Explanations of some words and phrases





blue-dotExpressing Divine Love and Gratitude

blue-dotThe Formula 'I demand, sincerely wish and ask'

blue-dotNew Order

blue-dotThe Formula 'And may all be according to Your Holy Will, Lord!'

blue-dotThe Formula '   AMEN   TAKKA DA BUDDEH   OM   '

blue-dotLord and God




blue-dotDivine Songs

blue-dotMultiplication and Divine Multiplication

blue-dotLiving Life

blue dostLiving beings

blue-dotA fellow man

blue-dotSurrogate food

blue-dotCollaborators, helpers and instigators of the illusory part of man


blue-dot'Forever', 'in all times', 'times, time and halftime'

blue-dot'Home planet', 'original home planet'


blue-dotCommon family righteous field



First of all, before the explanation of some words and phrases start, I was instructed to give the information regarding the karmic responsibility of everyone who reads and accepts the Teaching given by the Forces of Light on the UNIFICATION website.

The instructions of the Ascended Beings of Light regarding this are as follows:

Everyone personally bears karmic responsibility if he/she refuses to apply the received Knowledge in his/her life.

Everyone bears karmic responsibility when he fails to inform others to whom he gives this knowledge about their karmic responsibility for its implementation in their life.

(Additional information regarding karmic responsibility – see the message from Lord Sanat Kumara given on 22 November 2010.)



While working on the creation of the UNIFICATION website, I realized the need to provide additional information that explains some of the wording.

When using a spiritual practice in your daily Service, everyone should perform it with the clear understanding what he/she is doing and what the purpose of this practice is. And also one should know how important it is to understand the meaning of the words he pronounces – these words are arranged in very specific way, without any randomness and they need to be pronounced exactly that way, as each word is a powerful Divine Word. Then the benefit of performing this spiritual practice increases many times.

I was instructed from Above that it would be good if every invocation, blessing, prayer and all spiritual practices finish with:

1. The Formula for giving our free will in the hands of the Father: 'And may all be according to Your Holy Will, Lord!'

2. The Formula for universal Unification: 'AMEN   TAKKA DA BUDDEH   OM   '

3. Gratitude to Presence of the One, Lord Alpha – our Heavenly Father, to Elohim Peace, to the Beloved Helios, to the Archangels and angels, and to some more, specifically pointed out Beings of Light. We should express our Gratitude for the help we are given by all the other Beings of Light when we have asked them for it using the respective invocation / Word-formula / blessing / prayer / ..., by giving them our Divine Love without thanking them.

For this reason, at the end of the Messages that have an invocation, Word-formula or blessing, these three elements which were mentioned above have been included in exactly the same order.



Every thought, every feeling and every word that we emanate into space should be positive. This is particularly important while reading and saying invocations and prayers to the Forces of Light. That is why I was specifically instructed how to achieve their positive sounding, the positivity of each word in them.


Expressing Divine Love and Gratitude

It is recommended before each invocation, prayer, blessing, Message, Recommendation, etc. to dedicate it’s reading to the Ascended Being of Light who gave it to us, and to direct to him the energy of our Divine Love.

After the reading of the invocation, prayer, blessing, Message, Recommendation, ... it would be good to look at your favourite image of this Ascended Being of Light and to continue for some time in silent contemplation to send him Divine Love from the depths of your heart!

We also give our Gratitude in the above mentioned situations but only to Presence of the One – our Heavenly Father, to Elohim Peace, to Beloved Helios, to the Archangels and angels. We can give our Gratitude to the other Ascended Beings of Light if we are specifically instructed to do so as an exception. (See in Chapter Teaching Question and answer 'The most important thing for these times' form 28 December 2016.)


The Formula 'I demand, sincerely wish and ask'

The following explanation was given by Lord Alpha:

It would be good to state this formula in every invocation or wish.

Regarding its meaning:
blue-dot'I demand' is the expression of the people’s free will.
blue-dot'Sincerely wish' is the inclusion of the Divine fire, the spark, for the realisation of the wish, i.e. supplying your prayer with Divine energy – the energy of your own Higher I AM Presence.
blue-dot'Ask' is the prayer through which the Fire is directed towards the Ascended Beings of Light to whom you direct your prayer, its connection with them.


New Order

The explanation was given by Lord Alpha:

New Order – this is the Golden Age, in relation to the current epoch, state and evolution of the Universe, which must come about with observance of the Divine Moral Law and all the other Divine Commandments and Laws, as well as the Divine principles and norms of behaviour and relations between people, and the way of working and existence.


The Formula 'And may all be according to Your Holy Will, Lord!'

This is a formula for giving a person’s free will in the hands of the Father. A person uses it in order to protect himself from possible harm if he asks from Above something that is outside the Providence of the Father for him and out of his life plan. Because the frequent repetition of a wish can be granted from Above and lead to a change of the life plan that is in a less favourable direction. This could lead to the creation of negative karma. Therefore, the use of this formula is highly recommended for any work in spirituality.


The Formula '   AMEN   TAKKA DA BUDDEH   OM   '

The explanation was given by Lord Alpha:

'This is the central formula and postulate for universal Unification and for implementation of the trinity in all its aspects.'

The formula has its own meaning and purpose from Above. It contains codes. Therefore, it needs to be written and pronounced exactly as it stands in all languages.

Translating this formula into another language or pronouncing it otherwise is equivalent to the pronunciation of the Sanskrit mantras in translation.

'The whole formula must be spoken in the form that is given or not to be used at all.'

Listen to the pronunciation of   AMEN   TAKKA DA BUDDEH   OM

'   AMEN   ' is pronounced in accordance with the local culture;
'   OM   ' has the same pronunciation as in Sanskrit.


Lord and God

Lord – this is our Heavenly Father – Lord Alpha, the Father of our galaxy. Also, any other Ascended Being of Light that has reached such a level in his development.

God – this is the Highest Essence of every man, specifically his Higher I AM Presence, but as a broader concept it encompasses his three higher bodies altogether.

The three higher bodies are:
blue-dotThe Higher I AM Presence – this is the everlasting primordial spark, the Divine Monad, derived from the Source, the individuality of God, also known as Father-Mother or the Spirit with which the Soul connects;
blue-dotThe Holy Christ Self – the spark from one of the Greatest Spirits that have given a part of themselves to every lifestream incarnated on this planet in order to successfully continue the evolution of the humankind. The Soul must elevate to its level. The Holy Christ Self is the peak of the Divine consciousness that must be reached in order to realize the ritual of the Ascension. It is everyone’s permanent teacher from incarnation to incarnation, who directs, guides and is the mediator through whom one becomes united with his Higher I AM Presence during the ritual of the Ascension. After this ritual the Soul stops coming into incarnation and unifies with God from whom it was born;
blue-dotThe causal body – this is the place where the good karma is stored – our 'treasures in the Heaven.' The different energy levels and layers of the causal body contain all the records of our good deeds in all our incarnations, as well as all our achieved Divine qualities and virtues, the Gifts of the Holy Spirit that we have acquired during our training and Service in each of the rays. The causal body is the Home of the Higher I AM Presence.

Therefore, the call to Above 'O Lord my God' (Translator’s note: popular in some languages) originally was and should be 'Lord and my God!' This invocation addresses both the Father and the Higher part of a man, which is one with the Father on a completely different level.

For example, in the Bible in the book of the prophet Isaiah there is a clear distinction between the Lord and God, though in some places the meaning is lost due to the subsequent inaccuracies in the translation at some point back in time.
blue-dotIsaiah 40:27 'My way is hidden from the Lord, and my right is disregarded by my God';
blue-dotIsaiah 49:4 'yet surely my right is with the Lord, and my recompense with my God.';
blue-dotIsaiah 49:5 'for I am honoured in the eyes of the Lord, and my God has become my strength';
blue-dotIsaiah 49:14 'The Lord has forsaken me; my Lord has forgotten me.';
blue-dotIsaiah 50:10 'Let him who walks in darkness and has no light trust in the name of the Lord and rely on his God.';
blue-dotIsaiah 52:12 'for the Lord will go before you, and the God of Israel will be your rear guard.'



Soul – this is the combination of the three subtle lower bodies:
blue-dotAstral, also called emotional body, the body of feelings and desires;
blue-dotMental – the body of thoughts, and
blue-dotEtheric – the body of the memory, which contains a copy of the original Divine Providence for that lifestream as well as the negative karmic records of all incarnations.

Through the Soul is realised the connection between the physical body and the Spirit – the Higher bodies of man if we take as fundamental the formula 'Spirit, Soul and body.'

While doing the cross sign with the formula: 'In the name of the Father-Mother, Son and the Holy Spirit':
blue-dot'Father-Mother' is the Higher I AM Presence of man – the Spirit,
blue-dot'The Son' is his physical body in incarnation,
blue-dot'The Holy spirit' are the three lower bodies – the Soul through which is done the connection of the Father-Mother and Son. Therefore, the Soul – the Holy Spirit, is portrayed as a white dove with outstretched wings in flight that connects them.



Word-formula – this is a text as powerful as a formula, which is Divine Word in nature, and this is the most important feature.



Service – performing of a Spiritual practice, whichever one a person uses during his work in spirituality, according to his religion, understanding and preference. The Spiritual practices given in part Spiritual work are good-wishing. They are good and useful without being compulsory. Also, it is best to use them selectively by their kind, i.e. only prayers, only invocations – and even just some of them according to one’s individual preference and the wish of the heart, the time available for the service and the possibility of the moment for performing work in spirituality. Since initially the time may have been appropriate to carry out the service, but this may change during its performance, for example, it may become noisy, someone may come and speak to you, etc. Then the person should be ready to peacefully interrupt his spiritual practice, to thank for what he has done so far and to protect himself from regret or guilt for the unfinished service or condemnation for the interruption.


Divine Songs

Divine songs is a broader concept than 'songs praising God.'

The phrase 'Divine Songs' means songs coming from God, i.e. from the Higher I AM Presence, as well as songs coming through him from other Ascended Beings of Light. They usually praise God – the Higher I AM Presence, but also glorify the Father, the angels and archangels, individual Ascended Beings of Light, etc.

The phrase 'Songs praising God' includes only songs praising God – the Higher I AM Presence.


Multiplication and Divine Multiplication

Multiplication (of energy) happens in the material world.

Divine Multiplication happens in the Divine world.


Living Life

Living Life – these are all Living beings in all planes of Existence.


Living beings

Living beings – these are the ones,
blue-dotwho are in the Law of the Father and are entirely or predominantly in the network of Light;
blue-dotwho have access to the Divine energy, live with it, circulate their energies correctly from the Divine perspective in the network of Light of the planet;
blue-dotand give their Divine energy into the network of Light – entirely or predominantly.


A fellow man

A fellow man (close person)

Definition given by Presence of the One on 8 Aug 2017

In a broad sense, 'a fellow man' is a person who belongs to the same energy network.

In the narrower sense, 'a fellow man' is a person who, apart from being in the same energy network, belongs to the same spiritual community.

In the narrowest sense, 'a fellow man' is a person who, apart from being in the same energy network and belongs to the same spiritual community, is also a member of the family or the kin.


Surrogate food

Surrogate food is the food that has been subjected to processing together with other products included in its content by someone else (outside the circle of loved ones with whom a person lives and regularly communicates).


Collaborators, helpers and instigators of the illusory part of man

Collaborators, helpers and instigators of the illusory part of man – see in chapter Teaching, the answer of Presence of the One given on 7 January 2018.



God-pleasant or Pleasant to God – that means someone or something being good from God’s point of view, i.e. to be in accordance with the Plans of the Higher I AM Presence and approved by him.


'Forever', 'in all times', 'times, time and halftime'

What is the difference between ’forever’ and ’in all times’? What is the difference between ’Times, time and half-time’? What do these words and the whole expression mean?

Answer: See Q&A 120 from part Teaching.


'Home planet', 'original home planet'

What does a home planet mean: this is the planet on which the soul has come for its current embodiment.

What does an original home planet mean: this is the planet on which the soul went into embodiment for the first time after it was created. For more information – see Q&A 126 in part Teaching.



The Righteousness is Good Honour – this is when a person lives in observance and in the fulfilment of My – the Lord's Commandments and Laws and everything he/she does is kind – he creates/gives good as a result and his fruits are then also Kind and bring Good.

(See Q&A 138 'Righteousness and the Common family righteous field')


Common family righteous field

A common family righteous field is created within family in which all thoughts, feelings, words, and deeds of both spouses are righteous, without any thoughts of violence, aggression or any other negativity that drags into the networks of the illusion automatically if a person misses to immediately became aware of what thoughts he has in his head and that these thoughts have come to him from the outside and/or they are consequence of harmful programs, encodings and blockages and to immediately repent in front of Me and to demand, sincerely wish and ask for the erase of all these illusory thoughts, feelings, words and deeds and to cancel their harmful result.

(See Q&A 138 'Righteousness and the Common family righteous field')



When at the end of a Spiritual practice you see 'Bow' written in brackets, this means that after the end of the text, it would be good for the one performing the respective Spiritual practice to bow with all his heart and soul. While the person is bending down, he should say the following, silently or out loud, naming the Being of Light he is bowing to, for example: 'Thank You, Dear Father One!' or 'Thank You, Beloved Helios!', 'Thank You, dear Archangel Michael!', etc.; and while rising, he should say silently or out loud, 'I Love You,... (the name of the Ascended Being of Light)'. According to the time and place of the performance of the Spiritual practice, the bow may be done from a standing, sitting or lying position. When a person is healthy, it is best for him to be standing when he is bowing, and his bow should be deep to the ground. If the person is ill, then he could bow in a lying position, too; he could even bow with his head only. When a person is sitting and working something and feels that it would be good to thank the Lord for helping him and protecting him in his work, and he is without the possibility to stand up, he could bow sitting as well. What is most important is the inner feeling of Gratitude, moreover, the Divine Love which the person is sending to the Ascended Being of Light when bowing to Him.