A brief Guidance

Lord Shiva

1 June 2010

I AM Shiva

I have come to give a brief guidance for those who wish to hear to me and intend to apply it.

The clothing of most people is inappropriate and prevents them feel good and this is about to intensify. When the time comes for the transition it would also matter/be important who is wearing what - the emanation of the physical body, dressed in clothing with bright colours and from natural plant fabrics differs from the radiation of a body that is clothed in black, grey or other very dark colours and artificial/synthetic fabrics . The first radiation returns the energy into the higher, ethereal worlds of Creation and other God's creatures in the material world and the second radiation gives energy to the world of illusion and to the beings in the lowest levels of the astral plane who have renounced God and do not respect/recognize the Divine law. Everyone make a choice for himself to which egregore to connect and whom to serve, and with whom he wishes to be united, and according to the choice, one will receive/be rewarded/.

Today you celebrate Children's Day. It would be good for everyone to celebrate and to give much Love, both for all the children in the world and the child within himself and to remember the most wonderful moments of your childhood thanking God for them. And do not forget you are a child of God and as such should reside in Joy and Love like all other children, and constantly to thank your Creator that he always gives you exactly what is needed to allow your lifestream to continue its evolutionary development. And to thanks to all the forces of Light that he is given the opportunity to get rid of everything that impedes him so that his lifestream could continue its evolutionary development.

Be Joyful and Happy like little children, at any time of day, and every day and increase/multiply the Joy and Happiness of all children in the world and all children of God, what you all are. Rejoice and astonish the Divine Creation and all living beings, and let it be your natural state, as it is in little children. Learn from them, from their pure hearts and pure consciousness, and follow their example, so that the Kingdom of God can manifest on Earth as it is in Heavens.

I AM Shiva and I have said what was needed. OM