Dear friends, in fulfilment of Lord Eliseya’s instruction given in his Message from 25 March 2013, after a call to my Highest I AM Presence and Elohim Apollo to give me their assistance for the creation of a Divine pattern, I began writing poems, which I am sharing with you with a lot of joy and which could be useful to everyone in whom the Fire of the Living Life is burning, if they are applied in life.

Rositsa Avela


Draw the picture of the bright future in your mind,

and to do that use lighter and more tender colours

that would make your Soul rejoice.


It is really important to be in Joy

because then your Soul

has a stronger connection with the Spirit.


Thus, having Spirit, Soul and body into one whole,

you can move towards Home

at an ever-increasing pace and with ease!


28 July 2013


Stop thinking about what it could have been

if you could rewind the time.

Start thinking in the present day

how to live here and now and in the future so

that you stop wishing after that

to be able to rewind the time!


31 July 2013


The desire of your Soul

is to reside in Peace,

and that you learn from your own sorrows and worries

and understand how important it is to be in Peace and Quiet!


1 August 2013


Fish swim in the sea,

rabbits jump in the field,

birds fly in the sky,

and you, man, where are you?

Are you using machines

to move in space?

Would you keep doing that

when you are given from Above

to move in a flash anywhere

you need to be,

only if you get Free from your desires

and become One with God!


2 August 2013


The place where you find

the bluest sky,

the greenest grass,

and the brightest flowers

and where you breathe easily and reside in calm,

and where only bird songs sound around,

and where you feel the scent of freshness and purity,

and where Peace and Divine Love fill your bodies,

and where you can see the sunrises in the morning and the sunsets in the evening

and thank Helios,

that is your place

where to settle down for the future,

where you would be protected and supported from Above

to continue to progress in God!


3 August 2013


Relax and let the wave of time

carry you calmly,

observing the Divine Commandments and Laws

instead of wasting your energy in vain

by counteracting and trying to change things

which are the greatest good for you at this time

and in every moment of the future times!


6 August 2013


If you want to live in Health, constantly do work

that is good for you and all Living beings!

And work diligently, putting in your labour all the best,

striving to do more than you think you are capable of*

if you want to develop and strengthen your Creative principle

and successfully evolve

instead of degrading rapidly

by being idle and dealing with empty deeds!


8 August 2013


below line

* Because every person in whom the Fire of the Living Life is burning is capable of doing much more than he thinks he is!


Your Higher Self

expects you to invoke it

and your Spirit, Soul and body

to unify in one whole

when you stop

wandering in the world of the illusion.

And you cease your dependence on it,

which is also as illusory

as the whole world

in which you are living now!


18 August 2013


Work on yourself constantly,

without condemning yourself and without being stopped

by errors and omissions that you make on your Path.

Because quite often you grow the fastest through them,

and your muscles in Spirituality become stronger!

You already know what to do –

ask the Father for forgiveness,

ask for help to be given to you from Above

so that the next time you are without sin,

and you cope better and better with everything in life!


8 September 2013


Spirit, Soul and body


The Higher Self – the Spirit of every person

in whom the Divine Fire is burning,

helps them in the most difficult times,

when they invoke it to help,

but notice, dear Light beings,

that this can only be achieved

if you are elevated towards God,

harmonious and peaceful,

since then, the integrity is maintained

of your three lower bodies* – your Soul,

and it is able to connect with the Spirit

and the aid to be transferred as if over a bridge

to your temple – your physical body,

and all around you in the dense material world!


9 September 2013


below line

* The three lower bodies – etheric, astral and mental.


Today and every following day

that we are given from Above

to live in our here-and-now, we are to


love the Lord and our God with all our heart, Soul and mind;

love ourselves, too, as we love the Lord and our God;

love our close people as we love ourselves and every other Living, Bright and Pure Soul.


This is the Testament of Lord Jesus

that we are to follow by being in the Divine Light,

Wisdom, Power and Love, Joy, Peace and Harmony

now and forever, and in all Times, Time, Halftime and afterwards!


22 September 2013, the day of the Autumnal Equinox


The Higher Self of each of us – the children of Light,

helps us to develop constantly

while we are embodied in the dense material world.

But the help reaches us and we feel it

when we are without condemnation

towards anyone or anything at any moment,

during all the hours and minutes of the day and night!


9 November 2013


The Higher Self of every person with a Living, Bright and Pure Soul

has access to the key

for the Gate to the World of the sixth human race,

in which anyone may go

in whom the Divine Fire is burning

and when he unites with his Higher Self in Divine Love

and joins the Universal Unity!


19 March 2014


Respect your parents, your grandparents and your other ancestors.

Treat them with Gratitude, Respect and with Divine Love.

Because they gave you exactly what you need

to continue forward your development successfully.


20 March 2014


Find the Path leading to the Home, to the Father.

When you step on it, you will feel quiet Joy in your heart.

And when that happens to you, do whatever is possible for you, and even more than that, so that you remain on the Path

and continue onward and upward on it further and further!


21 March 2014