Q & A 9

Blessing at bedtime

A question and its answer given by Presence of the One on 14 December 2016


Question: Apart from the evening service, is there anything else we could do to tune better to the Higher Heavenly octaves before sleep and to increase our protection?

Answer: Yes, there is. Once you say the invocation to Archangel Michael for protection while falling asleep and during the sleep, it would be very good for each member of the household to bless the others and to bless himself at the end. This blessing increases the protection of the space in the home and the personal protection of each member of the household because it creates an atmosphere of Joy, upliftment towards God and the Father and multiplication of Divine Love.

It is wonderful for spouses to bless each other with a lot of Love and each of them to bless him/herself with what he/she needs and to bless their children. The children should also bless their parents to be healthy, purer and purer, to love each other and to love them, to be successful in their workplaces – to earn a lot, to grow in the Holy Spirit and to successfully fulfil the mission of their current incarnation.

Children should bless each other – to be healthy, to get together well and to help each other, to be fruitful and all of them to be in the Light network all the time. Also, each of them should bless him/herself and only then can they fall asleep.

Blessing at bedtime strengthens family relations. If everyone blesses others with a good thing and strives to say an even better blessing than the blessing of the others before him, that creates better intimacy between all family members. This predisposes everyone to share what problems they had during the day and ask others to bless them these problems to be solved soon and with ease, completely and in the best way from the Lord's viewpoint.

If someone makes a mistake while blessing, immediately someone else should kindly correct him and the person should repeat the blessing correctly. Everyone needs to pay attention what blessings he/she says and what blessings the others say in order to avoid blessing the success of an illusory thing that would be harmful and create karma. Since one sometimes lacks the knowledge of what could be harmful, at the end of each blessing everybody needs to say the Word-formulas together:

'May all be according to Your Holy Will, Lord!

and leave everything in my hands.

I AM Presence of the One