Q & A 8

The connection between a mother and her aborted child

A question and its answer given by Presence of the One on 7 December 2016


Question: If a woman has an abortion, is there an energy connection between her and the soul of her unborn child? Does this connection remain and how long does it last? Is there a way for the woman to relieve herself of this energy connection?

Answer: Yes, there is such a connection. How long this bond is going to last depends on whether the child will go into a new incarnation elsewhere. If the soul of such a child remains without incarnating again – the connection with the mother who aborted the child remains to the end of her incarnation and creates conditions for them to be together again in her next incarnation.

If the soul (of the child) goes into another incarnation and is born to another family, to another mother, this connection is interrupted.

A specific decision is taken for each case. The Karmic Board decides after hearing the Higher I AM Presence of the mother, who had the abortion, the Higher I AM Presence of the aborted child and their desires. The opinions of their Teachers from the subtle plane of the Hierarchy of Light are heard as well, and a decision is made what is best for everybody from the Lord’s perspective.

I AM Presence of the One