Lord Alpha

6 January 2011

I AM Alpha, your Heavenly Father.

I have come to give you my recommendations on how you should live from now on so that you are well and you can successfully continue your development.

Stay in a positive silence, in Balance and Harmony, to stop losing your Divine energy through the thoughts, feelings and words in the world of the illusion.

Give your thanks to God continually – in your mind and aloud, for everything in your life, where you are and for what it is.

Give thanks with joy!

Demand, sincerely wish and ask the Beings of Light for help all the time – as soon as you wake up in the morning, during the day and when you go to sleep at night!

Balance your energies:
blue-dotThrough the Gratitude – by expressing it in spirituality and materiality;
blue-dotThrough the labour – by working with both left and right hand;
blue-dotThrough the food – water, air, sun, raw fruits, vegetables and nuts, pulses and bread.

Because that will take you to Divine Love and Wisdom.

Strengthen your Faith! Dismiss away your doubts about the God as soon as they appear.

I AM Alpha, with all my father's Love to all of you, in whom burns the Fire of the Living Live.



Note from Rositsa Avela:

When I received these recommendations, I thanked and I realized that during this 2011, which has already begun, the time has come now to gradually and completely switch to a plant food. And that we will be given all possible help to succeed in that endeavour if we demand, sincerely wish and ask for it. With the constant increase in vibrations of the planet and new energies, which are pouring it now, this will help us to successfully tune in to all the changes. And not only will the full transition to a plant food help us, but the implementation of all recommendations given by our Heavenly Father.

I also realized that this is a program of action, implementation of which will give us the opportunity to successfully continue our evolution - for those who wish to do so.

One of the following days, while watching the sunrise, being in nature, I was given also to understand the importance of the order in which the eight types of food were listed:

1. Water. At the beginning of the day, after waking up, first thing should be drinking water - preferably spring water (from source), not mineral, and the more you drink, the better, so that it wash out from us everything that we do not need after the operation of all systems during the night sleep. The water is our first meal of the starting day. And if before drinking the water is purified and energised with the help of the invocation given to us by Lord Shiva *, then it becomes food for all of our bodies. The water is also the food that should be taken very abundant throughout the day, except the time when we eat the last 5 types of foods and during their digestion.

2. Air - to turn it into food for all of our bodies during the whole day, it is necessary to go outside the house and do the breathing exercise** at dawn, just before the sunrise, absorbing the prana and thanking our Creator.
The breathing exercise we have been given by our Heavenly Masters a year ago in response to a question in response to a question: 'What we need to do to feel good in the conditions of the changes that are coming, and to improve the quality of our daily work in spirituality, and help us move forward the Path, so that we become more useful for the United Creation'. The recommendation is to use the breathing exercise while we are in nature, outside populated areas.
A few days ago while I was doing the breathing exercise, I realized that it is related to the fundamental formula – postulate for Unification: 'AMEN   TAKKA DA BUDDEH   OM   ' And I was given to understand that if one pronounces this formula in his mind while doing the breathing exercise, the strength of the exercise increases. This exercise is also a practical application of the Teaching on the Gratitude, and the gratitude also increases its effect. When the exercise is performed at the sunrise, it becomes an important and integral part of our live, because we absorb the prana more effectively through it – one of the foods that feed all of our lower bodies, our whole being.

3. Sun - looking at the rising sun, we receive the energy of the Beloved Helios, which also feeds all of our bodies and tune in us with the cosmic rhythm, with which our planet is united.

The Mother Earth provides us with the following five types of the food – all kinds of fresh/raw and dried fruits, vegetables, nuts and other seeds, pulses (cooked products) and bread. And if we start enumerating/counting in our mind the content of these five types of food, we will understand how plentiful we are endowed by our Father. The order in which these foods are listed is not random/accidental. It shows us when and what to eat. First the fresh fruits – preferably the seasonal and the species that gives the earth where we live – they are our breakfast and provide us with everything needed for the first part of the day. Then the lunch of/with raw vegetables – rich vegetable salad, again depending on the season, and a little later, raw nuts and all cereals: oat, millet, rye, barley, wheat, semolina, buckwheat... And finally, the cooked dinner – pulses (white beans, green beans, peas, lentils, soybeans, corn, buckwheat, potatoes, rice ...) and bread – the last food will be absorbed and digested by the body at the end of the day and during the night, when our brain is resting, and other foods help us to be active and able to work during the day.

When we begin to eat qualitatively/(on full value) in the manner described using these 8 types of food, blessing the food and giving thanks for it***, then we will realize the truth, that very little of it we feed us very well and we will feel very well too. And our physical temple will be healthy, our thoughts and feelings will uplift/soar/(raise up) and we will begin to see the real world of God.

We should remind ourselves again this ancient knowledge of life in union and harmony with all the elements - water, air, fire and earth, and start implementing it in its fullness now, during the change of the cosmic cycles.

On the recommendation of Lord Alpha to balance our energies:

1. Through the gratitude – giving it in the spirituality as well as in materiality, and thus wy ensure the ability to perceive/understand the Teaching given to us, as well as an opportunity to get help in its application, without interrupting the flow of energy between us and the Beings of Light.

2. Through the labour – working and doing all the activities with both hands and thus developing and using both hemispheres of the brain. Furthermore, the recommendation given in this form exactly: 'Working with the left hand and right' means that we should strive to keep the balance between what we would like to receive and what we actually receive on the one hand and what we give, on the other hand.

3. Through the food that we have been instructed, receiving/taking it from the all the four elements.

All this in its entirety will indeed lead us towards the attainment of Divine Love and Divine Wisdom so that we transform from a man-animal into a God-man, uniting the Buddha consciousness and the Christ consciousness into a unified whole, and creating in union with God and according to the Providence of the Lord God Originator and Creator of the Heavens our own future. And by Creating our own future in unity with God to help build a better future for the whole human race, and even more – for the planet Earth and for all Living Beings.

And finally on the last recommendation: 'Strengthen your Faith! Dismiss away you doubts about the God as soon as they appear.' It would be good to speak out more often, with all our heart the Apostles' Creed prayer****. It is a powerful tool to strengthen Faith and apart from everything else included in this prayer helps to consolidate the awareness of the righteousness/justice of the Divine Law, and the need to humbly submit to the Wisdom of this law. Because everything that happens to us now and everything that is going to happen is a consequence of what we've done so far and what we create at this time – each one of us individually, and humankind on this planet as a whole. Strengthening of the Faith, acceptance of everything that happens with humble/humility and gratitude, while keeping a Positive attitude, Balance and Harmony, is salvative for our Souls.

Lord Alfa, our Heavenly Father entrusted/instructed me to write these explanations and I thank Him with all my heart for the help He gave me, to finish/complete this work.


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* See the chapter Spiritual work, section Appeals, the call to Lord Shiva on September 5, 2010, for purifying and energising water.

** See the description of the breathing exercise.

*** See the message from John the Beloved on 23 December 2010.

**** See the chapter Spiritual work, section Prayers.