Father’s behest from Presence of the One

Happy New Year 2012 to all the Bright Souls aspired towards God!

I give you the Father’s behest for all of us from the Presence of One, our Father:

Keep the purity of your bodies!

Keep pure your thoughts, feelings, words and deeds, this is extremely important for all of you!

Keep your Joy!

Keep the child inside each one of you!

Multiply your Love towards everything and everyone!

Strive to preserve your Harmony when others around you are deprived of harmony!

If you observe all this, you will be useful for yourself and your loved ones; you will be helpful for the planet Earth as well. Send the planet Earth lots of Love whenever you remember. Send the planet Earth your Love all the time, in portions from each of you. The planet Earth is sick and needs this cure. The more and the more often you gave this cure, the easier the planet Earth will be able to regenerate itself.

I AM with you and I AM giving you a fraction of my Light that fills all your bodies and streams through all your chakras!

I AM Presence of the One