Q & A 21

The wheat for giving out

A question and its answer given by Presence of the One on 13 February 2017

Question: What is the best way from the Lord's perspective to prepare the wheat for giving out in the name of a deceased person so that God forgives him/her?

Answer: The wheat should be boiled and dry* – each grain is to be separate from the rest. This is important.

When a person eats wheat, which was given out to him/her in the name of the deceased so that God forgives them, the wheat should be dry. If it is damp or wet – for example, if the wheat was boiled like ashure (Noah’s pudding), possession may happen through the water – someone might possess the body of the person who eats the wheat while eating it and thinking about the deceased person. The possessor may be either the one in whose name the wheat is given out or an astral being, hanging around specifically for this purpose.

The statement above applies only to wheat because it can connect the souls of the deceased person and the one who eats the wheat for 'God forgive' and at the same time recalls that soul.

This connection of the souls is very good when dry boiled wheat is given out. The exchange of energy can be very useful, transforming karma, beneficial and helpful for both of them – the soul of the deceased and the person in incarnation. However, the person who was given the wheat, while consuming it, needs to be with respect and reverence and Divine Love for the soul and for the Higher I AM Presence of the one for whom he is eating the named wheat.

I AM Presence of the One



* Note from Rositsa Avela: To dry the boiled wheat, after boiling it, leave it to drain in a colander. Then, spread the wheat in a layer on gauze and put wrapping paper and/or cotton or linen towel underneath to absorb the moisture from the boiled wheat. If after some time the paper or towels underneath the gauze become very damp, they can be replaced with dry ones. The wheat remains in this way for several hours until it is dry. Then, collect the grains of the wheat in a deep bowl and mix them with breadcrumbs, you can also add some grated lemon zest. Then, put the wheat into the cups in which it will be given out, press it with a spoon on top and flatten it, add a thin layer of breadcrumbs, and above it – a layer of powdered sugar, which also needs to be levelled, and finally, as an option, you could garnish it with cinnamon.