Q & A 16

Buying a car that has been in an accident

A question and its answer given by Presence of the One on 24 September 2016


Question: Is it necessary and good to avoid buying cars that have been in accidents?

Answer: A person should be without any worries about this because whatever the negative karma was, as well as any other kind of negativity, which the car received from its owner for working off, it has been transformed as a result of the crash or the break-down. Therefore, all that is left intact and functional after the accident could be used without worries, and it is pure.

An exception to this are the cars (vehicles) in which a person died in the accident. Then the energy of the car has been distorted without any opportunity for correction and is completely deranged. The best thing to do with such a vehicle is to give it for recycling so that it is crushed and smelted. However, if parts of such a vehicle are used as second-hand parts, the car on which they are installed may also suffer since these parts transfer the field of death they are carrying within themselves to the energy of that car.

Therefore, it would be good if a person who buys second-hand parts is careful and asks about the kind of accident the car this part came from was in before installing the part. If the person is extra sensitive, then he should request to see the used part that he would like to get in order to check whether the energy of that part is good, is it pure and only then may it be installed. If the person lacks such sensitivity and is without the possibility to obtain the requested information about the car which the part was taken from, he should buy only new parts for fixing his vehicle because although they are more expensive or much more expensive, they would be worth it.

When someone buys a used car, the compulsory question should be 'Has this car been in a crash in which a person died inside the car – one of the passengers or the driver?'

I AM Presence of the One