Q & A 17

A home in which a person has deceased

A question and its answer given by Presence of the One on 22 January 2017


In relation to the answer to the question about buying cars that have been in an accident as well as parts of such cars, a new question arose.

Question: Is it good from the Lord's perspective to buy and live in homes in which a person has deceased – the person has made the transition naturally or forcibly – because of a murder or an 'incident'? What is their energy – is their energy field permanently distorted in the same way as the field of cars in which a person died in a crash? If a person has already bought such a home, what should he/she do with it?

Answer: The answer is different in different situations:
blue-dotEverything is fine in a home where the deceased person had acceptance of what was happening to him/her and left him/herself in God’s hands. People may safely continue to live in it without the need to do anything.
blue-dotIf the individual who made the transition was beside himself and his temple was seized by astral beings, then after his funeral the home needs to be thoroughly incensed with frankincense, everywhere. Then, each room in it needs to be sprayed with the 3 types of water – Holy, full moon and Living water. It is good to repeat this whole procedure nine days in a row, starting from the day of the funeral, immediately after it, when the people return to this home.
blue-dotIn cases when there was a murder in a house, this home has distorted energy like that of the crashed car in which someone died during the accident. This makes it a cursed home in which something bad happens to the next occupants or they make a fast transition – prematurely, before their time has come for that, or they abandon it, and the home becomes deserted and is gradually destroyed.

It is best to demolish such homes and dispose of their construction materials in a junkyard for construction waste, i.e. to completely remove them from the property without using them for anything. Then it would be best for the people to refrain from taking building materials from such junkyard for the construction of new homes or for repairing existing ones.

If the demolition of such a home is impossible as it is expensive, stable and has an owner, it would be best to sell it by entrusting the situation in the Lord's hands – on who would buy it. The home will be purchased by someone who is burdened with that kind of karma – for example, in a previous incarnation he was killing people in their homes.

I AM Presence of the One