Dear friends, in fulfilment of Lord Eliseya’s instruction given in his Message from 25 March 2013, after a call to my Highest I AM Presence and Elohim Apollo to give me their assistance for the creation of a Divine pattern, I began writing poems, which I am sharing with you with a lot of joy and which could be useful to everyone in whom the Fire of the Living Life is burning, if they are applied in life.

Rositsa Avela


The Higher Self helps during the 23rd day

for the complete transformation 100% into Light of the negative karma for the whole next month

so that then one feels

cleansed, renewed, and free after that,

and prepared for the Order and Perfection of the New World of the Sixth Human Race.

Thus, once the 23rd day of the month has come, it would be good,

for those who wish so, to invoke for help their Higher Self

and to give it the control over their thoughts, feelings, words and deeds.


23 July 2015


I accept the Archangels’ protection with Joy,

Divine Love and the greatest Gratitude.

Archangel Michael, I .... (the name) invite, sincerely wish and ask You and the Angels of Protection

to help here and now and every day, and every night of the future times!


24 July 2015


The best salvation in these times

is to read, reread and practically apply in life the Teaching

which is given from Above to us here and now!

And the more a man is in its fullest and accurate implementation,

the more he is in Unification with God!


26 July 2015


We were told from Above to protect ourselves well

to preserve our protection,

the integrity of our bodies

and the purity of our Souls.

And to be successful in all that,

we need to be in Joy

and practise karma-yoga throughout the day

by achieving the best quality and maximum concentration in our work

and also in fully observing the Divine Commandments and Laws –

willingly, in gratitude and Divine Love to the Father and by saying a blessing!


28 July 2015


When we wake up in the morning being in Joy

and instantly thank the Father for yesterday, today and tomorrow,

we merge into God’s/Lord’s stream,

and then the time during the day

runs for us with Divine support, accelerated and multiplied

with regards to the transformation into Light

of the negative karma of everyone individually!


Thank You, Lord, for the Mercy!

And may all be according to Your Holy Will, Lord!



30 July 2015


When plenty of lightning and thunders

pour from the sky,

it is best to thank Above

warmly and wholeheartedly,

since that is cleansing

of the space from all negativity

and purification of all our lower bodies

with the Great Mercy of the Father!


31 July 2015


Sometimes a person slips into darkness

when he indulges in illusory pleasures.

And when he forgets how wonderful it is to live in Joy

while being in God and in Unity

with the Living Life on this planet

and with the entire Creation of the Father.


1 August 2015


How wonderful it is


for a person to reside in Divine Light,

Wisdom, Power and Love

Joy, Peace and Harmony,


to reach the Souls and hearts of his loved ones

who live in purity –

parents, family partner and children,

friends, colleagues, neighbours

and all other beings with Living, Bright and Pure Souls,


to flow his Divine Love

into them in a powerful stream

and to pass his Joy

that gushes from the depths of his Soul to them,

and his Divine qualities and virtues to become theirs, too,

when they have Divine Love towards him

and joyfully thank him for everything!


2 August 2015


It would be good for everyone to find

what to do throughout the day,

but whatever he does, it should bring him Joy,

his Soul should sing while working,

and his work should be good-fruitful

and in the Law of the Father.

Then a person progresses in God,

Grace pours upon him from Above

and he feels happy,

and he waters with his happiness afterwards

all Living beings!


3 August 2015


Every Living person needs to be Vigilant,

ask to be given help from Above

and warmly thank for the help

so that he is able each time to save himself fully

from the traps of the illusion,

to preserve his purity

and multiply his good-fruitfulness!


5 August 2015


If someone wishes to bless himself, he could do it that way:


As the roses in the garden bloom beautifully, and smell gently sweet,

may all my thoughts, feelings and words

bloom good-fruitfully throughout the day

under the rays of the Divine Consciousness

that guides me in life,

and may they smell sweet, bearing the vibration

of the Higher octaves of Light!


6 August 2015


It is so wonderful when every man learns

how to be in silence most often, with Joy and ease,

wherever he is,

so that he can receive with all the senses of his 4 lower bodies

the support and help given to him

by his Higher Self,

his Teacher on the subtle plane from the Hierarchy of Light

and all Living beings on all planes of Existence.


7 August 2015


Forget about the past times

as their rewind is impossible

in the accelerated transition times

that are running here and now.

And save each erg of your Divine energy

and very well think how you use it

so that you have enough

when you need it the most!


8 August 2015


Speed and timeliness, accuracy, highest quality and self-discipline

are needed for the application of the Teaching that is given here and now

for the student of the Hierarchy of Light to pass successfully

through the narrowest sections of the Path in the Intermediate time, which has already started, and in the Time and the Halftime, which are ahead!


9 August 2015


Every student of the Hierarchy of Light achieves the greatest success

when he abandons his desires and manages to get free from them completely,

and when he stops thinking about what he wants and directing his thought to materiality

but begins to praise and thank the Lord and his God

and cleanse his temple, and gives it to Them to reside within in all times!


10 August 2015