Q & A 13

The Promethean fire

A question and its answer given by Presence of the One on 16 January 2017


Question: What fire did Prometheus give to people?

Answer: Prometheus gave people the Lord's Fire and taught them how to kindle it in their hearts – in the heart and in the whole body – in all chakras. The whole man is the hearth of this fire. It would be nice if every home has a fireplace on the material plane, which gives an external expression of the internal hearth in man.

If the residents of the home feel bad in any way or become joyless, it would be very good for them to light a fire in the fireplace and look at the fire for a long time. When people light a fire in the fireplace and watch it, then their inner fire starts burning better, and they are relieved of many current and future problems. This effect could be enhanced further if those who do not feel very well, after setting the fire in the fireplace, invoke Me to help and thank Me with all their heart for the help while watching the burning fire in the fireplace.

Question: Is it true that when we light a fire that cleanses the surrounding space from all that is negative?

Answer: The statement that fire cleanses everything is truthful with regards to the Lord’s Fire. The external fire is its manifestation in the material world and has a purifying effect on people who watch it and on the surrounding space, but to a much lesser degree and under certain conditions.

I AM Presence of the One