Q & A 2

The most important thing for these times

28 December 2016


Question: What is the most important thing for these times for all Living Light Souls embodied on planet Earth?

Answer from Presence of the One:


blue-dotasking and giving Forgiveness and

blue-dotthe Gratitude that you send to Me when you are alone*.

From now on, it will be best for a man to ask for help the Lord and God only: **
Me – The Father One,
your Heavenly Father Lord Alpha,
God – your Mighty I AM Presence

and thank Them.

I AM Presence of the One


Note from Rositsa Avela: Presence of the One also said that we might ask for help the Archangels and Angels from the whole Angel Hierarchy of Light as well, and thank them.



* This refers to the observance of the Five Rules-Guidelines on the protection of Purity.

** As from now on, help from Above may be given by any Forces of Light with the permission of the Lord and God only.




Q & A 6

Answers to questions on the topic of Q&A 2


1. I received the same question from different countries, almost at the same time, to which Presence of the One answered:

As we may send our gratitude to Presence of the One, Lord Alpha and our own Higher I AM Presence only, what about writing letters to the Karmic Board and to Lord Surya, and expressing our gratitude to Them?

Answer: You may write letters to the Karmic Board, and it would be very good to continue writing letters to request help from Them, assuming an obligation in turn for the provided support, and thank Them. In this case, you address the Karmic Board as a general collective sitting board. The same applies to expressing your gratitude for the help.

(For example 'I ...... (the name) demand, sincerely wish and ask the Karmic Board for ……… and I thank the Karmic Board of planet Earth for the help.')

With regards to writing letters to Lord Surya on the 23rd day and thanking Him for the help every day after that – the effect of this Grace has ended.

I AM Presence of the One will gradually give instructions through Rositsa Avela on each individual case in the entire chapter of Spiritual Work on the UNIFICATION website how gratitude should be expressed in accordance with the new situation on the planet.

You may express your Divine Love to any Ascended Being of Light from the Hierarchy of Light without any restrictions and exceptions.


2. Do the commitments to Lord Surya assumed in the letter to Him from 23 December 2016 remain in force to be performed until 23 January or has this obligation ceased from the moment of disclosure by Presence of the One that this Grace has ended?

Answer: The second one is true – from the moment of the announcement that the effect of that Lord's Grace has ended, you are without any obligations to Lord Surya.


3. A question was received on the website: What are the cause and the root cause for the termination of the opportunity to thank and address the Beings of Light who give us such beautiful Invocations, Messages and Guidelines? On the other hand, it is possible to express our Divine Love to Them? What is the relationship between the people and the Beings of Light at this new stage of the development of the humankind now?

Answer from Presence of the One given on 23 February 2017

The opportunity for people to thank the Ascended Beings of Light has been terminated for the reason that there is a shift to a new level.

However, the understanding that people are without the opportunity to address the Ascended Beings of Light is wrong. Everyone who wishes can address them, but only through his Divine Love.

Expressing Gratitude has already been worked out; in order to pass through the transitional times, and especially through the Great Transition from the 5th to the 6th root race, one would need Divine Love. Therefore, from now on, only Divine Love is to be expressed to all Ascended Beings of Light, so that it would grow and multiply within people.

Instead of Gratitude and Divine Love, from now on it is only and solely Divine Love that should be expressed, but in even larger quantity in return! This is the best for this stage.

For this reason, I AM Presence of the One instructed the Ascended Beings of Light to respond to appeals and prayers if a person addresses them only and solely with his Divine Love.

This is what the earthly humankind needs now – to work out and apply Divine Love, and it is offered to you as the only key to access the Ascended Beings of Light when you want to get something in return from them.

From the moment I have announced this change during all the transitional times, the connection between the people and the Ascended Beings of Light will be realised through Divine Love only, and this relationship could be filled with new content, on a higher energy level.

Gratitude is still in effect, but it reaches only Me – Presence of the One, as well as Lord Alpha, the Angels, the Archangels and, with very few exceptions, some other Ascended Beings of Light, as we need to have access to every Soul in these transitional times.

When children grow up and start to walk on their own, the parent removes the baby walker, right? And this is the best for the children; even if they fall, hit themselves and cry, they stand up again, the pain quickly goes away, the children become stronger and grow, walk on their own better and better, and become more and more stable. If children have the baby walker all the time, just standing in it instead of walking, the muscles of their whole bodies will atrophy, right? And when will they learn to walk then?

I AM Presence of the One