Q & A 7

Utilisation of time

A question and its answer given by Presence of the One on 7 December 2016


Question: What is the thing that I need at this moment, but it is hard for me to see, hear or understand?

Answer: The fact that the times are now beginning to change more and more quickly, and all that used to be is now irrevocably gone, and the new (time) is here and now, present for less and less time, and it should be used adequately to do as much work as possible!

You need to learn to capture every moment and use it in the best way from the Lord's viewpoint by trying to live in compliance with My Commandments and Laws, and considering your actions before doing anything, instead of asking yourself afterwards whether you have done something wrong and how to correct the situation! It would be good to remember what I have instructed you now.

I AM Presence of the One