Q & A 22

Recovering after an energy intervention *

A question and its answer given by Presence of the One on 29 November 2015


Question: We have been told that if a person who is 100% in the network of Light is hurt by a representative of any of the networks of the illusion, but he manages to preserve his balance and is without condemnation to the one who caused him that, then energy from the respective network of the illusion is used for his recovery from Above. Does this apply to all networks of the illusion?

Answer: This applies to all networks, including the Light network if the representative who has hurt the person lacks the necessary energy reserve, as well as all his relatives as they follow, all his kin as a whole, and the nation, too, i.e. the representatives of the family, the kin and the nation to which he belongs who are in the same network. The energy for the recovery of the hurt person is taken from all of them first in the described order, and if that energy isn’t enough, then part of the energy reserve of the respective network as a whole is taken.

I AM Presence of the One



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