Q & A 14

Jumping over a fence

A question and its answer given by Presence of the One on 16 January 2017


Question: What happens in terms of energy and what is the effect of jumping over the fence of a property – for instance, one’s own property, as the person has forgotten his/her key? What is the best thing to do in such cases from the Lord's point of view?

Answer: When that is necessary, it would be good to do the following:
blue-dotFirst – to ask to be given forgiveness from Above for having forgotten the key (if the property is his/hers or in his/her temporary possession, for instance, rented) or that he/she needs to enter into somebody else’s property without a key (only in emergency cases and situations);
blue-dotSecond – to forgive all the forces of the illusion and their helpers, whichever network of the illusion they belong to, and their creators, for having to jump over the fence because of their harmful deeds; to ask Me – I AM Presence of the One, to forgive them as well, and wholeheartedly to thank Me;
blue-dotThird – to ask Me that a gate of the property that needs to be entered is built on the subtle plane – over the fence, exactly at the place where the person will jump over, and thank for the help from Above for the new energy gate.

Only then, it is good to enter the property exactly at that place, and the passage is without any harmful effects when jumping over the fence and using the new energy gate.

If one fails to do all this, then the natural protection of the home is violated, which leads to rupture of the subtle bodies of the person who has jumped over the fence, in the same way as he has ripped the protection of the home by passing through it. All that happens on the subtle plane can be compared to the following effect on the material plane – if a person passes through the fence with his/her material body, the body will be hurt, won’t it?

In case of emergency, if someone has to jump over someone's fence on the request of the owner of the property, then everything is fine, and that person remains intact on the subtle plane. This is so because when the owner of the property allows him this or any other way of passing, an energy portal for entering the property is immediately created on the subtle plane.

Such an energy portal exists for a short time – for a single passage or for a few passages of one or more people in case of emergency, but when permission is requested from Above for the building of the energy portal, as this is done without the owner’s knowledge and consent, it is good to say how long it will be used and by which people (i.e. by whom). And to thank for the help given from Above.

I AM Presence of the One