Q & A 10

Knitting and unknitting

A question and its answer given by Presence of the One on 15 December 2016 with an addition on 15 June 2017


Question: What are the cause and the root cause when someone is knitting something for sale, to get this done quickly, easily and without errors, but when a person is knitting something for a close family member, sometimes quite often he/she makes mistakes and has to unknit and knit again and again?

Answer: This observation is correct. When I see that someone notices things in the life around him/her and this raises questions, I always answer with a lot of Joy.

When a person is knitting something for someone close, then he weaves in the knitting all that is negative in this loved person at that time. This happens automatically, without the participation of the consciousness of the individual who is knitting and regardless of whether he wants that or not. Figuratively, one could say that the person who is knitting, while knitting, somehow sucks all that is negative in the person for whom the knitting is done, and simultaneously he/she weaves that in the hat, socks, gloves, sweater, etc., that is in the thing he/she is knitting for that person. This happens when the close person for whom the knitting is done is karmically burdened to some extent.

Then, after the negativity has been woven in the knitting, it is quite easy to make an error. When the person who is knitting sees the error and begins to unknit, the negative energy that has been woven transforms into Light, providing the knitting person is glad and thanks the Father while unknitting for what is happening!

Then the knitting becomes a service in favour of the close ones, i.e. the person for whom the knitting is done. It also becomes a service to God as it helps the Higher I AM Presence of both the one who is knitting and the one for whom the knitting is done. The one for whom the knitting is done feels ease, becomes joyful and his/her ability to make the right decisions in life increases. The one who is knitting creates good karma for him/herself that his Higher I AM Presence uses in case of need so that the person can pass through something very dangerous that threatens him/her with ease and with the least possible losses.

This is how, for example, the grandmother could be of greatest help to her grandchildren, children and even her husband. The knitting becomes an important part of her service to the Lord and God, and help to her loved ones – to weave the negativity into the knitting and while unknitting the mistaken fragment, to convert that negativity into Light.

If the grandmother in our example (or any other person who knits) fails to accept that and to thank joyfully as she is angry for making a mistake and has to unknit it once again, then she receives this negativity from her loved one for working off, and naturally, her health deteriorates.

Therefore, the one who is knitting something for his closest and loved ones should be very careful how he/she does it because knitting can be the highest good when it is done in the right tune and in the right way – in Joy and with Gratitude to the Father, but it also could be very harmful to his/her own health if that person falls into negative emotions while unknitting a fragment with an error.

This effect of knitting – both positive and negative, is entirely absent when a person knits for sale, the knitting is done without addressing it to anyone, and he/she lacks the knowledge of who will use it. And this is so because while knitting, the person is without any thoughts and feelings which are addressed to the one who will wear the knitted item and through which a connection could be made on the subtle plane with him/her and thus, the knitting person would take some of his/her negative karma that has appeared on the surface at this time and is active for working off.

I AM Presence of the One