Q & A 3

Forgiveness of the original sin

31 December 2016


The Father Presence of the One instructed me that the time has come, and it is exactly today, on the last day of 2016, that it is necessary to announce some information on the UNIFICATION website about important events that have happened in the days of the Summer Solstice.

On 25 June 2016 Presence of the One said:

Yesterday, on 24 June 2016 (Midsummer, Saint John's Day) I AM Presence of the One have forgiven 100% the so-called original sin of Adam and Eve, and Cain. The karma that weighed upon them and their descendants was transformed 100%.

From now on, if someone sins somehow, it will be his/her personal sin, and he/she will pay for it very quickly – faster and faster, until the end of the cleansing of the whole humanity and of planet Earth.

From now on, the first day of the last times begins – from today (25 June).

At this moment, the sessions of the Karmic Board of the planet continue. After what happened yesterday, they took some decisions in regards to what I AM Presence of the One have instructed them, and for one of these, you will be informed immediately.

The Karmic Board of the planet took into consideration My recommendation and decided to stop waiting and delaying the time for working off the karmic records with overlapping. This means that the waiting is over, and a massive karmic cleansing of the earthly humankind has been launched.

Prepare for everything that happens everywhere, in every single place, and meet it by being equal*. And when you are alone, be in great Gratitude and in even greater Joy because the more the planet cleanses herself, the more she feels relieved. The time for her healing and renewal approaches, as well as the time for incarnation of the new Light and pure people of the New Order – the New Divine Order.

I AM Presence of the One



* Translator's note: in the state of equanimity.