Beginning of any work in spirituality



Any work in spirituality can be very beneficial when performed correctly.
To prepare for it and to have its power multiplied in a Divine way,
it would be good to say at the beginning:

In the name of the Father-Mother, the Son and the Holy Spirit,

In the name of the New Order of the Golden Age,

In the name of Divine


Wisdom, Power and Love,

Joy, Peace and Harmony,

I .............. (the first name) begin my Ministry*,

and I invoke my Higher I AM Presence,

my Heavenly Father Lord Alpha and

Presence of the One Lord God Originator and Creator of the Heavens,

if such is your Will,

blue dotto help me during my Ministry here and now,

which I perform for the benefit of the Living Life;

blue dotto participate in my Ministry

so that it is good-fruitful from the Lord's perspective,

and its result is multiplied;

blue dotand I invoke you to help me always

when I need help

even if I fail to ask you for help!

May all be according to Your Holy Will, Lord!


Thank You, my dear Higher I AM Presence for the help!

Thank You, Lord Alpha, for the help!

Thank You, dear Father One, for the help!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!



* Ministry, Service, Spiritual Practice, Spiritual work – you can call it as you prefer, but one can also say explicitly, for example: 'I begin my First morning Ministry', 'I begin my Spiritual Practice Help for the planet Earth', 'I start reading the Message by ...' etc.


© Rositsa Avela