Q & A 4

Transformation of the negative karma created by sinful thoughts, feelings, words and deeds

6 January 2017

Yesterday I was asked a question, which I addressed to Father Presence of the One: Has the time for acceleration of the returning of the karma on the level of thoughts already started? Dear Father One, do we need a new Spiritual practice similar to the Spiritual practice Work on the Speech for its Transformation into Word, and especially a new invocation through which to beg for Your forgiveness of the sins and the negative karma created by us, people, on the level of thoughts?

Answer of Presence of the One: The time for working off the karma in all directions and levels is accelerating! Slowly and gradually, but it is accelerating steadily without interruption, delaying or stopping at any position, when it is reached, as it was happening so far in the past times.

The Spiritual practice for transformation of the karma through Word is very good, and it would be best to modify it and use it generally from now on for sinful thoughts, feelings, words and deeds.


Spiritual practice
Repentance for Sinful Thoughts, Feelings, Words and Deeds

6 February 2017

The essence of this spiritual practice consists of repentance, asking for forgiveness from the Lord and God, and for help to correct the wrong and illusory thoughts, feelings, words and deeds, and replace them with thoughts, feelings, words and deeds that are right according to the Lord’s point of view and create perfect Divine models.

One needs to do the Spiritual Practice of the 12 Bows every day, and during it, a person should humbly repent and ask for forgiveness from the Father for all sins from all times, whenever, wherever and towards whomever they were done, by pronouncing the following during each of the bows:


'I repent, Lord, forgive all sins from all times!' – said while bowing to the ground.

'Thank You, Lord, for Your infinite Mercy to me ...... (the first name), to the whole planet and the Living Life on it!' – said while rising.

'I Love You, dear Heavenly Father!' – said while lifting your hands up.

As soon as one completes these 12 bows, one should say:

Lord, I repent with all my heart and soul!
Forgive all my sins
and forgive all my sinful thoughts, feelings, words and deeds,
which I have admitted due to the lack of knowledge, because of vanity,
consciously or unconsciously,
in all my incarnations until now.
Help me to learn to allow to be accessible only to the thoughts and feelings
that my Mighty I AM Presence,
my Teacher on the subtle plane from the Hierarchy of Light,
my Heavenly Father Lord Alpha
and You, dear Father One, send to me when needed. And help me, Lord, to learn to speak properly from now on –
in a way that saves my soul
and the souls of all whom my words are reaching,
to learn to do only right deeds from Your point of view
which give good fruit into and for the Light network of the planet Earth!
May all be according to Your Holy Will, Lord!
Thank you, Lord, for your infinite Mercy!
Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

I AM Presence of the One