Presence of the One

8 October 2011

I bless you, children of Light! And I give you the following recommendation:

You could start each new day, as soon as you wake up, by sending your Love to all with the following words:

I Love You, dear Heavenly Father!
I Love You, my Beloved Master on the subtle plane from the Hierarchy of Light!
I Love You, my dear Higher I AM Presence!
I Love You all, dear brothers and sisters in the Higher octaves –
Ascended Heavenly Masters from the Hierarchy of Light!
I Love you, all angels from the entire Angelic Hierarchy of Light!
I Love you, all elementals here on the Earth!
I Love You, Mother Earth!
I Love You, all Living beings – * inhabitants of all the kingdoms on the Earth,
on all planes of Existence!
I am sending my purest Divine Love to all of You,
and I thank You that we are one whole!
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

And when you get out of bed, give thanks to your parents that created you and gave you a body in this world, to come in this incarnation. Send your love towards them and ask them to give you a support in that day, and also their blessing! Turn towards your parents every morning, with Gratitude and Love, regardless of whether they are in incarnation.

I AM Presence of the One


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* Translators note: in an earlier version it was mentioned here 'plants, animals and crystals'