Guidance for all children of Light,
embodied on Earth now,
who have preserved their Purity
and are part of the Living Life on this planet

Presence of the One

1 January 2017

Presence of the OneHappy New Year 2017!

Be in Joy! Joy is crucial for the survival of the Soul in transitional times.

Everything that happens is due to My permission.

Whatever you have been caused by someone, it would be best:

blue-dotto forgive with all your heart and soul;

blue-dotto ask Me that I AM Presence of the One forgive as well,

blue-dotand to thank Me with all your heart and soul.

Then evil turns to Good, and darkness – into Light. The more you forgive with all your heart, ask Me that I AM forgive as well and thank Me, the more evil turns into even greater Good, and darkness – into even more Light!

This is your biggest and most important ministry and work in spirituality now, in these times. I AM Presence of the One bless you to be extremely successful while you perform it and be extremely careful when you open to God so that you are able to preserve your Purity.

Observance of the Five Rules-Guidelines is vital to life for every Living Soul in these times.

I AM Presence of the One