Q & A 20

Missed work

A question and its answer given by Presence of the One on 13 February 2017

Question: What is best to do from the Lord’s perspective if a person had to do some work but failed to do it at the right time, and later it was already too late for it as the time for doing that had elapsed?

Answer: The person should be without regrets!

Whatever he/she failed to do, he/she should be without regrets!

It would be good to follow this as a Golden Rule henceforth, which I am giving you now so that it is a valuable help for you to progress forward successfully and to focus your thought to what lies ahead, and ask yourself how you can succeed at the moment in the best way from the Lord’s point of view using all resources available to you and what the opportunities are at the moment, instead of overthinking about the past.

There is always a way out from any situation; there is an option which is given to you and will be given to you. Help and support are provided as well!

This is also a Rule: You should know that there is always a way out and in any situation there is an option that is favourable, regardless of how harmful, creating karma, critical, risky, etc. that situation may seem. The important thing is to ask yourself what is useful in this situation and what to do that is good from the Lord’s perspective.

The most important is that your inner tune is perfect so that you have a permanent connection with the Higher octaves of Light, with your Higher I AM Presence and with your Teachers on the subtle plane from the Hierarchy of Light.

I AM Presence of the One