Dear friends, in fulfilment of Lord Eliseya’s instruction given in his Message from 25 March 2013, after a call to my Highest I AM Presence and Elohim Apollo to give me their assistance for the creation of a Divine pattern, I began writing poems, which I am sharing with you with a lot of joy and which could be useful to everyone in whom the Fire of the Living Life is burning, if they are applied in life.

Rositsa Avela


Perhaps you remember your childhood years

when you played and cheerfully laughed

with your friends under the open sky,

and how wonderful you felt, delaying the moment

to go back inside between the four walls of your room.


You will feel exactly the same or even better

when you raise your consciousness,

and you find yourself among the immensity of the universe

and feel the unity with the whole Creation of the Father

and your Divine purpose!


17 May 2013


Accept life as it is

and do the best you are capable of,

enjoying the opportunity given to you from Above

to fix all that you have ever done wrong!


18 May 2013


Everyone in whom the Fire of the Living Life is burning

can create Divine patterns

when he is in Joy, with Gratitude and Divine Love to the Father,

and he consciously strives to live

in observance of the Divine Commandments and Laws.


Then Divine patterns are both

the works that he creates,

his thoughts, feelings, words,

and all his deeds

because they are kind and give good fruits!


19 May 2013


The Water washes,

the Fire burns,

the Wind blows away,

the Earth absorbs

all that is negative within us,

when we are in nature,

and we invoke the elements

and thank the elementals

for the help,

as well as our Higher I AM Presence

and all the Bright Beings from the Heavens!


20 May 2013


Keep calm, be patient

and remain in Divine Love

when others are under the control of their ego,

be equal to them, without any condemnation,

and without deviating from the Divine Teaching!


21 May 2013



* Note from Rositsa Avela:

Explanation of the recommendation '... be equal to them' or in the state of equanimity.

For a person to be 'equal' means to be in the golden mean. In order to be in such a balance, one needs to be:

1. without giving his/her Divine Love, Divine energy, to those who are under the control of their own ego, and usually at such a moment they are attached to the network of the illusion because we were told from Above that we must protect our Divine energy as the greatest treasure in these times and to give it only for the well-being of Mother Earth and all Living beings of the unified Creation of the Father who live in His Law;

2. without being negatively tuned, i.e. without any condemnation, irritation, fear, hatred, etc. to them, regardless of whether these are negative thoughts, feelings or anything negative.

That is why it is said 'be equal to them' – the golden mean has to be established and maintained, a buddha-consciousness to be worked off in thoughts, feelings, words and actions, as well as Christ-consciousness, because the person has to preserve his/her Divine Love, to be full of it. It is an act of Divine Mercy and Compassion towards the person in front of us at such a moment to remain 'equal' in our attitude towards him when he is being led by his own ego. Because in this way we deprive him of the opportunity to take our Divine energy unrightfully, which would happen if we went out of balance and stopped being equal, as in this way he would further burden himself karmically by mistakenly putting this energy in the network of the illusion.

If a man is 'neutral', that means something else. Being neutral means for instance to refrain from expressing his attitude on something. Well, however, we are told to immediately react to some things that are not correct, i.e. it is impossible for a person to be neutral. One needs to say what he has to say, one needs to do what he has to do, to perform certain actions. If someone says something that creates a destructive programme on the field level, the person needs to remain equal to him – without condemnation, without love, but also without being neutral – it is good to immediately take a stand and say something that corrects this programme, even if that is said silently (in one’s mind). That is an action in a state of equanimity, in Buddha consciousness.

It is quite wrong to understand the meaning of this expression as 'equality' with those who are under the control of their illusory part, i.e. a person to compare himself with them and try to imitate them or be 'equal' with them, that is to be like them. This is about a person being equal in his attitude towards them. That balance and equilibrium, the same as the balancing of the pans of the scales, applies to all levels – the levels of thoughts, feelings, words, and actions as well as the state of the consciousness of the person.



Keep the tenderness, purity and light of your Soul

and in any life circumstances

reside in Joy!


22 May 2013


Each 23rd day is important,

as it is destined for transformation

of the negative karma

for the whole next month!


So, let us do our best on this day

to be useful for the Living Life

for our work is Divinely Blessed and multiplied

when it is dedicated with an invocation to the karmic cleansing!


23 May 2013


Work hard and constantly

and change one kind of labour with another –

this is the best break for you

and a means that ascends you towards God!


Be in vigilant consciousness and be fully attentive

so that the result of your work has the highest quality,

and stop nourishing the illusion,

create and make only Divine patterns!


24 May 2013


Close your eyes and deeply breathe the scent of the air

redolent of herbs, freshness and purity,

give your Gratitude to the Father at that very moment

for His care for all Living beings!


13 April 2013


Play the game of life joyfully and easily

as children play their games;

sing, laugh and rejoice

that you are together at this moment!


And if a problem arises between you,

sit quietly and discuss it openly and honestly,

acting kindly, with Divine Love,

wisely, resolve the situation by accepting it

and help each other!


28 May 2013


Smell of freshly cut grass and birdsongs

spread around in the silence at dawn,

they embrace the children of the Earth

and help them to receive completely

the Divine Blessing of the new day!


29 May 2013


Repent, ask the Father for forgiveness

and close the door to your past!

Have your feet firmly on the ground

and work well in the present times

by invoking the Ascended Beings of Light to help

and imagining how magnificent the Earth is!


30 May 2013


As the rain washes and cleanses the earth

it washes and cleanses our bodies

when we stay for a while under the light drops

in a bright day, outdoors in nature

and joyfully thank the elementals!


31 May 2013


Children of Light

may free themselves of their fears

through the water,

when they drink it

in a large amount on an empty stomach throughout the day

after saying an invocation above it, *

charged with the energy of Divine Love and Gratitude

and transformed into Living Water!


1 June 2013



* See the Invocation for purification and transformation of the water into Living Water
Lord Shiva, 5 September 2010


Let us create Divine patterns

filled with Joy, Light and Divine Love!


Let us ensure the help by invoking

our Higher I AM Presence and Elohim Apollo

and thank them!


May in this way we create and consolidate with united forces

the New relations of the New Order of the Golden Age on our planet!


15 April 2013