Presence of the One

My dear children of Light,

Happy New year 2015, may it give Good fruit and may your way of life turn into a Divine Pattern!

May Light and Love, Joy, Peace and Harmony fill your souls in which the Fire of the Living Life burns bright!

May the processes of transmutation of your negative karma and the transformation of your bodies run successfully and easily, as well as your tuning to the changes of the planet Earth!

I AM Presence of the One Blessing you now!




On the new energy and vibration level of the planet only those, who work hard and reside in joy while doing it, could feel happy and be healthy.

The constant labour performed with the highest quality and giving Good fruit, which has been carried out in a positive attunement, with gratitude and blessings in your mouth, is the life-belt for all of you here and now, in these times.

Also performing of:
blue-dotThe Spiritual practice 'Repentance and Forgiveness', which includes 'The Spiritual Practice of the 12 Bows' and 'Forgiveness with your Fellow Man',
blue-dotThe Spiritual practice 'Work on the speech for its transformation into Word' and
blue-dotstrict control on both your own thoughts and feelings, and over those which the forces of illusion are trying to bring into you through your illusory part, your ego, so that you accept them as your own! All your thoughts and feelings need to be compliant with the Divine Laws; you need to send away the illusory ones without paying attention to them and to replace them immediately with ones that come from God and make your soul feel light and joyful!

My dear children, it is saving for you to accept and implement the Knowledge, embedded in the Teaching that we give in these times through our Messenger Rositsa Avela, at all levels, so that you are successful in everything I told you is important for you now, during every day of your new 2015!

I AM Presence of the One


1 January 2015