as a result, the existing energy contaminations at the time dissolve and transform.
In this way more karma accumulates, according to the amount of the energy wrongly transferred into the illusion instead of the real world of God. Because if a person lacks the relevant achievements, and there is still some way to go until he reaches himself the level at which the relevant energy channel opens, the same person may completely wrongly use the received additional Divine energy, without even being aware what is going on with him.

For instance, if a person has a 1,000 Euro salary, he will spend this 1,000 Euro for the month, he will be limited in some respects, but this money will be sufficient for him. If he wants very much, strives and starts to receive 10,000 Euro salary monthly, he will spend this for the same period, and how this money will be spent depends on his internal achievements. The complexity is much greater and at a higher level. At the level of 1,000 Euro, his task is to learn how this money can be sufficient for him and to be grateful for it. At the level of 10,000 Euro, the task is to use this money without accumulating negative karma. This task is much more complicated because the temptation is now much bigger, and if he makes a mistake, he will put himself a huge millstone on his own neck.

It is the same thing when one mechanically gets additional Divine energy through all these techniques, methods, exercises, and everything else that is practiced and that is present around.

As with the money, the same applies for the health and any other parameter of fate which a person may desire a lot and get it.

That is why our Masters from the Hierarchy of Light teach us to strive to achieve the golden mean in everything, and that naturally happens when a person is grateful for what he has and what happens to him, when he is grateful for everything as it is, as it comes to him and all this time he is harmonious, balanced and pacified, and applies in practice the Teaching in his life.

Humility and Patience are required in order to gradually and continually gain all the other virtues and Divine qualities and to elevate the consciousness. And to invite, sincerely wish and ask in every ministry, completely unconditionally, the energy to be used for saving the planet Earth and the Living Life on it in all its varieties, on all levels of Existence, and for the successful evolution of the humankind. This is our salvation at the moment. Salvation with a capital letter. If we keep that motive both in our mind and in our heart, if we pray and give our Divine energy for it, we are useful for the Whole, and each one of us is helped individually – each one of us and our loved ones around us. This is the only Path. This is the only Path of salvation!

'Lead us not into temptation,
but deliver us from evil.'

As to the temptation – these are actually manifestations of the illusion. In the real world of God 'not' is skipped as if the expression was without it. The word 'not' is missing in all the three prayers 'Creed,' 'Lord’s prayer,' and 'The Most Holy Mother of God, Rejoice', as well as in the text of any other true prayer or Divine Word. Positivity, Balance, and Harmony are fundamental principles of Creation.
Therefore, if we want to create in the right way our life and the life of our loved ones, we have to monitor very carefully what we say and to learn to use words which are Word, especially when we make an appeal for help to the Higher octaves of Light. For example, when we pray for a close person, it is correct to say 'Lord, help ... to become a teetotaller and to be always sober, for which I thank You! And may all be according to Your Holy Will, Lord!' instead of '... not to drink' because in this case it is like saying '... to drink!'
The next correction is the replacement of the word 'evil' with 'everything illusory.' Because the word 'evil' is highly negatively charged, and when a person pronounces it, that could bring him negative thoughts and feelings so that the final result from saying the prayer would be sending the Divine energy of the praying person to the illusion rather than to the Higher octaves of Light. The phrase 'everything illusory' includes the illusion, the forces of the illusion, everyone’s own illusory part, and the illusory parts of the surrounding people...

Therefore, the text of this part of the prayer needs to be in the following form:

'Lead us into temptation,
but deliver us from all illusory.'

The Divine Word in these two lines composes a very strong and active formula, and by saying it the Gift of Differentiation is activated at every level of manifestation of the illusion, even the subtlest levels. By saying this formula with all our Faith, we enable this gift to be activated. And help to strengthen our Faith we receive when we first utter the prayer 'Creed' with our purest Divine Love to our Father One.
Stating these two lines from the prayer, this invocation-formula, allows us to receive help from the Higher octaves of Light in order to create an energy protection around ourselves in which the enchantment of the illusion is revealed, and it loses its attraction for us, and the forces of the illusion remain without access to our thoughts, feelings, words, and deeds and without the ability to fit into them with their illusory thoughts, feelings and words that a person sometimes utters without even noticing, and illusory deeds. Because a person suddenly says or does something without having any desire or intention for that, and then he lacks any explanation for what happened.
Saying these two lines from the prayer helps us to see God’s reality, to head towards it and stop paying attention to the illusion that surrounds us. Their uttering helps us also to work off our attachments, to become free from them, and to direct our wishes in the right direction by giving them to the Father so that they are according to His Holy Will.
By uttering these two lines of the prayer we activate a program for action, by which we progress in our life. We state our request and express our own free will that God would govern our destiny, including by sending us temptations along the Path and testing us in situations that help us to develop and grow. These situations help us accumulate experience and pass through the temptations of the material world, preserving the orientation and connection with our Father and without surrendering ourselves to the forces of the illusion – to the chaos.
We want to be given trials through which to pass in order to transform our karma. And to work off the Divine qualities and virtues by passing through those temptations. Whatever difficulties we encounter and whatever temptations of the illusion we come across, the process of growing up consists of the choices we have to make – in favour of the real world of God, of the Bright side, or the illusion of the material world. To observe the Divine Law or to violate it.

'Lead us into temptation'
Through this prayer, we are allowed by the Grace of our Father to ask to be given a temptation many times but only one at a time (it is said 'temptation' rather than 'temptations'). After we have worked off the temptation and continue to say this prayer every day, then comes the next one – again just one.

'but release us from everything illusory'
By saying these words, we actually invite, sincerely wish and ask for help from Above, to successfully cope and to preserve our Soul, while passing through this trial, through the temptation of the illusion, passing through the transformation of this negative karmic record, which in order to be transformed puts us in a certain life situation that is our 'temptation'. This help is manifested through the acquisition and strengthening of the Gift of Differentiation while applying all our Divine qualities and virtues in order to be able to manage on our own and make the right choice.

This way, we develop and progress on the Path to our Home.

'For the Kingdom, the Power, and the Glory are Yours for ever.'
By saying these words of the prayer, we confirm our knowledge that it is salvational to invite, sincerely wish and ask to be given help to successfully overcome the temptations on our Path only by our Heavenly Father and the Forces of Light.

We need to pronounce the end of the prayer with all the solemnity we are capable of, realising that at this moment we acknowledge and affirm the Kingdom and the Power of the Father and Glorify Him.

The prayers 'Creed', 'Lord’s prayer' and 'The Most Holy Mother of God, Rejoice' are much more than prayers. Each of their lines is an invocation, a formula, Divine Word and a programme for action. When we utter them with all our Divine Love, with all our Aspiration, with all our Faith and with all our Respect, they tune us to the new that is coming. We should always utter them wholeheartedly, filled with a sense of Joy, and all our thoughts at that moment should be directed to our Heavenly Father, to Lord Jesus and to the Mother of God. The words that we speak need to be clearly spoken, with good diction and with strength.

Then these three prayers become a programme supporting the implementation of the Providence of our Father for elevation of our consciousness, restructuring of our DNA and our lower bodies, and our passage on the new evolutionary level. They help us prepare for our entry through 'the narrow gate of God.'

blue line

* Matthew 7:7–8


Explanation to the Morning prayer,
Prayer of the last elders of Optina
22 November 2010

Note from Rositsa Avela:

I asked for divine intervention and assistance in regard to the text of this prayer that is very powerful, and yet there are some places in it that could be altered so that the strength and power of the prayer and its usefulness for all souls are further increased. Because everything that we sow on the Higher plane now is then manifested on the physical plane as well.
As time constantly accelerates its course, the time required for the manifestation on the physical plane of all that we have sown in the form of our thoughts, feelings and words, also becomes shorter and shorter. It is therefore extremely important to be positive in every thought of ours, in every feeling and in all our words. That applies with the greatest strength when we read invocations, prayers, mantras... – we should allow only positive thoughts and feelings to fill us, and we should monitor the words that we say to be positive as well!

The Most Holy Mother of God responded to my request. I convey her words to you:


*   *   *


I AM the Most Holy Mother of God

I have come to help for the text of this prayer, because I gave it then to the elders of Optina when they needed it to support them in what was lying ahead of them and help them with dignity and salvation for their souls to face everything happening around them and with them. However, great sorrow and sadness seized their souls instead of being in Joy, and this prevented them to express fully in the text all that I wanted to convey.

What I have given now is consistent with the needs of the current moment of your development and will help and support you in the future.

I AM the Most Holy Mother of God, with all my Love to you, dear children of Light.