Presence of the One

1 January 2014

Today I AM bestow you as gift My Blessing upon you – to all aspired to God children of Light.

Be Blessed!

I AM Blessing you to be in a state of Peace and Harmony, in Joy, in Gratitude and Love, and while you reside in all these states, to have acceptance towards everyone and everything.

I Bless you also to create Divine patterns in what you do during all this year 2014, working in spirituality and materiality – to create Divine patterns through every your thought, feeling, word, and in all your deeds!

I AM Presence of the One




This my Blessing towards you covers in it almost everything you need at this stage. Because, in order to create Divine pattern, first you've done the the right from the Divine perspective choice of how to act.

And by doing right from the Divine perspective choice of how to act, on one hand you preserve your purity, and on the other – you increase your good karma by the good fruits from your right deeds.

Your good karma will help you to easily convert all your negative karma, when its time comes to work it out. And this also would be a Divine pattern, which will be followed by everyone!

Besides you may create Divine patterns only when you:
blue-dotfollow My Law in your live – the Law of this Universe and
blue-dotyou use all divine qualities and virtues that you own. The use of all Divine qualities and virtues that you have, in turn, helps you work off and achieve other Divine qualities and virtues.

And you can use your Divine qualities and virtues when you have elevated consciousness and attuned to the Higher etheric octaves of Light, feeling your oneness with Unified My Creation!

I AM Presence of the One