A Guidance

Lord Shiva

19 December 2012

I AM Shiva and I AM have come to give some guidance for the following days.

In planetary scale, quite serious changes in energy are coming.

Therefore, it would be good for all of you to be as positive and in silence as possible, in order to preserve the Divine energy, and to the maximum keep your state of consciousness in prayer and gratitude - to all the Forces of the Light, in order to multiply it.

During the days near the end of this year and the beginning of the next it is very important that you are unified and in Love for each other, and in understanding and without condemnation! Stop any negativity - thoughts, feelings, and if some occur, direct your thought somewhere else - to work! Do physical work more than any other type of work and drink a lot of water. Work in positivity, balance and harmony.

Stop taking any side information. Say 'Thank You, Lord' constantly, and send a lot of Love to the planet and everything living on it.

I AM Shiva