Q & A 102

A Great Mercy for returning our seized energy

A question sent to website UNIFICATION on 8th January 2018, and its answer given by Presence of the One on 5th March 2018.


Question: What are the cause and the root cause for the possibility of recovering our energy seized by the representatives of different networks of the illusion when we repent before You, dear Father One, forgive them all, ask You that You forgive them as well and we thank You for that?

Answer: This is My Great Mercy only and solely to those representatives of the earthly humanity who have Living and Light Souls! This is the root cause.

And the cause is that when such a person, with a Living and Light Soul, repents sincerely and with all his heart before Me – Presence of the One, when he forgives sincerely and with all his heart all who have caused him harm and when he thank Me for everything, then I AM Presence of the One forgive his sin, that is the karma for what he repents is transformed to the possible extent:

1) according to the Power of his Determination, that is according to the Power of the energy impulse that person puts on while performing that (or any other) Spiritual practice;

2) according to the Power of his Faith;

3) according to the Power of his God’s Love towards Me!

And once I have forgiven his transgression, that triggers My Mercy and restores the seized energy from the corresponding network of illusion with interest, according to the degree and the volume of the transformed karma of the person, that is according to 1), 2) and 3).

I AM Presence of the One


© Rositsa Avela

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